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Thyroid-S & stomach pain

Hi there,

I've been on thyroid-s for about 2 weeks now. I'm enjoying the fact that even on my starting dose, I've already seen some minor improvements with mood, energy levels, and brain fog. I am taking 1 grain, split in half twice per day. However, the one issue that I'm having is that first thing in the morning before I take my first dose, I'm having some pretty bad stomach pains. It subsides once I take my morning dose, but I didn't have this issue before I started on it. I was just wondering if anybody else experienced this while on thyroid s and knew exactly what was causing it? If it's an issue with the med itself, I'd be very interested in trying naturethroid next go round, as I'm not thrilled with all of the additives in thyroid s either. I would so appreciate it if somebody would pm me with some information on where to order nature throid. Is it possible to get it without a script? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Brit 10e8 ,

Please could you tell me what thyroid-s is as I would be eager to try something other than levothyroxine . Thanks


Thyroid-S is a desiccated thyroid product from Thailand.

Unlike Nature-Throid, Westhroid P, Erfa, NP Thyroid and Erfa, it is not controlled as a prescribable medicine but it claims to be similar strength to those other products.



The only possible reasons i could think for your stomach pains on thyroid -s would be

1) its minute aluminium content

2) that you have low stomach acid common in hypothyroid state and your stomach is trying to correct itself

Thiroid from same manufacturer is free of aluminium

are you using aluminium or non stick cookware or is your water supply treated with any form of aluminium salts or has flouride added to it

ask them

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Stick with it for a couple more weeks before you change to anything else and see if it settles down. I felt so much better on Levo though it does not suit everybody I know that from reading on this Forum.


Hello Brit: I take Armour Thyroid because it is more natural.


Armour Thyroid is more natural than ???




Not clear, I am afraid.



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