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Hair loss

I have had hair loss (getting noticeable now) since starting to take 50mg of Levothyroxine a day. Initially, my GP said it was probably due to my age. I went privately to a trichologist who said it was probably due to the Levothyroxine and suggested using Minoxidil (twice a day for the rest of my life!) All my blood tests were normal. Asked my GP about NDT and she said she knew nothing about it. Where do I go from here? I am reluctant to use a powerful lotion (forever) to combat something I am putting into my body.

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Two suggestions :

You probably need more levothyroxine. 50mcg is a piddly, starter dose which wouldn't be enough for the majority of hypothyroid people. When did you first begin treatment and at what dose? Has your doctor been testing you regularly to get your dose to an adequate level, or have you been left to rot, or are you still working out the correct dose for you?

Also, low iron and low ferritin (iron stores) can cause hair loss. Have you been tested for basic minerals and vitamins recently? (And do you have the results and reference ranges?)


Hi Susan lar

Did tricologist get you to get iron and B bits checked as these can course hair loss if low. I used to work as receptionist for tricologist and thisi was the normal tests to get done first

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How normal was your ferritin level? It needs to be more than 70 to keep your hair...



Thanks to everyone for their support - I really appreciate it. My ferritin level was 62 so (on galathea's advice) I am taking 10 mg a day since yesterday. My zinc level was low - 10.5 - so I have started to take 50 mg a day. Will these dosages make a difference or should I up them.

By the way: folate - 12.5; B12 - 567 ng; Vit D 76 nmol; TSH level - 2.81mu

Thanks again


You'll get a shed of hair when you start using Minoxidil, in any event - and it will only help you retain hair you've still got, not hair already lost. Way past my bedtime but there's lots pf stuff on this under hairloss ( Topics on right hand side ) It's a toughie - best to you as you investigate what's causing it. Taking control makes one feel less helpless. :)

Here's a temporary solution to keep your spirits up. Once you have her cut in, she's very natural... I love my hairpeices. My hairloss turned out to be permanent :(

BTW what's normal ? Nothing's normal for we hypos - get a copy of your thyroid panel and post it here in a new post. Our wise ones will help you xx

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