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Hair loss

Hi..I had total thyroidectomy in 2006, and am on levothyroxine this has recently been reduced to 100g from 125mg as I told my doctor I am suffering from hair loss...I tried the reduced dose for 10 days and there is no improvement, so I went back and he basically told me he doesn't know what to say! He said he doesn't have a miracle cure but took a blood test for iron deficiency...I haven't had hair loss before but I did have a major appendix operation in March due to an undiagnosed rupture and abscess, also I lost my mum on 9th June so I'm wondering if it could be partly stress related. What can I do though, the worry about my hair may sound trivial but it's scaring me and so I'm probably stressing more...is there a vitamin I can take as although I asked my doctor this he hadn't got a clue it seems. Sorry for long post but I'm so worried...

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Hi Sandy. He did a blood test and told me my 'levels' were a bit high so reduced my dose. When it didn't improve after ten days a went back and he was totally out of suggestions or help. I'm thinking of changing my doctor to be honest.


Its vital that




Vit d3

Are all tested and if not halfway in their ranges supplements are taken

Hypothyroid trashes vitamin and minerals severely and without good levels (in range is simply not good enough when your hyothyroid)


Thank you, I just washed my hair today as I'm starting a new job I have left it for 3 days as I'm terrified of washing or combing it now, I lost so much during this process today I'm so upset..my Dr is totally dismissing my worry...is there anything I can buy myself vitamin wise to slow or stop this loss please? I am looking to change my Dr now as his lack of research into this has scared me.


best not to take anything till tests have been done so we know what the deficuiency is as that will skew results try and get your gp to test the 4 I requested theres plenty of evidence for that if he wont and its going to take you weeks to change then a really good multivitamin every night will start to help

also its vital now anyway to take 2000 mg vitamin C a day


Thank you I rang my Drs on my lunch and told the receptionist I need a call back. I told her what I would like testing (the 4 you advised) I'm waiting for a callback now. I'm so upset about this as I've never had any issues in 40 years till now and my Drs haven't a clue it seems.


Ok. Saw my Dr. He checked the four things as you advised and told me they were normal, as in acceptable range. However, my iron level was off. So I'm on 200mgs twice daily and 1000mgs vit C. He thinks it was due to shock of losing mum and the major operation I had in March. He told me my scalp is healthy and things should start to go back to normal over next couple of months. I hope this is true. Ive never had hair loss in over 40 years of taking levothyroxine so he assured me its shock. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your advice too x


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