Hair loss GP not taking me seriously

Hi there I'm new here my name is Sandie Two years ago my hair on my forehead started to thin I had all the signs of thyroid trouble my mother also had it for years I had to virtually beg for a blood test the test came back as bpositive and I was put on Levothyroxine 25mcg I took it for 6 months my hair still receding I was told it was probably hereditary but all my family especially mum and dad had a good head of hair I started taking 50 mcg and my skin got dryer it now cracks and peels despite creams etc I am distressed about my hairbits so noticeable she someone is talking to me their eyes look at my thinning hairline I had hysterectomy 20 years ago I have tried caffeine shampoos etc My own gp isn't bothered but I really am I don't want to go out now I'm not vane just don't want to be a bald lady Can anyone else help me please?

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Hair loss is a real pain in the neck. Do you know your iron and thyroid results? You are likely to be on too low a dose of levo (25/50 is a low dose to be on for such a long time).

Can you post your blood results on here so we can get a better idea of what's going on?

I'm guessing you're undermedicated as 50 mcg is a starting dose and no use to anyone!

My hair was really falling out and thinning until I switched to Natural Dessicated Thyroid so I got all the T's rather than just T4 as a lot of us don't convert T4 to T3 very well. T3 is the active hormone.

You need a proper thyroid panel if you haven't had one.

T4, FT4 , FT3, RT3, TSH

Thyroid antibodies (to test for Hashimotos )

Vitamin D, B12, Folate and Ferritin all can be very low which will be making you feel dreadful.

If your Dr won't do it then there are private companies. If you are in the UK there's bluehorizonmedicals or medicheck

I've used bluehorizon thyroid plus 11,12 15 are all good comprehensive tests.

Low magnesium can cause hairloss too.

Hair lotions with minoxidil in can help.

this is all really positive thankyou I will be asking my doctor for a proper assessment and will post I upped my dose from 25mcg having no obvious effects and still none My mum was treated for yours with hypo so perhas its hereditary? Hair is very important and losing it makes me very low Its a vicious circle Keep you posted Cant thank you enough for support and information

You're welcome, completely understand. My hair is much better since swapping to NDT but my eyelashes were really thick and long and now much thinner and shorter 😩Getting older is bad enough without the thyroid issues thrown in too!

Yes it is often hereditary so something else to mention to dr too.

Btw Vit D should be 60 or over ideally

B12 over 600 under500 can start to cause neurological problems. (Japanese start supplementing at 500)Here in the UK it's often not supplemented until you're in the 100's!!

TSH under 2 but ideally under 1 to feel well.

Good luck!

I too had very stubby and sparse eyelashes so splashed out on a product online it was really expensive but my lashes did grow and thicken and I was pleased but I cant say it would work with everyone my eyebrows are so thin now The joys of becoming past 50 but so many suffer much worse I sometimes feel bad when I moan but when positive energy is out of stock a good whinge n cry seem the norm nowadays Take care and I will do my best Onwards n upwards 😊

We all need a good rant every now and then! Yes I've hit 50...

Hope you get some luck with the doc.

I'm determined I will lol unless its a bad day then he will get off lightly xx

Just fyi you can use those eyelash serums on brows as well. I have used the Boots one (Rapid Lash maybe?) and Latisse on lashes and brows (first lashes, then brows if using a disposable brush) and it has made a big difference.

yes I did put it on eyebrows but find it way to expensive and boy does it sting your eyes lol

Did you actually get it in your eyes? I think you're meant to be careful about only applying it around the lash line. I found it a bit irritating in the long term (made eyes dry) but if it stings when you apply it it probably isn't for you.

Yes it is expensive.

afraid I got it in my eyes 👀 I use L'Oreal double lash with a white coat then a darker coat makes them look longer and thicker and doesn't take what little lash you have when you remove it My eyebrows are patchy and sparse

There's a mascara I love called beauchique fibre lash on Amazon. Don't actually use the fibres just mascara as so good. Makes my eyelashes look much better. Plus lasts all day and never flakes😀

What's the product you use?

This could be due to both under medication and also low levels of folate and iron/ferritin. Do you have some recent thyroid and vitamin test results? 50mcg is a very low dose for most people. Hypothyroids are often low in ferritin which again causes hair loss. Ferritin, folate, and B12 all work together and need to be in a good balance. It's good to always get them tested along with vit D which again many hypos are deficient in.

thanks for your support Im bothering my doc again this week and intend to go fully armed with information I will ask for results Last time receptionist told me next retest will be in a years time ??

How long have you been on levo? Do you know your most recent TSH result by any chance? Being tested once a year could work for people who have been on a steady dose for a long time and who don't have hormone fluctuations due to auto-immune conditions of the thyroid. But for most people we need to be tested more often, especially if you still have some thyroid activity.

My word of advice with your doctor is to not "push" it, some doctors get offended when you present information that they know nothing about, and usually that isn't helpful to the patient. Definitely ask for the tests, explain that you've read and been advised that this could be due to deficiencies, ask to have your thyroid levels tested too so everything can be seen at once (to rule out the cause), but be prepared that some doctors may be fussy about this so don't try to "educate" them if they react this way. If your doctor isn't helpful there are others who are.

Forgot to mention, if you're able to get thyroids tested at your next meeting, please ask to also have FT3 and FT4 tested, some docs only test TSH which doesn't tell us so much. There's a chance they'll say no, but it's worth asking

I was a doctors secretary in general practice for over 35 years and this works against me as the doctors expect me to know what's up I know how to play them ie if you demand you don't get so my present GP is a buddist and goes down the mindfulness road but that doesn't restore my physical health or hair Roll on Wednesday when out comes my phone and I start asking him to really listen and help This time I will muster up all the positive energy I have as I cant cope with FM and being a baldie its just not my look but some ladies have gorgeous faces and carry off having no hair fabulously. Tell you all after Wednes consult Have been on Levothyroxine for just a year

Good luck with it! Looking forward to the result!

me too This is just another blip another little hurdle to get over and I will or at least my bestest shot

Best way to go about it!

Your doctor works for you! They often forget that. If he doesn't understand that, then get another doctor. Testing is up to you. Insist on it. If you have to pull teeth to get what you need, please look into finding a doctor who cares and knows about treating hypothyroidism. Your doctor obviously does not.

Wanting the very best for you! The sooner you get proper treatment, the sooner you will enjoy your life again to the fullest!

Healing Hugs

I absolutely feel lifted by all this support Im sure its given me the start I need to go and use doctor language having worked on GP practice and hospitals for 38 years of my working life I should know the score by now Sweet dreams when you get to them

I had hair loss due to low vitamin D but as well as insufficient thyroid hormone replacement low levels of iron (ferritin and haemoglobin), vitamin B12 and folate can all cause hair loss.

So get yourself a complete panel which you are likely to have to do privately.

Also be aware being in the range for a test doesn't mean you are at an optimal level for hair retention and growth. So post your results plus the ranges in a new thread once you have been tested and have them so other posters can comment.

BTW Hair loss is also a common side effect of loads of medication. GPs are really not interested as hair is aesthetic this means you need to find the cause yourself. So if you are on any other medication where the side effect is hair loss then it is worth flagging it up. In some cases it is not safe to come of this medication as there are no alternatives so hair loss has to be treated with hair pieces.

for many especially ladies hair loss causes psychological problems I also have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis my hand are deformed The only meds I'm given is dihydrocodeine 30mg when necessary I'm just exhausted and feel sick of fighting with whatever energy I can find

I didn't mean to say hair loss wasn't a serious issue but what I am saying is GPs don't care as it won't kill you. They ignore the fact that hair loss is a sign that something is not right with the body and that something could end up being serious enough to kill you.

They can even give that look "why are you coming here with hairloss!? We more important things to worry about" . No gp has ever shown real interest in my hairloss. My hair got better now falling again. My thyroid was optimal in March and T3 the very top range, TSH below 1. So I don't know what else to do... going to retest iron D, etc yet again. Disheartening. I also find black Jamaican castor oil helps

that sounds worth a try I have never had a doctor discuss levels of anything they say its a bit low and take Levothyroxine 25 mcg when I found no difference after 6 months I upped the dose to 50mcg I need to make it clear that with Fibromyalgia and thyroid trouble I can do without feeling any worse to Thanks for your support where do I get the black castor oil please?


I buy my from Amazon. Jamaican black castor oil . It's very thick so I mix is with lavender or dabur amla oil. You can use it on its own. Rub into scalp and sleep. Wash out am. Towel on the pillow :-)

All those could be symptoms of Lyme disease (and co-infections as it's rare to have "just" Lyme). The infections damage the endocrine system.

I'd suggest you consider getting tested by Armin labs in Germany. In the UK, you order via

Great link @rosetrees Thank you!

Your Fibromyalgia is no doubt from hypothyroidism. So too is probably the OA. They all commonly go together -- especially as time goes on without proper thyroid hormone replacement. Please find an integrative doctor who knows how vital vitamins, minerals, and hormones -- in balance -- and will help take control of your hypothyroidism (as well as helping others from ever acquiring it).

You are not alone in your condition. Many others have a myriad of "illnesses"or "syndromes" along with their Hypothyroidism. I found this thread on the prevalence of people with Fibro, OA and Hypothyroidism:

The thing is that hypothyroidism has a myriad of symptoms! When doctors don't understand those symptoms are all related to the lack of thyroid hormone in the body on a cellular level, they simply give the malady a "name" and give you another pill to take. Of course, the pill won't do anything to help you because it's not thyroid hormone, which is what you need! The pill may seem to help quell symptoms, but it's not doing a thing for the root problem. You'll know that as yet another "syndrome" rears its ugly head.

For millions of those with hypothyroidism, T4 cannot be converted and turned into T3 for the body to get it. This is most often caused by nutritional deficiencies. We need nutrients (as well as a good gut) to convert T4 into the active thyroid hormone called T3. This is why you probably can reverse all those maladies by way of using T3. Your body needs it.

With the proper tests, it can be discovered whether or not you are properly converting T4 into T3. The link below is a great article to help you understand the need for T3 in cases such as yours.

Please research T3 Therapy right away. You need it. It is possible you may get your doctor to prescribe either an NDT product that has both T4 and T3, or possibly T3 on its own. If you are not able to convert T4, the T4 in the NDT could turn into Reverse T3 (RT3). The article above explains that.

I'm so sorry you are having these issues. The vast majority of conventional doctors have no clue about what you need to become well.

It's not "breaking news" to me, but many have found that fibromyalgia can be treated with adequate thyroid hormone. I am one who knows it is true! You must get T3 into the cells as every system of the body needs it to function properly. If you have been low in T3 for a long time, that explains why you are also are symptomatic of Fibro and OA.

Healing Hugs!

it all makes sense to the layman I wondered if capitation fees given to patients is being used up to quickly but I have eight a day Dihydrocodeine plus two 35mcg Levothyroxine so I'm not an expensive patient to my practice I just want to grow old gracefully and not be a burden to anyone I haven't spoken to my daughter for two days I fear shed tired of hearing same old same old I need to get the wheels started in motion where the doctor is concerned kind regards to you

When you get the proper treatment which allows you the benefits of having adequate thyroid hormone at the cellular level (and perhaps vitamins, minerals, and hormones in line will help that along)... then you won't need the Dihyrocodeine or any other pain killers.

The nagging and/or intense pain is also symptomatic of hypothyroidism (via Fibro et al). I know this firsthand.

So trust in this: The best is yet to come, arpinsandie! It is perhaps wise to keep your cards close to your chest when it comes to family. If they ask, answer. If not, don't offer. Sometimes they feel so bad about it that it makes you feel worse!

So unload right here (or write me personally, if need be). I'm a good listener! It will do you good. No worries.

You're on your way to good health again. I just know it.


My mum was getting really thin on hair after a bought of bad health and she use Vitapoint leave in conditioner on her hair and her hair honestly wishing a few weeks looked so much thicker stronger and healthy looking and she was in her 80s , not saying this will help your cause but worth a try it come in a little tube ( not a bottle ) and easily obtainable from boots or any good chemist in fact think I've seen it in Asda . Good luck hope you get some help soon .

thanks so much I will try anything My mum used Vitapoint I will keep you posted your kind thoughts boost me

All great advice here. I have also been using something called "regain". I would not say it is a miracle product, but has helped me somewhat certainly. It is a foam you put in places where hair is thinning.

I have thining hair, found a very good hairdresser who cuts my hair well which covers my thining bits. On thyroxine have been for 60 odd years. Just been told I have low vitamin D, I was lucky the GP asked for full blood tests to be done so I am taking large amounts of vitamin D for six weeks then retest. Hoping this will help my hair. You need to get a full test including checking for vitamins. Best of luck.

thankyou so much this is very encouraging for me to be able to see my doctor this week and not to be put off I am much stronger now I will keep you informed. Again many thanks

You wrote you had a hysterectomy twenty years ago. When is the last time your sex hormones were checked? Could be you are low in hormones. They too have to be balanced. It could keep you from correcting your thyroid dysfunction. Hope this helps!

Hi, my hair seems to have improved a bit since I've tried various things. Unfortunately because I've tried them all at the same time I'm not sure if one thing has helped or the combination! I was low in vitamin D, iron etc so have been supplementing those for a while now. I also use Regaine like Yuliyam. I saw a private trichologist last summer who recommended the blood tests that showed thyroid problems and Vitamin/mineral deficiencies, but it's taken a while to see some improvement. I also find a good cut and colour helps to disguise the thinning a bit I was very encouraged that my hairdresser commented on it being slightly thicker last time I went. I hope you find something that helps as it is very distressing, good luck!

many thanks for your support my doctor told me not to bother buying online preps for hair thinning or loss as they just played on your distress I will try anything for my see thru hair I'm just so embarrassed I'm seeing my GP on Wednes and will keep u posted I'm trying hard to disguise this thinning I'm fighting another losing battle - how negative is that I need to be treated properly and soon I'm pleased to say that Im getting stronger with all these fantastic around me now. thanks so much I really do appreciate everyone

I took Ziploc snack bags and every time I washed my hair, I took it out of the drain and put it in a bag. I took in about 20 baggies, and she freaked and changed my meds higher. Try it

I now am waiting to see a dermatologist my doc says yes I have inflammation on the front of my scalp He names my condition telong effuvia and wouldn't look at my test results I demanded new tests He did pull my hair out and look at the roots apparently my hair is 'resting' No its dying and falling out no wonder stress helps I now have overload Keep well as your able Out with the jiffybags now thankyou so much

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