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New results so I need help please!

So, how right I was.........Still didn't test for everything I asked for!! :( I'm so fed up with this!

I had a Bone profile, Urea and electrolytes, Plasma glucose levels, Liver function, Serum lipid test, Serum Ferritin levels, Thyroid function test and Vit D. Not a sign of T3's in sight.....again!! and no foliate. :(

My Cholesterol was up for the first time 5.0 mmol/L (<5.0)

(Ferritin) Serum C reactive protein level 4.1 (0.0 - 5.0)

Serum Free T4 18.8 (12.0 - 22.0)

Serum TSH 3.32 (0.27 - 4.2)

Vit D 38 nmol/L (50 - 120) So low

I have got an appointment to see them about the test next week but as it says on the results Follow up action; No further action. So I'm going to wait to see if they say "ah its all fine" when I go in.

Am I right in thinking both T4 and TSH should be lower?

Any pointers much appreciated thanks :)

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High cholesterol can be directly related to hypothyroidism. It used to be a medical indicator (along with high blood pressure) of a thyroid problem. It will go down when you have adequate thyroid hormone in your cells.

High CRP levels indicate inflammation.

It is common to have high CRP levels with hypothyroidism, though it is not yet used as a diagnostic tool to indicate hypothyroidism.

"Optimal CRP levels for everyone to strive for are under 0.55 mg/L in men and under 1.0 mg/L in women."

Your Vitamin D is deficient. Fifty to 80 is usually ideal.

It has been stated that 92% of Hashimoto’s patients are deficient in Vitamin D.

"According to Holtorf Medical Group, two presentations made at the 2014 meeting of the American Thyroid Association offered evidence of the link between vitamin D and both types of autoimmune thyroid disease.

Dr. David Clark, writing at Hypothyroid Mom, summarized the results of another study in 2011 where 92 percent of study participants with Hashimoto’s were found to be vitamin D deficient. He also explains that because vitamin D is an important regulator of the immune system, too little of it can cause the immune system to become overactive and unbalanced. This results in an autoimmune attack on the body’s systems, including the thyroid gland."

You are right in your assessment that your TSH should be lower. Your TSH is high and would cause symptoms in most people. For me, being over 1.0 is akin to starring in my own horror movie. TSH should be optimal at 1.0 or lower and never ever exceed 2.0

"Naturopathic doctors (ND) have their own view. NDs practice personalized medicine taking into account individual variations, genetic tendencies, as well as age and gender differences. The naturopathic profession developed integrative therapies, but MDs took the credit. Early on in the TSH controversy, NDs read the scientific literature and found that at least 60 percent of patients taking Synthroid do not have TSH levels in the normal range. They also found that many patients with TSH levels above 2.0 have symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid gland."

Free T4 without Free T3 doesn't give me enough information to make an educated opinion about what your levels might indicate. Mid-range or a bit higher can be optimal.

Hope this helps!




Yes, TSH of 3.32 is too high when medicating Levothyroxine. T4 level is good but it is the T3 levels that are important as this is the hormone that will give you well being.

Vit D is too low and requires supplementing. What about Vit B12 and folate ? ? ...

As CSmithLadd advises above, high cholesterol can be indicative of low thyroid hormone or thyroid hormone that is not working as it should.

Members use private labs for blood tests when GP's are uncooperative.


Private labs testing


TSH should be lower, but FT4 is OK (room to increase). C reactive protein is a bit high indicating inflammation. Somehow Ferritin is on this line when they are not related and there is no ferritin result.


I thought last night after I logged off that I wanted to check my last TSH result. The last few times It was 1.8 and 0.08 so it has really gone up. What causes this and how to remedy? Do I need to increase my Levo to get it right or may it settle again once supplements are ok again? Thanks :)


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