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NDT dosage


I've just been prescribed NDT and am now on 60mg. I was previously on 75mcg of Levothyroxine. Its been 4 days and I've been feeling more cold and tired than usual. My question is whether this is enough to start off with for these (pre-NDT) labs?

Nov 2016 labs:

TSH 3.44 (.35-4.94)

Free T4 1.02 (.70-1.48))

Free T3 2.28 (1.7-3.71)

TPO antibodies 472.78 (0-5.61)

TGB antibodies 35.88 (0-4.11)

Vit D 28.02 (>30ng/mL)

Testosterone 0.42ng/ml (0.10-0.57)

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Levothyroxine has a very long half life so in theory that will still be working in your body for up to six weeks. NDT has some T3 in it and that acts instantly, so if anything you should be feeling the same at least or a bit better with the added T3. but with your THS at 3.44 I imagine you were feeling pretty rubbish to start with. I'm not good at reading your bloods but your Vit D is low, you need someone with more expertise to work out supplementing as you can overdose with Vit D.


60mg of NDT is around 100mcg of levo. Levo will take gradually reduce in your system.

Usually, when on NDT, you can increase by a small amount every 2 weeks or so until you are symptom free.

Maybe these links will be helpful.



Two things- one-Give it more time and two- SOME people, very small amount with Hashimotos actually do worse on NDT and end up on a bio-equivalent (Compounded) The antibodies attack the natural hormone supplement. The 2011 double blind study results were 49% felt better on NDT, 19 % no change or difference, and 32% better on Thyroxine. Bio-equivalents were not trialed.

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Are you in the US? We don't have compounded Bio-equivalents here in the UK.

Can you please explain what the difference is between taking individual T4 and T3 tablets, versus compounded bio-equivalents?

And a link to the 2011 study you refer to would be helpful too please.


I've been on NDT for 2 weeks and a week into it I added 1mg of Low Dose Naltroxene and started feeling great (less brain, fog, more energy), but some symptoms came back slightly (feeling tingly and warm, lots of energy, heart palpitations).. so I upped my NDT from 60mg to 90mg... and honestly.. the NDT90mg+LDN1mg I've been taking this past week has felt life-changing!I don't remember the last time I felt this pain free and energized.. I did't even realize how much I was suffering till this change in my meds. So I'm quite frankly blown away and appalled that big pharma keeps us suffering on synthetic thyroid when there are alternatives which can make such a difference.

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The Associations that make the guidelines that Endocrinologists/doctors have to follow have been swayed by Big Pharma who I believe fund their Conferences and I have read that in the USA doctors are paid (in kind) to prescribe. Also patients are also given 'other' medication for remaining symptoms so they are in a win-win situation.

Also some 'doctors' have been honoured for their stand that the TSH and levo are the only way to treat patients.

Doctors in the UK who treated patients as they were taught (before the 60's) i.e. symptoms and NDT lost their licences or forced to resign.

False statements have been made about NDT.

Dr Derry of Canada also had his licence withdrawn as he used the same method as Dr Peatfield and Dr Skinner and some other doctors. Doctors have to follow the guidelines or lose their livelihood.


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