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I have been on ndt for over 3 months - was optimal on 2 grains as previously on 100 levothyroxine. A few weeks ago I dropped to 1.5 grains as I felt I was over medicated. Now that I am taking Ldn I feel 1grain is enough. Question is is it usual to take less medication with ndt?

If I've asked this before then I'm sorry, my brain fog returns now and then, though vastly improved. Thankyou

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  • Sandcastle, I think it's common when people self-medicate because they may raise a little too quickly, and sometimes a little too much, and need to scale back. If LDN is addressing autoimmune issues it may also mean your absorption of NDT is better so you need less.

  • I agree with Clutter. It's hard to tell when your body is assimilating the dose that is right considering everything else you are taking and even the levo being in your system in only three months. It's good that you sense how your body is reacting. I hope the LDN works for you. Just keep listening to your body. One and 1/2 grains may be optimal for you or you may have to adjust up to 2 grains once again later on.

  • Hi sorry what is Ldn and what is it for? I have just ordered some ndt and am unsure how much I should take? I have been on 100 levothyroxine for years. Thanks

  • LDN stands for low dose naltrexone... it can help with autoimmune conditions, MS and it can boost the immune system.

    Why are you thinking about taking NDT? Are you not doing well on levo? Some folks do just fine on levo. My sis has been on it for thirty years and does horribly on NDT. I am the opposite. My liver doesn't have a clue (apparently) on how to do the conversion of t4 to t3 and I do fantastic on NDT.

    As for dosing NDT, I went from levo one day to 30 mgs of Armour the next day. Back in the old days (this was 20 yrs ago), doctors here in the states, would put you on 30 mgs daily, test at six weeks and raise another 30 mgs and do another lab at 6 weeks.... a long, slow process.

    Nowadays, it is suggested that you start with 1 grain (60 mgs) of NDT and raise by 1/2 grain (30 mgs) every two weeks or so, tracking temps and heart rate as you go, getting thyroid labs at six weeks to see how you are doing (this according to STTM website). I topped off at 90 mgs (1 - 1/2 grains) and have held steady for 20 yrs at that dosage so not all of us need large doses of NDT.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have been on levo for about seventeen years but have had unexplained muscle and joint pain a leaky heart valve etc. The initial flare up was eighteen months ago following a stressful period in my life. It could all be post viral but having read so many posts here I think I have nothing to loose by trying Armor to see if it helps with the pain. It seems difficult to get here in the uk on prescription so I have bought some on the internet that has not arrived yet . I am a bit apprehensive about changing over.

  • I agree that you have nothing to lose on Armour. A lady on another list was dx with CHF (congestive heart failure). Now that she is getting her thyroid, iron and adrenals straightened out, her doc says her heart is just fine. Crazy how many systems in the body that our thyroid effects.

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