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I had expected that my Vit D results would explain my tiredness

After a blood test this week the result is

37 ng/ml

92.5 nmol/l

the report seems to say less than 20 ng/ml is a problem

20 - 30 is low

30 - 80 is OK

80 - 150 too high

So does anyone think that I can count Vit D out as a cause of the tiredness I feel?

I had a TT in Jan and I am on 112.5 Levo (reduced dose as they say anything more is too high)

I would love to feel lively and to not have to drag myself about.


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are the measurements at the top your results in ng/ml and nmol/l??

also if the 'low/ok/high' guide you posted is in ng/ml then it would seem you are 'just' in the 'ok' range?

can you clarify please?


yes there are two readings on in ng/ml and also in nmol/l

the reference ranges are in ng/ml

I guess that this means I don't have a Vit D problem - so why the tiredness??


I mean being a bit higher in range might help, however if that doesn't then you know the tiredness is from somewhere else.

often it is a 'multi faced' approach tiredness, ie addressing MANY things like vitamin B12, magnesium, iron, cortisol issues, blood sugar imbalances, food intolerances etc etc etc


I suspect that 112.5 levo isn't actually too high at all. I was on more than that and I still have my thyroid. There are a lot of myths surrounding thyroid treatment so perhaps they are being too cautious! It may also be that you need some T3 alongside your levo.

Do you have your thyroid blood test results? Please ask for T3 to be tested as well as you have no thyroid. They may or may not do it but it's worth asking.

It could also be that your vitamin D needs to be a little higher although I'm not an expert in such matters.

NBD's other advice is very important too!


I am having the T4 T3 and TSH test in a couple of weeks - so that may through some light on things. They have been reducing my LEVO as my TSH was very low and heart rate too fast. Will post my next bloods when I get them. Thanks


I think 37ng/ml is low for this time of year. You want to aim for above 50. Mine was below 30 until I supplemented. Last January it had increased to 76. Vit D supplements definatly improved the bone pain I had.


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