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Would you please help me with my results as I am so confused!!! :-(

Hi guys!

Would you help me please !!!

my results received today after being on 2 grains of NDT are:

CPR 0,10 <5,0

ferritin 74.6 20-150

TSH 0.22 0,27 - 4.20

Free T4 13,47 12-22

Free T3 4,94 3.1 - 6.8

ATP 99.7 <34

ATgb 74.1 <115

Vit D 84 25 - 175

Vit B12 904 140 -725

Folate 41,44 8,83 -60,8

I feel like only my TSH changed and ATP dropped but my T4,T3 are not changing and staying low .... why??

Thank you for you advice

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FT4 is usually lower on NDT than on Levothyroxine, sometimes even below range. FT3 4.94 isn't low but if you are symptomatic could be higher. Increase dose by 1/2 grain which will raise FT3 and lower TSH.

CRP, Ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate are good.


Thank you clutter, I appreciate you alway respond when I have a question.

Yes I still feel symptomatic. my hair falls out not extremely lots but considering that it never grows back... when will it grow back? gosh i hope it will.

Also still very bad short term memory and it worries me.

Do you know if anybody here had their cerebellum antibodies tested? I'm thinking of doing it



I didn't even know that cerebellum had antibodies :-D


Haha, well apparently people with autoimmunity vam develop antibodies against the brain as well. That's when the brain fog or poor memory persists despite optimal medication

I better not have them :-D. I'm just forgetful and it's very annoying haha

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