New here and needing hope - plus question re blood tests preparation and Dr Peatfield

Hi, I just discovered this group last week after more stress hit in my life, and fear of deepening exhaustion raised its ugly head. This is my cycle... stress... which leads to more exhaustion. .. then hopefully a break in stress and time to repair (basically be bedridden till a little energy returns)... then more stress hits and I'm knocked flat again. Recently though it's been stress after stress after stress... no space to repair!! And I'm worried i'm going to break. I know it sounds dramatic but this exhaustion is getting repeatedly to a point of breathlessness.

Any time I go to the gp he/she says it's depression. I've been down the antidepressants route and it makes me worse but they won't listen. I know from reading this is a very familiar story.

I have booked "full" blood tests (I expect this means just TSH for thyroid) and have an appointment booked with Dr Peatfield in December. I am pinning my hopes on him being able to help me. I hope I'm not wrong to. I feel strongly I have underactive thyroid and maybe adrenal fatigue. My mum has diagnosed underactive thyroid, but only treated and tested for T4. She suffers a lot and I wonder if this is due to not covering T1-T4 and TSH and adrenals, etc...

Anyway, I am at the end of my tether right now, and 5 days till my bloodtests. I want to try some supplements to help me feel better but daren't risk messing up my blood test readings! Plus I have pmt. Ahhhh just feel like I have to wait and wait and it's driving me nuts :(

Sorry to go on. I know you'll understand and I'm not the only one. Can anyone help advise.... should I just wait out this time till bloodtests in 5 days. Just be bedridden and not take any new supplements to help me feel better. And is everyone still happy with Dr Peatfield generally.

Thank you xx

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PS my blood test in 2014 was TSH 4.6 mu/L (0.4 - 5.5). I was told this was fine but i've since read online that it's not fine! I've tried insisting on T1-T4 tests but it falls on deaf ears...


TSH 4.6 wasn't fine, it indicated your thyroid was struggling to produce T4 and T3 but NHS won't diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >5.5 or FT4 is below range. Many GP practices will only test FT4 if TSH is over range. FT3 is rarely tested in primary care and when it is it is usually only when TSH is <0.03 as NHS is looking for evidence of hyperthyroidism not low FT3 in hypothyroid patients. T1 and T2 are not thyroid blood tests. Adrenals aren't routinely tested as part of a hypothyroid diagnosis. Please don't supplement ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate without first having blood tests to check levels. Whether you need to supplement and how much you need to supplement is based on test results.

If your GP is only testing TSH I recommend you order Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus 11 which includes TSH, FT4, FT3, thyroid antibodies and some mineral and vitamin tests before you see Dr. P.

Cortisol saliva testing is available from Genova and Blue Horizon via the link above.

Dr. P resigned his GMC membership so he is unable to prescribe medication although he can advise you.

Oh wow I didn't realise I could get blood tests done privately without referral. I was wondering about this as I want to provide Dr Peatfield with as much info as possible. I am unclear exactly what my dr is doing bloods for. Should I call and ask? I feel like I'm pestering them but I don't want to repeat tests elsewhere if that would reduce the cost. E.g. the dr said bloodtests would test for diabetes, thyroid, hormones, vits, minerals, electrolytes and adrenals. Buy given they only test TSH for thyroid I wonder how thouroughly these others are tested, and if there's gaps I want to know so I can test before Dr Peatfield appointment...

Thank you so much for your reply and the links. Makes me cry to think I've been suffering with my thyroid and can't get any help... all those wasted years. I'll be 40 next year and had symptoms since puberty xx


Why not wait and see what tests your GP requests and, more to the point, what the lab analyses and reports. If you order the private test above the results will usually be emailed to you within 3 days of you posting the sample.

That might be best thanks... Sorry I suffer with brain fog

Gluten, dairy and other food sensitivities can cause brain fog. Worth doing an elimination diet or Paleo Autoimmune protocol to help find out if you have intolerances (many people aren't aware they have them):

If you try cutting out gluten, best to do so gradually over a couple of weeks so it isn't a shock to your system.

If you're being tested for celiac, wait until after the test before cutting gluten to get an accurate result.

Thank you for your reply too! I appreciate it.

My mum has candida overgrowth and has tried the candida diet and it did wonders. I think Dr Peatfield will be looking into this in my session too? I'm not sure if he tests for it himself, but the paperwork sent to me from his office says about candida and other fungus.

The trouble is I'm in such an anxious state I get worse worrying about food as right now I can barely cook anything, and bread is one of those super easy foods to reach for. I can see a reaction if I eat a lot of it though so it may be something to address! But I hope there may be a way to raise my energy even by a little first so I can experiment... asI do agree with you completely.

Dairy, I don't drink milk as it gives me a headache. But weirdly can eat cheese and natural yoghurt (the probiotics of natural yoghurt balance me out regularly). Ho hum... all so complicated!

thank you

Sounds like you're sensitive to both gluten and dairy, so you may well see a reduction in inflammation and an improvement in your health by cutting them out. I really recommend a low sugar anti-inflammatory diet based on meat, fish, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables. It is a bit of a hassle but well worth the effort. You could try switching to A2 milk as this is much less allergenic than standard milk.

Stress can contribute to gut problems so try to avoid stressors as much as possible and make time for rest and relaxation.

Thank you xx Yes I agree. Trouble is I'm also sensitive to a lot of fruit. And struggle to eat raw veg as I've had awful teeth problems, and all cooking is difficult because of my exhaustion. Gosh I sound like I'm making one excuse after another but really I've got myself into a right stuck place!

Lol re avoiding stress, thats definitely the route I've been forced to take. But unfortunately some stressors demand my attention no matter what, and tthey've taken a heavy toll. But that's life sometimes isn't it. I appreciate everything you say though and agree totally! Just trying to tip toe my way through a minefield. ..

Yes, I know, believe me. The good news is that these food sensitivities should reduce as your health improves. Cooked food is easier to digest. Maybe if you have the energy you could make a big batch of eg chicken and vegetable soup and divide it into portions to last you a week. Wild salmon is also really healthy and can be fried in 5 mins x

Thank you. I don't want to sound like I'm poo-pooing everything you say! Or that I'm unwilling to change my ways for my own good. That's definitely not the case... I would soooooo LOVE to follow all your suggestions. I keep wanting to cook a big batch of a healthy food and freeze it for days when I feel like this. I just have to wait for an energy increase first. Honestly it's a catch 22 situation. Last night I went to cook a healthy fish meal and had one tiny obstacle after another (the potatoes had gone mouldy, the pan wasn't clean, the boiler had switched off so I couldn't wash the pan)... in the end I just cried and got in a panic!! I realised I'm too fragile to cook right now, too exhaustsd so every little tiny thing overwhelms me and blocks me and makes me panic. So I realised as much as I hate ready meals it is my only choice. I have to not fight my energy level, accept I've slipped down further and just wait out the storm until my energy rises a bit again. Fingers crossed. Or until I can get an actual diagnosis and treatment. Like I said, end of my tether :( I do have a partner and she can cook occasionally but she's been through 2 major surgeries in as many years and is struggling herself..... ahhh life xxx

So if you can do baby steps eg replacing bread/gluten with rice cakes, replace milk with A2 milk (less allergenic) and eat lots of fruit that may give you the energy boost you need to move forward.

If you're eating ready meals, look for gluten free soups, stews, salads etc.

Good luck x

Highly recommend the Betrayal series, episode 4 on today explains the link between the gut, food sensitivities and autoimmunity:

A Dr who is not registered with the GMC still offering consultations. So he is not able to prescribe, which means risky online purchasing and presumably he does not have insurance to give medical advice if not with the GMC?

I become increasingly more worried the more I read here.

Do you work for the nhs or medical board??

Hi, no just newly diagnosed and navigating my way through all the literature and research. I joined here thinking it would be a useful resource but find it more worrisome than anything.

Someone asked if I was a medical student trying to 'change' the forum on another post. There appears to be no room for critical debate here. It seems if your views don't fall in line with the majority then keep shtum.

Sometimes in my opinion controversial and unexpected and mostly unaccepted ways of thinking and being are actually correct and fundamental to our progress, health and happiness. When we are continually fobbed off and left depleted and sometimes even dying by the current powers that be and conventional thought.... what choice do we have but examine other possibilities.


I doubt medical insurance is only available to GMC members. If consulting a doctor who is no longer registered with GMC worries you, stick to seeing GMC members.

I'm sorry you are having a terrible time trying to find someone who treats your clinical symptoms.

Dr Peatfield has himself been very ill and I hope you are able to consult with him and that he is improving. We are down to about one doctor who really knows about the thyroid gland and symptoms and that's Dr Peatfield. He was pursued by the BTA due to treating his patients they way he was trained but they didn't like that he was prescribing NDT they way he had done for many years so he was forced to resign his licence.

I hope he is doing well.

Your blood test should be the very earliest possible and it should be fasting but you can drink water. If you take thyroid hormones allow 24 hours between the last dose and thetest.

If GP is doing test ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. He will probably not do the Frees but you could get them done privately. Of all the ones above Free T3 is the most important. It is the Active Hormone.

Yours symptoms sound hypothyroid to me. I don't understand how your doctor prescribes anti-d's due to your clinical symptom (depression) yet wont prescribe thyroid hormones due to your many clinical symptoms particularly breathlessness, depression and others.

Post results with ranges when you get them :)

Thank you so much for your reply too. I don't understand my drs either!! They just seem blind to my symptoms and just go by tests alone. Crazy :( I'm almost 100% sure that the tests on nhs will be just TSH in relation to thyroid. Then they only test for other thryoid related things if my TSH isn't "normal" by their standards. I have tried all the drs at my practice and am considering moving to another practice if possible, even though my current one is in walking distance and I don't drive due to foggy brain from these symptoms....! It all makes me so angry and upset that so many years of my life may have been wasted by drs either not knowing what they are doing, or not being given the right guidance by the powers that be.... so much pain and suffering for me and soooooo many others.

But anyway... Yes I have read about Dr Peatfield, his history and how he has monumentally stood up for those with thyroid problems bless his heart. And also read how ill he has been. I spoke to someone at his office this week and he is practicing currently, but only limited hours and only in Sussex now. I can understand that completely! I am in Northamptonshire and quite prepared to travel the distance to see him despite my exhaustion if it helps! And thankfully have a partner who can drive me, thank goodness xx

Thank you for letting me know about fasting and have an early test. I tend to wake by 6am and my bloodtests should be at 10.50am... I hope this isn't too late, it's the earliest date I could get... I think I'll be going for the private pin-prick tests by post though and saliva test as I'm sure there will be big gaps in the tests the nhs too. So those I could do on waking up.

I will certainly post my results. Thank you!

Ahh thank you for this reassuring reply Sue-b!! I have barely found anything negative about Dr Peatfield. Bless him he is a wonderful man by the sounds of it! I am hoping we can keep our appointment in December, for selfish reasons and for his own health!

Thank you ellismay too!! Great to hear of positive experiences :) and so glad he has helped you too!


Sorry for my ignorance, but does this mean that, with the exception of Dr. P, there are no "Hertoghe" doctors in the UK, preferring NDT or T3 to synthetic T4 drugs, treating adrenal fatigue and looking at the overall picture, not just lab results?

Not that the situation is much better in mainland Europe either, I'm Belgium, there are a dozen or so Hertoghe doctors, and a few in other countries (France, possibly Germany and Switzerland), but it feels like things are going in the wrong direction...:-(

I second ellismay's post. Dr peatfield was enormously helpful and it was lovely to feel listened to. My daughter is so much better than she was thanks to him and he has helped my health as well.

Hope you start on the road to recovery very soon, you are definitely on the right track!

Hi, can anyone help please, my mum used to see dr skinner who has sadly passed away. We have been trying to contact AfsHan Ahmed for the past few months for her to refer us into another specialist and whilst I was googling Dr P kept coming up. I can't seem to find any contact numbers/email address for him and also where his clinics are. I am in Derbyshire. I'm really stuck what to do as Gp keeps saying my thyroid is fine and as my mum really suffers with this I have all the symptoms to indicate i have an under active thyroid. Please can anyone give me any contact details for Dr P. Thanking you in advance

Hi, has anyone sent you a message privately with Dr Peatfield's details? If not, let me know and I will do. Went to see him yesterday! For first time. Travelled from Northampton to his Crawley office, unfortunately he only has this clinic now, and none further north. I am in a similar position to you. He was very lovely and understanding. So far I feel it was worth the trek! Thankfully my partner could drive us. He has suggested that adrenals may be the core issue for me, and that thyroid may be a secondary issue or may adjust to normal if I can get my adrenals into an optimal state. We're running tests to check my adrenals and thyroid further and starting some adrenal treatment initially.

So, although it is very early days for me, having only seen him once yesterday, I heard great things about him and felt it was worth trying to see him, as one of the few remaining in the country with his knowledge and expertise...

Hope you find some help Xx

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