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anyone know an endocrinologist who deals with adrenal probs other than just addison's?

does anyone see an endo who has addressed adrenal exhaustion/low functioning adrenals? it seems when it comes to adrenals most endos only treat them once they completely fail (i.e. addison's) and i am only stage 3 - exhaustion. My thyroid is only mildly underactive (blood thyroid came out normal but urine thyroid test showed T4 is low and T3 very slightly low) so i suspect any thyroid problem is just secondary and as a response to the adrenal issue. Therefore there is no point in seeing an endo unless they will be willing to address the adrenal issue.

alternatively, other than dr peatfield and dr mcdonogh are there any non-endo specialists you would recommend who deal with adrenals properly?

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Dr Myhill in wales, but she is so full she will only to online analysis


No, sorry the huge majority of endos have no idea of the difference between adrenal FATIGUE and adrenal FAILURE.


I was referred to ipswich hosp but I think I only maybe got all the tests for cortisol and adrenals because my father had had a piurity tumour and acromelogy as I have had hashi underactive thyroid for 23 years and was getting more ill with cfs and fybro plus hypoglycemia. I think my late fathers triggered the tests which then showed I have hypopituritsm with low adrenal base rates so has now started hydrocortisone and after 3 months then address thyroid and then abnormal growth hormone. I must admit it is a huge fight to get these tests if you cannot show something positive to get these started. The consultant has said it will take approx 1 year to get the whole axis in sync, so still have long way to go.


Hi Soosiq

Where do you live? If you live in London, I would try Professor Bouloux at the Royal Free.


Newlyna, have you seen Professor Bouloux yourself for adrenal problems?

It seems utterly insane that the health system won't confront the issue, they treat poorly functioning other glands, so why ignore the adrenals until they fail completely?!


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