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NDT and blood tests...severe exhuastion...please help


Hi sorry I think I wrote before but dues to severe M.E I cannot find it.

My GP keeps phoning me about the NDT amount as she believes it is too high but I feel better and I want to increase but bit scared.

I started the tai thiroyd NDT in October 2015 and it has helped but still have severe M.E...which I know is bucket diagnosis but it is all we have and had it for 18.5yrs...

so on 4gr to date and want to try to go to 4.5

TSH 0.03 FT4 14

In april 2015 I was on plain T4 levo 100mcg and felt awful and

TSH 0.25 FT4 20.4

I know you said before that it is an expected result for the TSH to lower on NDT.

I just want to be well.

My symptoms are such exhaustion and my fingers are puffy. ridged nails. weight gain. low mood but then I am house bound with M.E. can hardly stand up..live in bungalow with paid help :-(

also would low adrenals affect thyroid?

I am on my own only with paid help and ok have the M.E label but want to feel better than this. I constantly have flu symptoms which is part of M.E side.

have low blood volume. thalessima trait. pale gums. I went on b12 forum but so many mixed responses with b12 at 536.

should I ignore GP? get more tests privately? do the pinprick test prove good results?

sorry muddled but just so tired and fed up.

thanks x

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butterflyfairy You can find your other posts by looking at your profile, just click on your username


Adrenals and thyroid are connected (also sex hormones) and all need to be in balance, so low adrenals can affect thyroid.

The fingerprick test from Blue Horizon or Medichecks might be a good idea to get a full picture. Blue Horizon Thyroid plus Eleven or Medichecks Thyroid Check Ultravit covers all the thyroid tests plus the important vitamins and minerals.

*** sex hormones rather than send hormones. :)

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to humanbean

Thanks is HB :)

Corrected it now.

Predictive text!! I try and make sure I spot them all, the odd one slips through.

wonder how your d3 and iron is...both can make you feel terrible....and effect thyroid meds working too....and b12 could be a little higher I think but don't know the range on test...post the ranges out beside your results... mine is best near the top of normal range...taking b complex with b12 is best also since b vitamins work best together. vit c also good for adrenals and holy basil, and making sure you get 8-10 hours sleep a night....and stay calm and let go of all stress, go off sugar and eat healthy and eat 3 meals a day ...less processed , more real food....

If you are taking any form of T3 then that is the important test but GP's and the labs don't seem to realise this so yes you need a test which gives FT3 alongside FT4 and TSH. Then we can help you.

Don't forget to post the ranges as well, usually in brackets after your result. They are very important as they differ from lab to lab so otherwise we would be guessing.

I would tend to agree with your doc. With a TSH of 0.25 on 100mcg of levo, a switch to 4 grains of NDT, let alone 4½ grains, seems far too much a leap. I was on 150mcg of levo which gave me the least amount of residual symptoms. I did much better on Thyroid-s but took TWO grains only. Now taking Thiroyd but seem to do better with 3 grains per day.

So, unless other problems are affecting your health, you should probably only be on 2 tablets (grains) of Thyroid-s per day. An increase in dosage is not the right direction to go.

Blood tests should prove these presumptions, so please get tests done and post results. Do not increase the dose.

Hi thanks for replies. Im feeling better on NDT 4gr...on my post before someone said try upping. Im not hyper at all...I have followed guidance on here...T4 levo is not enough..Im not going to reduce the NDT as im still hypo

I just skimmed the article on myth of hypo on thyroid uk...

As it states the blood serum is not looking at each cell...so like stop thyroid madness perhaps blood test not my soultion...

Maybe the urine test...

Even Dr Peatfield could not cure me in 1999 apart from education of adrenals...barnes temp test...putting me on armour...

Having low blood volume and thalessimia trait small cells maybe why the blood test reading is not true indication of the thyroid...if I feel better on 4gr and my hair growing back..lost bit weight then maybe i should go by how I feel rather than blood test...

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