Desperate for help.: exhausted, fat, undiagnosed

Hi all

I am in same position as I was, two years ago. Although fatter. Over the summer my B12 finally dipped below the magic range and I was given injections. I then SI'd for a few months but felt worse than ever. I had low ferritin so I've managed to get that up to 35, and tried supplementing D3 (and K2, and magnesium) but ended up with dreadful bone pain in my sternum, so stopped that. No one has been able to explain that at all.

My last visit to my GP was awful. My hair is thin, my arms and legs are bald, I'm exhausted and in spite of being vegan, gluten and sugar free, I am stuck at 197lbs (I am 5'7). I CANNOT lose weight. I tried everything from starving myself, doing hour long walks twice daily (got a varicose vein and more plantar fasciitis pain), doing DVDs at home, eating eggs, not eating eggs... You name it, I've tried it. Her advice: try doing weights and accept that our bodies hang onto weight when we are stressed (and yes, my life is quite stressful... but still).

My last round of blood tests are all (wait for it) normal, hooray! I asked for a trial of thyroxine and she said my thyroid was very healthy. WTAH. I am going to ask for a printout today. I had an RT3 test done in April/May which showed very high RT3, and a ratio of 11, when I know it should be about 20. I am not on any Levo/T4 meds, so I decided to address the B12, D and iron first. No joy. No difference.

I am in Edinburgh and cannot find a doctor who will even listen, never mind do a trial of T4/T3. Should I try going for an endo referral? is there any point? I cannot believe I am stuck at this weight for the rest of my life. What if there is anothe rproblem with the PTA axis? I know my cortisol has been out of whack - last saliva results showed it was low in morning, lunch and normal at tea time, actually over range in Evening. I'm not sure I have any more symptoms that would lead to them treating me though.

I am desperate enough to try anything right now.

Where would you guys go next?

Test results most recently show TSH around 1.8, low FT4 and low FT3 (thank you RT3), low D, low B12, low iron (but all in range).

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  • p.s. at 44 apparently i am perimenopausal so now everything is blamed on my hormones. I am dealing with that by taking vitex drops - it is the only thing that stops the suicidal gloom I feel for the week before my period. I have pretty much stopped the vitamins in the last month as they made so little difference, apart from magnesium glycinate which at least helped me sleep better. My cycle is regular and with the vitex, I have hardly any cramp or discomfort. There are so many other, boring symptoms which I am now used to I don't even feel like listing them.

  • Kittysmummy,

    Please post your test results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) to help members comment.

  • I will try and get them asap Clutter but I can't afford to repeat the private tests if I'm unlikely to get any GP help. Have found private doc who might be useful but again, more tests. I will let you know once I hear from GP.

  • Kittysmummy,

    Post the results and ranges in a new post as updates don't get seen by many people.

  • Low ferritin and cortisol issues can cause all these symptoms. The Adrenal Summit was on last week so not sure if it's still available:

    Lots of good talks. I particularly recommend Niki Gravrix on day 6, talking about psychological stress and its effect on the adrenals/HPA axis.

    Her website is:

    You receive lots of good info by email when you subscribe.

  • Although it's addressing a symptom rather than the cause, Wellsprings bio identical progesterone cream is supposed to be good for PMT:

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