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POST RAI (7 years) Goitre and possible active thyroid?


Had RAI successfully about 7 years ago. Starting to feel worse again, and have now got what appears to be the start of a Goitre at the top of my neck, almost like Mumps! GP is great and ordered a scan and blood test just for TSH to see if it's kicked off again, but just wondering what other people know about this - is it common and what to expect following the scan?

My biggest dread is if they decide to take a sample via a needle biopsy - because I just want them to remove it anyway, so would prefer just to have an op to remove it - it's getting bigger and pressing on my swallowing or if I take a t-shirt off it is horrid (sounds nuts I know but it feels like I am being strangled!) I can't see the point of having a nasty needle thing - just to then go in and operate anyway to take it all out!

I am wondering if my Thyroid has started up again, do they go for another round of RAI or just remove the Thyroid? If I am having that done then maybe get the lumpy neck done at the same time?

Will know more after tests/scans, but wanted an 'overview' of options so I am ready with the right questions!

Love to all on here - not been on for ages since I am 'coping' but always read through the updates with great interest!


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Thyroid can sometimes regrow after Graves patients have RAI. If the thyroid has regrown it is more likely you will be given a thyroidectomy than repeat RAI.

If the scan shows a nodule on regrown thyroid material with suspicious characteristics or the nodule is >1.5-2.0cm a fine needles aspiration biopsy is done to see whether the nodule is benign or malignant. FNA isn't painful. You will be given local anaesthetic and paracetamol will take care of any pain caused by the minor bruising afterwards.

If FNA shows malignancy a more radical throidectomy is required to remove as much thyroid material as possible to avoid malignant cells proliferating.


Thank you so much for your reply. I will see what happens next!


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