Post RAI high antibodies

Post RAI high antibodies


I am one year post RAI and self medicating on 2.5 NDT. Recently i have been feeling very unwell indeed,pain flare ups and more recently some pain in my neck. I was so concerned i had some private bloods done, I see my crp is high at 15 and both my thyroid antibodies are high one lot being at 4000. I was singed off by the endo months ago when she considered me stable on levo. I wondered if anyone who had RAI had pain int he next this far on and if any may had these high antibodies. Not sure what to do about them.

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  • I hope someone can answer your question. I would have thought RAI would have killed your thyroid gland and it therefore wouldn't be able to produce antibodies. Antibodies usually refer to Hashimoto's an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  • Yes, I was going to ask : which antibodies? Did you have Graves or Hashi's?

  • I was told i was overactive was on anti thyroid drugs for two years came off it went over again and was told that I must have RAI, I never had a scan or anti-thyroidperoxidase is 173.2 and anti- thyrogobulin abs is 4000. I find myself having to quell a little fear about all this. my crp is 15.

  • Those are Hashi's antibodies, not Graves. Did you have Graves antibodies before when you were hyper?

  • They never mentioned Graves to me.Just send i was overactive.i must try and find my first private tests from a few years back,

  • Yes, because it sounds as if you were just having a Hashi's hyper swing. So, it's not surprising that the anti-thyroid drugs didn't help.

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