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Blue Horizon results-help please?

CRP 2.00 <5.0

Ferritin 119.1 2-0-150

TSH 2.82 0.27-4.20

T4 TOTAL 108.4 64.5 - 142.0

Free T4 20.89 12-22

Free T3 3.97 3.1 - 6.8

Serum Folate 32.29 8.83 -60.8

The following are in red

Anti-TPO H 423.1 <34

Anti TGA H 416.2 <115

Vit B12 H >1476 Deficient <140

Insufficient 140-250 Consider reducing dose >725

I can see that a lot of these values are way too high an my T3 is too low but not sure what it all means and what I should do now (apart from dropping the B12 tablets!)

I would really appreciate any advice and guidance. Thanks x

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Oooh yes I would reduce the vit b's. Your crp is a little bit high should be under 1 must be inflammation somewhere. Ferritin a little high so ease off a bit on the iron too. TSH a bit high and FT3 too low. Looks like you are not converting as FT4 is fine. Folate is fine but youre antibodies point to Hashimotos! You need to go gluten free to try to reduce your antibodies. You havent said are you taking any thyroid meds? X

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Thanks for that magsyh.

I have Hashimotos, have been GF for over 3 years and am on 125 mcg Levo. I've been feeling really bad for the last couple of months and did the BH test hoping that something would be glaringly obvious but it isn't-not to me anyway!

My TSH and T4 have both increased and my T3 has gone down. My antibodies have gone down very slightly but nowhere near as much as would have hoped bearing in mind I am on my 2nd bout of the autoimmune protocol.

My B12 in March was 377 (145-569) and I'm rather concerned why it's shot up especially as I've read it can be an indicator of heart and liver problems and possibly Cancer :-(


Your crp is only 2 so I wouldnt worry too much about heart, liver and cancer. Mine is 4 and I have had all the tests. Low vit d can cause crp to rise above 1 as can cause inflammation. I have fibroids which has raised mine. Have you checked your vit d? Looks like you have a problem converting to ft3 as I said earlier but if your tsh is that high then your levo dose isnt high enough. You need to raise it slowly untill your tsh is below 1 and if your ft3 doesnt improve I would say you need to try NDT as Im sure it works best with Hashimotos or Im sure that others on here can advise you about adding t3. I have no experience of that x


To be honest I can't help but worry! I was admitted to hospital last week (cardiac ward) and though they couldn't find anything I still feel ropey. I think I'll post again re the B12 as my hubby is pressing me to go to the doctor's.

Thanks very much for your help :-) x


You do need to get liver function tests done.

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I had them done in October:

Serum total protein 72 60.00-80.00

albumin 46 35.00-50.00

bilirubin 7 <21

alkaline phosphatase 69 30.00-130.00

ALT level 22 <40

Some are at the high end of the scale but have been deemed "normal".


I have been taken away in an ambulance and admitted to cardiac ward too. They couldnt find anything. It was lack of vit d and magnesium with me so worth checking out. Ask your doc for h25 test and ask for result numbers should be 60-80 for you to feel well. Good luck with it x

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Really? What a coincidence! What is the h25 test please?


Its the proper test for vit d levels a lot of docs dont do it but if not blue horizon do. X


I could kick myself because I went for +10 instead of +11 as the only difference was vit d,but knowing what I know now I wish I hadn't been so thrifty!! Next time for definite :-)

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