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Painful Joints


Hello All x I'm needing a bit of advice & support with my aches & pains from my pelvic downwards & very painful wrists x my doctor is saying it's due my thyroid x before I became pregnant I had thyroid problems & had borderline blood results according to the NHS NICE guidelines & not prescribed any medication x when I was 6 months pregnant my symptoms got worse, loss of eyebrows, very hot day/night, mood swings, dry skin & hair, tiredness, weight gain (prior to pregnancy) etc x my thyroid bloods taken were threw the roof (under-active thyroid) & was prescribed Levothyroxine 100 mg (1 tablet) daily x they monitored this throughout my pregnany antenatally & postnatally every 3 months x I suffered whilst being pregnant with being hot all the time, especially at night and had a fan constantly on & woke up during the night very hot & shortness of breath & it panicked me a bit x my son, Jake has Down's Syndrome and is such an amazing bany and is nearly 5 months old now x I've still got all the symptoms, including night sweats, but I have got really bad aches & pains from pelvic downwards & painful wrists x at first my doctor said it's temporary carpel tunnel and because I was breastfeeding & it will go eventually x I am 47 years old x I recently asked my doctor if it was menopause or something to do with RSI as I have worked all my life in admin/secretarial jobs and she said to wait until we do my thyroid bloods again and then revisit menopause & maybe do hormone bloods x my auto immune tests came back okay & they're sending me to Physio this afternoon x when I had my telephone Physio assessment done they don't think it's inflammatory or RSI, but said they could refer me to one of their doctors who specialists in Muskoskeletal xy doctor just thinks it's a range of things, eg hormones, breastfeeding (I did breastfeed for 3 months, but haven't done for over a month), because I had a c-section, thyroid symptoms & that I have been through a lot and to let my body get back to normal x has anyone suffered with aches & pains pelvic downwards & really painful wrists? x they prescribed me some gel that had a painkiller in it, but didn't work at all & over a month ago Naproxen 500 mg twice a day which helped at first with both but my wrists are worse than ever (cannot pick up anything heavy up), having to be careful picking up & carrying my son, even brushing my hair or driving very painful & my joints hurt when getting up off the couch or going up/down stairs x I am now on antidepressants as it's got me so down x can anyone help? xxx

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Will leave someone more expert to discuss pregnancy and related thyroid issues, but aching joints can be indicative of low Vit D, easily sorted with a supplement. I had exactly the same after surgical menopause at 47, but a couple of weeks after starting a daily spray of 3000iu by Better You from H&B, I realised the pains had almost totally gone.

All the rest of your symptoms sound like classical hypothyroid to me - rest assured they can be sorted with a bit of research and taking control by yourself. I am sure others will be along shortly t help with more questions and suggestions.

Good luck


My dear jblakey, I am so sorry that I am not much of an expert but after pregnancy hormones go haywire. Pain in joints at this time is so stressing as to do anything for your gorgeous wee Jake you need those joints flexible, even changing a nappy. I am so sorry you are so down, sometimes certain antidepressants help with joint pain. I wish I could say much more knowledgeable things, but sorry I do not know enough. You have probably been going flat out & not resting enough. You & Jake both did brilliantly with the breast feeding & 3 months is great! I always worried that I wasn't doing enough, guilty that I couldn't breastfeed for very long & got myself annoyed that I was not the most perfect of mothers! On hindsight I know I was too hard on myself because I wanted to be perfect, years later I know that my kind of perfection does not exist! Your wee man is lovely, he looks so relaxed & if he could talk he would say mum you are brilliant & I just love you! If those joint pains continue or get worse your GP will need to carry out specific blood tests to determine what is going on. You also had a C section which leads to much more pain in the pelvic area. There are so many factors going on. You have a very, very, special little baby. I am sorry that my advice is totally minimal, just remember it is very early days for you and your little son!

Peace & love Pixiewixie xx

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