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Painful hands and wrists at night time


I have an underachieve thyroid. Well controlled so far. Recently I have been having very very painful hands and wrists, with the pain radiating up to my elbow on the right side. It doesn't stop me doing things in the daytime and doesn't hurt really in the daytime. The only thing is, for instance in a situation where I need my hands for support like in a press up position. That kills my wrists. Could this be thyroid related?

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Have you had your vitamin b12 tested?

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I have 13 weekly injections for B12 but it's not been tested recently. I'm scared of asking for it to be tested in case they say "oh its within range" and take me off having them.

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I'm only asking because it sounds like nerve pain which can be b12 related. Could you get a private test? If you haven't had vit D, ferritin and b12 done recently it might be worth finding out where your levels are at?

Carpal tunnel syndrome? Could be related to thyroid. Others more experienced with this condition will comment, I’m sure.

Carpal tunnel typically happens at night, does your hand tingle and go numb if your wrist is bent ? A simple test is to tap on the inside of your wrist about where your hand begins, if it brings on the pain then it's carpal tunnel. Try wearing wrist splints to keep your wrist straight.

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Hi. I’ve done your tapping test and it doesn’t hurt at all.


Suggest you get full Thyroid and vitamin testing done. You may be under medicated

Do you have any swelling (edema)?

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No there’s no swelling.

This is funny as I don’t get pain but my hands can go numb when they are just my chest, not laying on them or anything ... I do get reoccurring shoulder/neck pain but I can’t put that down to our condition 100% ...

I have to wear wrist splints at night because how I sleep (apparently) puts pressure on the wrist nerves and blood vessels such that I’m blocking blood flow which, over time, causes damage to the tendons, ligaments and joint of the elbow. It’s very painful. The wrist/forearm brace, the kind that goes over your thumb, has a metal bar (removable) and Velcro straps, keeps the wrist in the proper position while sleeping.

If you ignore this you will develop tendinitis (tennis elbow) with possible tendon and ligament tears. I did and it took 2 years to heal.

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