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Could I have Hypothyroidism

This is the first time I have asked a question here I am convinced I have hypothyroidism, I have a diagnosis of RA and some years ago I was told I had secondary Fibromyalgia that varies depending which rheumatologist I see. For the last 2-3 years my symptoms have got much worse, apart from chronic fatigue I have terrible constant tingling in my hands and feet, I now have tinnitus, chronic constipation, my cholesterol level has gone through the roof, I am unable to control my body temperature, so I am either very hot or feel very cold. I am constantly clearing my throat and by the evening I feel as though I have a lump in it. My weight is going up yet my appetite is lessening, my sense of taste is virtually not existent these are just a few of the constant symptoms. I asked my GP to test for Hypo and she did a lot of other tests.

Vit D level Normal 72.84nmol/L (50.00 - 140.00nmol/L)

B12/folate Level Normal

Serum Vit B12 335 ng/L (197.00 - 771.00ng/L)

Serum Folate 5.3ug/L (4.60 - 18.7ug/L)

Serum TSH Normal 1.67 miu/L (0.25 - 5.00miu/L)

Cholesterol was 8

I take prescribed Vit D supplements 2000iu per day

I went back to the GP and she agreed to a blood test for the Thyroid Antibodies which I have not got a copy of and is apparently normal. I have asked her for T3 and T4 she has agreed to T4 and I am getting that done this week, all my tests were early morning fasting test. I seem to be able to tick practically every symptom of Hypothyroidism yet my results don't bear this out.

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Secondary fibro? That's a new one! lol I wonder what it means.

You certainly do have a lot of symptoms of low thyroid. Especially the high cholesterol. But, don't worry about that, it's not a problem in itself. The cholesterol won't do you any harm, so don't be tempted to take statins.

The TSH on it's own, is not always a good test for hypo. It won't pick up on secondary hypo, where the problem is with the pituitary or hypothalamus, rather than the thyroid gland itself. Even if the FT4 is up the top of the range, the FT3 could still be low - you could have a conversion problem. You might have to do that privately.

Don't take your doctors word for your antibody tests being 'normal', get a print-out of your results. It is your legal right to have one. Besides, one in-range test does not rule out Hashi's, because antibodies fluctuate. And, they will only have tested one of the antibody types, and there are actually two.

Your vit D is still a bit low, it should be about 100.

Your B12 is too low. It should be at least 500. So, do take some sublingual methylcobalamin (B12) to bring it up. You should also take a B complex. Get one with at least 400 mcg methylfolate, and that will bring your folate up, because that should be at least mid-range.

Those low nutrients in themselves will be making you feel bad. But, you should have your ferritin tested, because that might be low, too. :)


Thank you for your reply greygoose my Ferritin was tested it was 111 ug/L I don't think my Vit D will every go much beyond what it is. The Rheumatologist suggested to my GP ? Hypothyroidism but no notice was taken, my parathyroid levels were a little out as well and I was borderline Hyperparathyroidism, Dexa scan shows mild osteoporosis. I think it was meant the Fibro was secondary to the RA which would be a correct way of describing it. Every time I say to my GP I will get the tests done privately they then offer to do another test! I have said I am happy to pay to get my tests done. GP has put me on Statins now so I am taking them in fact the GP put the fear of God in me. The suggestion was it could be Familial Hypercholesterolaemia although no testing would be done to find out if this was the case they don't do genetic testing according to my GP because there are 'too many of us'! I will certainly try B12 supplements. I was also tested for coeliac disease result 1.3 u/ml - 0.00 - 6.90u/ml.


Taking statins is, frankly, a very, very bad move. But, your doctor gets funding points for prescribing them. So, that's why he puts the fear of god into you to make you take them. I would suggest you do your own research into cholesterol and statins before you go any further. You could start with Dr Malcom Kendrick :


To put it bluntly, the cholesterol will not give you a heart attack, but the statins probably will.


Thank you for replying again I am not comfortable with taking them as I have seen my cholesterol rise over the years along with more and more hypo symptoms. I do not smoke, I don't drink (I am alcohol intolerant) so even if I fancied the odd glass of wine it would make me feel very ill, I take a good walk each day with my dog, I eat a healthy well balanced diet, I am overweight but not for the want of trying to lose it. I am not comfortable with taking statins and I will most definitely do more research into them as you suggest.


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