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Help with test results please?

Hi, can someone help me with my blood test results received today from Blue Horizon please? I switched from levo to Thiroid 5 months ago following dosing advice given on here. I am currently on 3.5 grains with normal bp and pulse and body temp, feel fine apart from tiredness. No hyper symptoms:

TSH < 0.005 (0.27-4.2 IU/L)

T4 Total 93.6 (64.5-142 nmol/L)

Free T4 13.91 (3.1-6.8 pmol/L)

Free T3 5.0 (3.1-6.8 pmol/L)

Antithyroidperoxidase 9.1 (<34)

Antithyroglobulin Abs 13.2 (<115)

Vitamin D 39 LOW

B12 820 HIGH

Folate 13.95 (10.4-42.4

CRP 10.4 (<5 mg/L

Ferritin 253.9 (20-150 ug/L)

Advised to reduce thiroid dose but I feel fine! What should I do?

Any help much appreciated X

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Nothing, you're not overdosed. Your TSH is suppressed but it often is when you take a T3 containing pill. You could do with supplementing Vit D though. :)

If you're taking any iron, stop. If you aren't, you're exhibiting signs of inflammation - do you know what that might be?


Thanks-was tempted to reduce because of TSH result but felt I was reverting to treating a figure as oppose to how I feel! Not sure about inflammation-I do get Carpel tunnel syndrome and joints are bit painful but this has improved vastly since being on Thiroid. Don't want to go to GP as doesn't know I've switched to NDT!


I shall give you a couple of links which will give yo some confidence. They are by a doctor who treated people, not blood tests. It is also the same way all doctors treated patients before levo and blood tests were introduced (i.e when NDT was the only form of thyroid hormone replacement) :)




Thank you will have a read now!


Hi would you be able to tell me which result to look at that gives info that I'm not overdosed i.e. Is it total T4, free T4 or free T3? Thanks in advance x


That range for Ft4 has got to be wrong! Your vit D is too low. Thyroid hormones are what you would expect on NDT. I expect your GP doesn't like suppressed TSH. I'd stay as you are and supplement D3 and K2.

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Oops yes T4 ref range should be 12-22pmol/L

So do I aim to get thyroid hormone levels mid reference range except for TSH?


handbag99 When on NDT the only really important test result is FT3. It can be wherever it needs to be for you to feel well but it should remain in range. NDT can suppress TSH and lower FT4 so you should go by FT3.

What supplements are you taking?

Your folate is low and needs to be at least half way through it's range ie 26+ with that range. If you're supplementing B12 then you should be taking a B Complex such as Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right to balance the B vits and raise folate.

Vit D is recommended to be 100-150 so yours is very low. If you're taking D3 you also need to take it's co-factors K2-MK7 and Magnesium.

Are you taking iron supplements? If so then stop, your ferritin is way too high, it should be half way through it's range. If you're not supplementing then there could be inflammation somewhere as your CRP is high too.


Brilliant thanks for this-will focus on T3 which is in range so will continue on3.5 grains. I was taking B12 boost spray but have stopped now. Purchased a Vit D spray today 3000 iu per spray so that should tackle D3 deficiency. Not taking any iron or any other supplements but will purchase the Jarrows B right to get folate level up. Not sure about inflammation I do get intermittent Carpel Tunnel syndrome where my wrists become painful & inflamed I had a minor flare recently and wondering if that effected result. Used to have v painful joints before NDT but they have improved vastly since taking it. Heard today that the site where I purchase my Thiroid from is not selling it anymore so the quest begins to find another outlet!! X


handbag99 Don't worry about your B12 too much, it should be at the very top of the range, even 900-1000. I got mine right up by supplementing amd now just take it 2 days a week as a maintenance dose.

For the D3, to start with I'd double dose for a couple of months to get the level up then reduce to one spray a day. Retest after 6 months to ensure you're within the recommended range. If you're not repeating the BH test you can get Vit D tested through City Assays for £28, a blood spot fingerprick test vitamindtest.org.uk/vitamin... (this is an NHS hospital in Birmingham who do private Vit D tests). Make sure you get the K2-MK7 and magnesium as they are important when taking D3.

It would be a good idea to discuss your high ferritin level with your GP.

I am sending you a PM.


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