Just came home from the doctor again. They want to take some more blood tests. TSH and free T4, I asked about B12 and Vit D and Ferritin so they taking those too.

My last result was

FSH 4.26 (0.35-5.50)

Ft3 3.8 (3.5-6.5)

Ft4 11.7 (10-19.8)

I have lots of symptoms muscle weakness, tiredness, irregular periods etc.

My first TSH test was 5.6 last month so that has decreased. What do you think? The doc just say that it's normal but I don't feel well.

Does anybody know if the period affect the TSH level? When TSH was 5.6 I was between ovulation and period and the lower one was taken on the 2nd day of my period.

Also, what time of day is best to test? Morning or evening (I can go as late as 8pm)?

Fasting or no fasting? I read somewhere that fasting decreases TSH- is this true?

I would really appreciate any advice. How do I get them to give me medication?

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  • Morning fasting TSH blood test period day 1 is reliable and slightly high compared to other days.

    You are in early stages of hypothyroidism.See other doctor.

  • I can't wait until day 1 is it best to take it day 23 or 26?

  • Early morning - before nine - and fasting will give you the highest TSH.

    What time were these done?

    Actually, doctors have absolutely no idea what a 'normal' TSH is - it certainly isn't 4.26! In fact, you're hypo when your TSH hits 3, if it's consistently over 3. But TSH varies so much, and for so many reasons, that it really is an unreliable test. And, what your doctor actually means is that your TSH is 'in range'. But, the ranges are so rediculously wide that they don't mean much at all. Which is why he should be looking at the Frees - especially the FT3. And yours is low.

    But, doctors have been told that they mustn't diagnose hypo until your TSH is 10, or your Frees are under range. So, as far as your doctor is concerned, your labs are 'normal'. It's just that 'normal' is a meaningless word. :(

  • They high level were done at 7 pm and the low one at 9.30.

    The doc said they were afraid that I would get Hyper symptoms if they treat me now. :-(

  • The doc is talking rubbish. You would not get hyper symptoms with an FT3 that low. Your FT3 would have to be well over-range to get serious hyper symptoms. But, don't forget that hyper and hypo symptoms can cross over, and you can have both at the same time, for various reasons. But starting you on 50 mcg could not possibly make you over-medicated. Your doctor is just extremely ill informed. :)

    Oh, and 9.30 in the morning? If your TSH swings around that much, you could have Hashi's. So ask your doctor to test your antibodies.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. I've had TPO tested and it came back 40 (<60) so they say that's normal too. I'm going for a new test on Monday and hope it will be over 5.5 because they said they would consider a trial then...

    Can I still have Hashi's even when TPOab was only 40?

  • Yes, you can, because antibodies fluctuate. And just because it was low, then, doesn't mean it's always that low.

    Plus, there are two antibody tests that should be done, but the NHS only does one of them! The other one could be high.

    Plus, some people with Hashi's never have high antibodies. They are diagnosed by a scan of the thyroid.

  • Hi Lisan1

    It's good you are getting more bloods done but frustrating when you get told everything is so-called "normal". I have very similar results and symptoms like you .... pain in joints , muscles, inflammation in fingers and ankles and exhaustion. I am new here so I cannot comment on your results etc. I am just learning myself!! I also have sweating profusely when doing cleaning etc and very cold in cold weather.. I have breathlessness and chest pain and sore throats and ears. Hope we get good treatment soon. Take good care best wishes xxx 😀

  • Exhausted124--- Then we are in the same boat. Please let me know how you get on. Fingers crossed that you will get help. Xx

  • Thanks for you replies!

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