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Want to try Naturethroid

Can someone pm me where I can get this shipped to the uk without prescription, I am not sure why but my T4 and T3 are less effective than it used to be, taking 50 of t4 and 38 of t3 at the moment, doc will not up my t4 unless i drop some t3 can't take over 75 of t4 as it makes me dizzy and does not seem to work,

recent labs : tsh 4.6 range .27-4.2

t4 total 89 range 65-142

FT4 14.2 range 12-22

Ft3 4.29 range 3.1-6.8

I have auto immune and at this time both Throidperoxidase and Thyroglobulin were raised.

Folate was low at 11 range 10-42

Feritin was high end of range.

b12 is fine and I am due to go back on it D next week as part of my winter regime, I take 10,000 ui once a fortnight with k2.

Suggestions welcome - was considering trying to drop the t4 and try t3 only or just try ndt and see if we get any improvement.

This could also be that the weather has turned and i need to try increase but where, it is difficult to add less than 12mcg of t3 and extra t4 moves the numbers but not the symptoms.

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I'd be apt to increase T3 slightly until symptoms are relieved. I can quarter my T3 and it doesn't need to be perfectly accurate but as near as. Take note of pulse/temp and if either goes too high drop back to previous dose. You can increase about every 2 weeks.

(I am not medically qualified but am well.)

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