Naturethroid in the UK?

Sorry, I know this question has been asked and answered before, but I just don't seem to be able to find what I am looking for:

Someone mentioned recently that Naturethroid is available in the UK, and there was a list of pharmacies supplying it. Would you mind PM:ing it to me?

Also, does anyone know if these pharmacies accept prescriptions for Armour or Erfa, and are willing to substitute Naturethroid for AT or Erfa? A prescription for either Armour or Erfa is all I can get in Belgium...:-(

Many seem to be doing well on Naturethroid, and I would love to try it if at all possible.

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    Maybe something in the above link that could help you :-)

  • Thanks a lot!

  • :-)

  • I get Westhroid from The States, sadly most times I get a customs charge on it as well so am currently looking for a pharmacy in Germany or Belgium as my postman said customs dont usually charge customs fom those countries.

  • Bear10, if you find a source and remember to, please could you let me know if you do find a supplier closer to home? :)

  • Hi Bear10

    I have received my supply from USA and between customs and Post Office I was charged £21.00. I would also like any info with regards to a source in Europe if you are successful.



  • Health2015, if you have a prescription you can obtain WP and other NDT via UK pharmacies in this link

  • Thanks for the info Clutter, but I am self medicating because my doctor told me that as I had a TSH of 1 the lab would did not test for T3 or T4. Have my next blood tests in October.



  • Hi, I had same refusal by GP to test T3 & for antibodies, & so went to private doctor from Thyroid UKs list of doctors & endos. Worth every penny. Cost of £90 for consult & then other costs for blood test. Found low T3 & Hashimotos's. Follow up consult £50 & £20 for private prescription for 100 tabs T3. He would have given prescription fr NDT as well but I decided to just try T3 first. So, once you've paid fr prescription, any recommended pharmacies (Thyroid UK) will mail the medication. It really is worth the money to pay privately to set it all up.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Vernon

    Thanks for your reply. Going private is something I am looking into, but I can't always afford the expense. I am currently trialling T3, and all seems to be going ok, I am now up to 50mg per day and I'm not using Levo 100mg (when I try to cut pills with pill cutter it just crumbles, got fed up and stopped using it. However, I feel I should be taking some T4, which is why I ordered NDT. I've ordered 1 & 2 grain, and will probably mix it with some t3, see how I go.


  • I'd be interested to know how NDT goes, as that may be the next step for me too. Good luck. V

  • Hi Vernon

    I am only on my 3rd day of Nature thyroid and this may sound odd but I have noticed a difference. I stopped taking Levo and stuck with T3, and although starting to feel good, I felt I should be taking some T4. I am currently on 1 grain + 25mg of T3.

    I feel as though I want to start doing things again (although finding excuses not to do anything lol :) and believe me I haven't felt like this probably since last September after my hols.


  • Hi Mazza. Glad there a good difference. I've been wondering too, wether to take a lot less or none of Levothyroxine, while taking T3 , to see if it works on its own. After so long depending on it (10 years) it feels scary to stop it, but I think it's important to trust & follow one's own responses & intuition on this.

    I have noticed a gradual improvement, since I've taken T3, But your NDT seems more effective, as I think it supplies the wider range of T1,2,3,&4. I'm going to look at suppliers myself.


  • hello, great to hear you had a good experience, can I ask you please to message me who you saw please? thanks

  • They can't charge customs from these countries as they are in the EU. The EU is one single market, with free movement of goods, services, and persons. So you only have to pay customs charge on shipments from third (non-EU) countries.

  • Bear, I believe Westhroid is now WP. You can obtain WP with prescription from pharmacies in this link

  • Sadly I dont have a prescription so have to source from outside the country and am just looking for a pharmacy within Europe as then i wouldnt be charged customs.

  • Hi there did you manage to find another source outside of uk for the NDT. I would be really grateful if you could let me know. I don't understand why we can't buy pig thyroid in the UK, yet we can by cow thyroid (unfortunately it didn't suit me).

  • What you refer to as "cow thyroid" is only available because it a) makes no claim to contain any thyroid hormone; b) makes claim that it does NOT contain thyroid hormone. (There is also a similar "pig thyroid" product available in the UK.)

    It is nothing to do with the source animal.

    We have had many discussions here as to whether these products really do, or do not, contain any thyroid hormones.

  • Well it is supposed to come from

    cows in New Zealand. It was recommended to me by Dr.P. Anyway it hasn't helped my symptoms & my blood results were not good so I'm now trying Armour but grieved by costs of shipping over from the states, so going to find private endo. To get private prescription. Does any one know of a sympathetic endo. in north wales Chester or even Manchester area? The main endo. In Wrecham I found very unsympathetic & not interested in my symptoms.

  • Armour is by far the most expensive desiccated thyroid product.

    It always ends up being individual, but many people find Nature-Throid both perfectly satisfactory and considerably less expensive than Armour.

    I do not know the UK costs - as I do not buy desiccated thyroid.

  • Also is it cheaper or more expensive if obtained on private prescription in the uk?

  • will do. Both myself and a friend went on NatureThroid and it both made our eczema worse but are absolutely fine on Westhroid by RLC

  • naturalthyroidsolutions Been on thro gold for 2 years the best treatment so far classified so no import tax and delivery has been fine so far payment easy through PayPal

  • Bossbird, is this the one formulated by the late Dr. John C Lowe? I have been looking into it as well as it seems very promising.

  • Yes it works for me it contains all the T's although this illness constantly changes just when u have it under control it goes off the rails again

  • As it comes from the States, I'm surprised that it doen't attract customs duty. What with postage, insurance AND customs duty thyroid meds from the States are too expensive for me to sustain.

    Is it cheaper because you have a scrip?

  • Interesting to hear! I have been looking into that myself as an alternative to porcine prescription NDT, given all the problems in recent years with real and alledged reformulations, decreased efficacy, stocks running out, import duties...etc, etc. Can I ask how much TG you are taking? It's been a few months since you wrote this, so I imagine you've had ever more time to find out what works best for you.

  • hi bossbird, does that contain T4 and T3?

  • I have ordered Naturethroid from an online pharmacy. They are based in the US and it arrives in about 2 weeks. I am now taking Naturethroid and I feel that it is working well.

    (admin edit to remove pharmacy name)

  • It is better not to mention the source as we don't want it being known by you know who...!!

  • Anna, the pharmacies in the link below supply NatureThroid with a prescription but pharmacies will dispense what is written on the prescription.

  • Naturethroid is available in UK on prescription only and a prescription would have to be for this. You cannot make substitutions on prescriptions. It is not available to buy in UK.

  • OK, thanks for clarifying this!

  • Hi ann69, I have just ordered some Naturethroid from the USA. It hasn't arrived yet, so remains to be seen whether I get charged import tax! I am also self-medicating as have a multimnodular goiter and various symptoms but can't seem to get any recognition of my problems as my TSH is within range. Can you advise me on why you decided to self-medicate, whether it has helped, etc? I am a bit nervous about the whole thing but want to give it a try for a few weeks, to see if it helps x

  • Joybells123,

    I am not self-medicating (yet). My doctor put me on Armour which does not seem to be working well for me, but I found a pharmacy willing to substitute Erfa for Armour. I am currently on Erfa and doing OK on 6 grains daily, but I can feel my FTs are not optimal yet, as I still feel kind of sluggish (usually a sign I'm under medicated). I have been thinking about adding some Thyro Gold (see above) as it has been getting great reviews, and is rather easy to get. Only Erfa and Armour are available in pharmacies where I live, so Naturethroid, WP Thyroid etc are not an option. Or I could go for Thai NDT...they cost a fraction of what NDT costs here, and they seem to be working a lot better than most reformulated US brands...

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