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Test results and antibodies

Got my test results back and they are:

FSH 4.26 (0.35-5.50)

This has gone down from 5.6 a month ago

Ft3 3.8 (3.5-6.5)

Ft4 11.7 (10-19.8) This was 12.1 a month ago

TPOab 40

Are these normal and do the antibodies 40 mean that I have Hashimitos?

I have some symptoms and feel tired and weak but sometimes I wonder if it's something else since these are within range.

Grateful for any comments.

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A TSH of over three is hypo. But, in the UK, doctors have been told not to treat until it reaches 10, or the Frees are below range. Your Frees are very low - too low to feel well - but not yet under-range, so it's doubtful you will get a diagnosis yet.

When a doctor says 'normal', what he means is 'in range', but that has nothing to do with what we usually mean by 'normal'. Doctors don't understand ranges.

As to your antibodies, impossible to say without some sort of range. Is that all it said?


Yes, it didn't say any reference numbers.


Not even '< 45' or something like that? That's the way it's usually expressed. But, without some sort of rang, it's impossible to say if your antibodies are high or not. Sorry.


Ok, I'm going to see me GP this week so I can ask her.

Is there any way to feel better without medication? Like vitamins and such?


Vitamins, whilst very important, cannot replace hormones.

The 'medication' you will be given is thyroid hormone replacement, not a drug. You need hormones to live - they are the basis of life. So, if your gland - any gland - cannot make enough for any reason, they have to be replace.


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