Another Vitamin D Query

Hi there,

I'm hoping for some guidance....

I've just received my privately done Vit D result, which is 17, so I'm deficient.

After reading the most recent messages about Vit D deficiency, can someone suggest what amount of Vit D I should now take, together with any co-factors.

I'm currently taking Pottasium & Magnesium as well as self injecting B12 daily.

Unfortunately, I also have Vitiligo, & avoid being in direct sunlight, which clearly has contributed to the Vit D deficiency!

I'm most grateful for any of your thoughts on how best to proceed.

Thank you in anticipation.

AK πŸ™‚

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AnnaKatrina My Vit D result was 15 and I mega dosed for 2-3 weeks but not everyone can tolerate very large doses so it's up to you how high you want to go.

I took 40,000iu daily for 2-3 weeks then reduced to 5000iu daily and went from 15 to about 190 in 2.5 months. If you're not happy to take that amount try 10,000iu daily to start with. You've probably read on other posts about the importance of retesting to avoid reaching toxicity level.

K2-MK7 (usually the dose is up to 100mcg) and magnesium (the dose suggested on the pack) are the co-factors.

As you're using B12, are you taking a B Complex to balance the B vits?

Thank you so much for replying and your suggestions...yes I'm also taking a bvitamin complex.....

You've clarified a lot for me...I think I'll start on the 10,000iug to be on the safe side, & get checked to see what happens in a couple of weeks.

As I didn't know how deficient I was, it will be interesting to see how I feel taking the supplements.

Many thanks

AK πŸ™‚

Why are you taking potassium?

Hi grey goose,

I'm taking pottasium as I suffer from foot & leg cramps...which eating no amount of pottasium rich food seemed to alleviate...

Though interestingly, I recently read that taking too much folic acid can cause cramps, which I didn't know.

As my folate was only 2.6 my GP put me on 5mg of folic acid daily, but I don't think that's the cause of the cramps....but, who knows! Taking pottasium definitely helps.

Thanks for replying

AK πŸ™‚

I didn't know that about folic acid, either. Maybe methylfolate would be better.

Do be careful with the potassium. Overdosing on that is not at all good. When my doctor put me on potassium, he had me tested once a month.

Hi grey goose,

Thanks for replying again. Yes, switched to using Methylfolate recently, so hoping it is better for me.

Oh dear, I wouldn't want to take to much Potassium, it sounds like a bad idea....I'm following the 'suggested daily intake' of 99mg, 1-3 times. So hoping that's ok.

Out of interest would you or someone else know whether taking Pottasium Citrate is better/less good/ possibly the same as Pottasium Aspartate?

Kind Regards

AK πŸ™‚

I would think, personally, that anything citrate has got to be better than anything aspartate!

OK, so you're taking the 'suggested daily intake' of potassium in tablet form, but you have no idea how much you are getting from your food. It's rare for someone on a well-balanced diet to be deficient in potassium. It really would be a good idea to get tested.

Cramps are very often due to low magnesium. I see you're also taking magnesium, so how do you know that it's not that that is helping with your cramps, and rather than the potassium?

Hi, thanks for replying.....

Uh, you're right, I have no idea whether it's the magnesium or pottasium!

But I'll be seeing the doc next week, & will ensure I get myself tested.

Thanks again for your thoughts

AK πŸ™‚

You're welcome. :)

If your vitamin D level is 17 get yourself to your GP as a matter of urgency. Take a copy of the test result for them to keep.

As a level under 20nmol/L in all areas is a severe deficiency.

Regardless of whether the GP prescribes you a useless amount of vitamin D3 or one that is sufficient you need it on your medical records.

When you get your prescription from the GP come back and start a new thread with the doseage the GP has given you.

Also why are you taking potassium?

My result was 10 and my gp said everyone is deficient and I should go to Holland and Barrett and get a bottle of vit d. Unless you're lucky they are often useless on vits and mins.

Not all GPs are complete idiots with vitamin D where they tell people who are severely deficient to buy their own supplements. They don't want to have to use their insurance to defend themselves if you kick up a fuss.

Anyway as I stated in my post you want it on your medical records regardless of whether your GP is useless in prescribing or not.

That way if the GP later talks carp about levo doseage and your bones you can point to your vitamin D levels.

Er, not sure if we got our wires crossed, I'd never suggest 'all' of any profession are 'complete idiots' I was just chiming in. My results are on my medical records, just like all the other test results the doctor has ordered.

I've never had a gp who thinks much of vitamins of any description. And it's great if some do, the research shows this is a tide that will have to turn esp as regards d, because of its protective effects on immunity and bone loss, both of which cost the nhs a pile.

You replied directly to my post so it appeared in my emails, and as I have time I replied to you. If you wanted to reply directly to the OP you should have replied under the thread like your post below.

Yes, I know I replied to your post.

Maybe you don't realise but your tone is quite aggressive. This is a forum for members and I'm joining the discussion.

Fair enough.

Hi puncturedbicycle

Many thanks for your reply & thoughts.....

Sometimes my GP is open & helpful, & other times, not so much....which is a bit tricky, trying to gauge what kind of response I'll receive. I guess we all have good & off days, but it can be disconcerting sometimes.

I try to remain hopeful, I'll catch her on a good day!

Thanks again

AK πŸ™‚

I think you can only ask and hope for the best. As I said, the message is getting out as the links between d and other health issues come to the fore so there's no telling, if your gp can be open and helpful I think you're right to remain hopeful.

Good luck!

Hi bluebug

Oh my gosh, thanks so much for your reply. I actually didn't realise how serious this deficiency is, and I am taking your good advice and seeing my GP ASAP...

I've replied to grey goose explaining I take pottasium for cramps...

Once I've seen the doc I will pick up the thread again as you've suggested & let you know whatever she suggests.

I'm really grateful for your thoughts & concerns. Thank goodness I asked for some help!

Kind regards

AK πŸ™‚

This is the document I like for vit d guidance. Easy to understand and not too much bumf to trawl through.

Hi puncturedbicycle,

Wow, your link is excellent, & informative.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to send this to me. It's just what I need to give me 'back up' if my GP isn't receptive to my privately done original test, or if she isn't up to date on treatment for Vit D deficiency.

I'm really appreciative of your reply.

Best Wishes

AK πŸ™‚

No worries. I don't know that it's the absolute best document but I like that it is to the point and I suspect they can't argue w the source, which is always good.

Do you have any symptoms? My hands got so sore and weak in the cold weather I bought wrist warmers to wear in the house and I had trouble lifting the kettle. Once I started supplementing that all went away.

Good luck!


Thank you for your message.....

I have a lot of PA symptoms, & it's impossible to know at the moment if any of them are due to being Vit D deficient or the PA.

My neurological symptoms are improving with B12 injections, & I guess once I start replacement Vit D, then it might be more noticeable which symptoms are caused by which problem.

But yes, like you my hands & wrists are very cold, & ive been wearing fingerless gloves & arm warmers, even in the summer!! You're not alone πŸ™‚


Same here, I do b12 injections (I didn't push for any diagnosis, I try to stay away from the gp) and the main differentiation is that low d seems to make my hands ache and low b12 seems to make my feet ache. Also have had tinnitus and neuro stuff (numbness, mainly in but not limited to toes).

Funny about the fingerless gloves! I am now obsessed w them and wear them all day as soon as the weather cools (even though my hands are no longer freezing like they were when hypo). I love Catherine Tough wrist warmers. :-)

Hi there,

We do have similar symptoms.... it's going to be interesting to see which symptoms improve once I get on the road to improving my Vit D level.

Thank you again for your help & ooow I've looked up your link to Catherine Tough... what lovely 'warmers' & super to have more choice ... I shall be making a purchase from her, for sure... it's so nice not just to have functional health aids...goodbye black/brown...Hello colour!!!

Best Wishes

AK 😊


You may find my Vitamin D Blog helpful. Please see the first link/PDF of the statement signed by 50 Vitamin D scientists who unanimously agree on what level of Vitamin we should maintain. πŸ€“

Here's the PDF statement that I mentioned in my above reply. There's much more info in the blog, the link to which I pasted in my above reply. πŸ€“

Hi Londinium

Thank you so very much for responding to my query & my apologies for my delay in replying to you.

Wow! The blog, with videos & the pdf have been of great value to me, and I'm extremely grateful to you for pointing me in the right direction....

Thank goodness I asked for help here, as I really wasn't well informed about the potential serious consequences of being Vit D deficient.

Now I feel well armed with the knowledge I've gained from you & the others on this forum, who were also kind enough to give me some guidance. So I shall feel far more confident now, chatting to my GP, &, getting a plan of action.

I'm truly grateful to you.

Best wishes

AK 😊

Thankyou AK, you're welcome.

I'm glad you gleaned (not a word I've used in ages!) much info from my Vitamin D Blog. I add more to it from time to time.

Unfortunately, people read my Blog without adding a reply to it, and so the Blog sinks further and further down the pile in this forum. I would appreciate it if you and others can post a reply on it if/when you visit the Blog so that it is drawn to the attention of newcomers to this forum, as it contains a lot of very important info, the first of which is that PDF statement which is agreed and signed by 50 Vitamin D scientists.

Thanks. πŸ€“

Hey there Londinium.....

Yes, of course, I'll happily update on your blog πŸ™‚....

It is a shame, but sadly true, that many people benefit from reading others knowledge, yet, may not be inclined to leave a few words, in response.... Even when they're grateful for learning more.

No doubt there are many reasons for not making a comment, including feeling poorly & just needing to focus on their next step.

Please continue with what you're doing though, as your information is extremely valuable!!

With grateful thanks

AK 😊

Thanks AK. πŸ€“

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