Vitamin D and SPF moisturiser

Hi all, I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on using moisturisers with SPF in, and any possible effect on vitamin D levels. I have worn an SPF moisturiser for years, but last year tried a different brand which didn't have it in but suited my skin well. As summer is allegedly approaching, I am wondering whether to go back to the SPF moisturiser or whether I don't really need it. I have an office job so am mostly inside during the week apart from walking to and from work. I have read a few articles saying SPF moisturiser makes no difference to Vit D levels, and others saying it's a contributing factor to growing numbers of people with deficiency.

I'm interested in any opinions!


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  • If the one without the SPF is good then I would stay with that :-) Why add extra chemicals if they are not needed..... You would need to have up to 50% of your skin revealed at mid-day to obtain adequate VitD....

  • Thanks Marz. The marketing geniuses have of course convinced me I will look like a 900 year old witch if I so much as step out of the door without SPF on - wrinkles vs vit d... hmmm!

  • If you take K2 with your D3 you will not have wrinkles. Video posted yesterday by Polaris about K2 mentioned this little gem :-)

    Just think about it - how can they say that one cream has SPF of 50 another of 30/35 - 15 or 20 and so on. I think the whole thing is a little crazy. Big Pharma is behind so many Cosmetic companies - I should know as I actually worked for one :-)

  • Thanks, I'll have a look. I don't take any vit d supplements as I do get outside as much as possible so I'm not sure I'd need to - guess I could get it tested fairly easily though.

  • I have lived in Crete since 2004. My hubby and I both tested insufficient a few years back - and take hefty amounts of supplements. Have you read up on what VitD actually does in the body ?

    Testing is vital as you need to dose according to your results .....

  • I'm a sun worshipper and levels were still 'inadequate' - most of us are in the UK, It made a big difference to my joint pain - if your GP won't test for you, here's an NHS lab that will... :D

    P.S. I don't use SPF moisturiser either - wrinkles don't hurt

  • Thank you, I will look into it

  • PS this looks like the same test but a bit cheaper


    Scroll down for the video about K2....

  • Thanks Marz, will watch the vid when I'm at home.

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