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How do I add T3 to Levothyroxine

I am currently on 150mcg Levothyroxine daily and have some Tiromel which I am thinking of adding as since starting the 150 dose about Easter 2015 the initial increase in my FT3 has steadily gone down. When the weather was warmer at the start of September I felt more alert and able to get on with things whereas normally I have brain fog which slows me. I am thinking that I will start with a quarter tablet and see how I feel on this as I think that it would add the equivalent of nearly 20mcg of FT4. Am I correct with that?

I think that I will see my GP who is being helpful (but with her hands tied) at the moment and ask if she will monitor me while I try T3. She has referred me back to my orthopaedic consultant as I am told that I need both hips replacing and I am hopeful that he will be supportive as he has a reputation of research into his own expertise and will remember that my recovery from my second knee replacement was better than the first. At the time of the second knee replacement I was losing weight and feeling far more "like me" than I had for a while. I lost over three stone between January and August that year with a full knee replacement in the middle of that period with no changes to anything except that half way through I was less mobile than normal. When this was mentioned to my old GP she just shrugged but having been on this site I wish that I had pushed for full blood tests. I do know that my TSH was approximately 1 to 2.5 points lower than it had been and as it went back up the weight increased again. All my vitamins and minerals are optimum but the ferritin could possibly be a little higher as it was around 60 at the last test.

Thanks Penni

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Sorry can't help you with Tiromel but adding T3 I'm sure will help. I take NDT and the addition of the other T's hads really helped.

I too have bad hips/knees and if I eat potato my joint pains are really bad but without they are sooo much better. It part of the nightshade family. Maybe worth seeing if it makes a difference with you.

Have you been tested for Hashimotos?

Gluten free has helped me lose the weight and keep it off. Far less bloating...



My antibodies were tested about 2004 and were negative but presumably they only tested TPO. A few months ago I had both antibodies tested with BH and again both negative so I don't appear to have Hashi's.



Glad you haven't ;)


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