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test results

Just had my results through from GPs surgery and my T3 has come down from over range, T4 has dropped also and TSH is slightly up but low in range.

Still having symptoms and hair is shedding again despite supplementing with everything but the kitchen sink!

TSH: 0.9 - ( 4.0-6.8). 0.5 - (0.27-4.20) august by BH

T4: 16.04 - (12.2-22.0). 18.86 - (12-22) august by BH

T3: 5.04 - (0.27-4.20) 6.26 - (3.1-6.8) august by BH

On 75 levo plus 12.6 T3.

Can I up my T3 and reduce Levo to see if that helps? Feel something needs tweaking but am not sure.

Appreciate any input as I did hope to see more improvement by now.

Thank you.

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I think you've mixed up TSH and FT3 ranges.

FT3 5.04 (4.0-6.8) means there is scope to increase T3 dose to 18.75mcg. I don't think you need to reduce Levothyroxine dose as FT4 is only mid-range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Yes I did mix them up TSH should have read 0.27-4.20 my apologies for that. Will up my T3 by a quarter as you suggest and see how it goes - must admit I was concerned when it went over range and THS had plummeted right down when I tried before but I had reduced levo to 50 at the same time. Can I come back to you if I started getting my knickers in a twist and panicking please?



Of course you can but increasing by 6.25mcg shouldn't give you anything to panic about :)

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Thank you clutter, much appreciated.


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