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1st results from starting T3

Any comments please to me understanding my new results. I had them done by BH.

TSH: - 0.05 - (0.27-4.20) - June: 2.89 - same range.

T4 Total - 92.9 - (64.5-142.0) - June: 93.6 - same range.

FreeT4 - 18.86 - (12-22) - June: 17.20. - same range

FreeT3 - 6.26 - (3.1-6.8) - June: 4.13 - same range

I am on Levo - 75 + T3 12.6. ( tablet 25)

I had upped T3 after 2 weeks to 18.6 and had symptom return - brain fog etc. I have since reduced back to 12.6 but would like some advice if possible.

Everything else is gradually improving if slowly with supplementation. Active B12 is good with supplementation. Hope you can advise, thank you in advance.

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Not good so reduced T3 back to 12.6 which seems to be helping but that high level so fast was a bit worrying and the TSH is astounding and a bit too low perhaps?


Thank you for that information - it helps with the overall picture. Just remembered where Finland is my geography is terrible. Hi from Scotland.

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TSH is suppressed, FT4 is good, and FT3 is good in the upper third of range. Not everyone is comfortable with FT3 high in range so reducing to 12.5mcg is the right thing to do. TSH being low is not a problem as long as FT3 remains within range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you very much Clutter - dropped T3 to 12.6 but tried 50 levo and not doing so well. Should I up levo again to 75 and see how things pan out? The high T3 was a bit of a shock plus the big drop in TSH. What a conundrum with these conditions. Any suggestion re testing again - wondered if I should do the full monty in about 6 weeks to see how all things are? Value your opinion on these matters. Thank you again for replying to my query.

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