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Hello everyone, so I went to the Drs today to get copies of all my bloods done since diagnosed with uat, I noticed 2 things. Firstly my Serum total bilirubin level was over the range in March 2014, 23 ( 0-20) is the range, anyone know anything about it, raised level is Gilbert's Syndrome apparently but I was never sent for further tests. Secondly I noticed that in September 2013 my Tsh was 5.15 (0.27-4.2) and my free t4 was 19.4 ( 12-23) now, my Tsh is suppressed but my free t4 has gone down to 16.5, I Remember feeling quite good around that time in 2013 and then 2 months later I started to feel more tired and depressed, that's when I was diagnosed with PND. Makes me wonder why being on a higher levo dose my free t4 is lower and I feel worse than ever. thoughts would be gratefully received 😊

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  • It's not your TSH or your FT4 that makes you feel anything. It's your FT3. So, without seeing that, it would be difficult to answer.

  • My t3 never got tested until I saw the endo in 2015, it was mid range then, that's when my t4 was 16.5, the endo said that he wanted my t4 as high as possible to feel good. No worries just scrapping around for possibilities I suppose

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