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Advice needed please

Hi, I've been feeling pretty rubbish for quite a while & have many symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. My GP recently sent me for some blood tests & my TSH was 7.2 & my T4 was 11.5. I don't have the ranges I'm afraid. She tells me my B12 is ok but my folate is low at 1.7. I have an appointment next week where I believe she will address the folate issue but I have been asked to wait & see what happens with the TSH (retest in 12 months!)

I will ask for a copy of my results with ranges whilst there but wondered if there are any other test I should be requesting.

Any advice greatly appreciated 😊

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I'd say you are hypothyroid with a TSH result of 7.2. which is probably above range. If you are in the UK doctors have been told to wait till the TSH is 10, which is a disaster for many who have clinical symptoms. Nowadays they ignore clinical symptoms and also don't know any.

In other countries you'd be diagnosed if TSH is above 3.

The following link is from

Always get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges. Always have a blood test at the very earliest a.m. and fasting. If on thyroid hormones you allow about 24 hours gap between the last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. is also the NHS Choices for info on thyroid gland diseases. Give a copy to your GP and ask for the appropriate tests:-

She might refuse to do them but you can have them privately from recommended labs with a small discount when you quote the code.

Never accept the words 'normal' 'fine' o.k. with regard to blood test results. The new recommendation for B12 is 1,000. and also get the ranges as labs differ. :)


Twelve months? That is downright abusive!

Very few labs have a range that goes up that high now. I'd suggest you ask for a printout of your test results and if, as I suspect the range goes no higher than 5.something ask her to justify making you wait that long. Three months would be more reasonable.

Furthermore 'fine' is not a number, its an opinion. If you have your printout you can make an educated decision about what to do next re B12. Lots of good advice on the Pernicious Anaemia board here on HU. They deal with low B12 as well as PA

Folic acid, which is cheap and often dished out, is not the form that we utilise best. Ask on the PA board what is better - from memory you can get methylfolate, but that might not be the recommendation nowadays.


I agree Ruthi the TSH level @ 7.2 and waiting twelve months for retest is abusive. Where I live in the south UK the range is 0.37 to 10 and doctors won't give thyroid issues the time of day until it reaches the magical 10 or above. If you are over the BMI weight magic marker they will completely ignore anything you say and blame weight for every health issue you have.

edited: forgot to say my last TSH done aug 16 result was 6.9 and was completely ignored by doctors. Apparently Im "normal" but overweight and depressed!

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The range up to 10 is so very outdated too. The top of the range was reduced in the USA around 15 years ago. It goes up to 5 round here now, and has done for some time, at least since 2007.

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I think the ranges vary right across UK. Doesn't make sense as we are all in the same country and treated by NHS but it is down to area we live in as to wether we are treated or not.

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If they treat the low folic acid, this may then hide low B12 ....possibly making your vitamin levels worse.

NHS rarely will agree to active B12 test.

Blue Horizon are currently offering a special offer on advanced B12 testing (£79 I think?)

There was a listing from Paul at Blue Horizon about this, just yesterday I think

Plus should use folate, not cheaper folic acid

As others have said ....your TSH is high

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