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Help with blood results please!!!

help with blood test results please I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto8 years ago and I have always been well on levothyroxine!!Until last year finally started feeling very unwell...fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety...etc. Since then doctors gradually trduced my dose from 112 to 75 currently. I am still not sleeping well and still feel very tired and achy all over my body.

My blood results from August are ae follows

tsh 0.74 (0.35-4.9)

ft3 2.28 (1.71-3.71)

ft4 1.03 (0.70-1.48)

d3 30.5 (30-100)

mg. 1.98 (1.60-2.60)

b12 (530 (189-883)

folic 12.9 (3.10-20.50)

ferritin 4.9 (4.6-204)

any advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated!

still feel awful and can hardly cope with work and my 2 children😒

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Yes. Increase your dose back up again! Why are they reducing it? Fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety are all symptoms of hypo.

Your D3 and ferritin are very, very low. Have they not given you anything for that? Not surprised you have a load of symptoms with those low results.

Your B12 and folate could be higher, too.


thank you for your reply. Shall I try adding 15 mg of t3 to 75 levo as I do not seem to be converting too well.

I am self suppementing d3- 5 000 daily and iron 2 times a day


I don't think you have a conversion problem, you just don't have enough to convert. Both FT4 and FT3 are just under mid-range.


Thank you. I have access to medication that are a combination of t3 15 and t4 75 in one tablet ( from Poland) can I give it a try instead of increasing t4?

what is your opinion on adding t3?

thank you!


Well, it's worth a try. You can't know how it will suit you until you do try it. :)

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I agree with Greygoose. They mess about with doses of thyroid hormones to try to get bloods 'in range' when we want to be symptom-free. That cannot happen when they believe the TSH is the 'prioity for diagnosis and adjust doses.

There has been an article called 'The Tyranny of the TSH'.



thank you shaws x


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