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I was put on nature throid 1.5 grains which i feel is enough bec i can feel that second half grain like it is almost too much....i was on 100mcg synthroid but had low ft3. But after 3 weeks i am having bad plantar fascitis in one foot only andmy right hand is sore like i pulled a muscle too.......IS THIS ODD? I had been using thiroyd for 2 months before this and had no problems like this...and was taking one and half grains

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Sounds like the new NDT is not as effective and is not working allowing underactive symtoms to come back. I get that hand pain if not treated properly and foot pain symptoms are very common with some people when undertreated. Use the NDT that worked for you in the past.


i used to use compounded and then it stopped working at 1.5 grains and they switched me to nature throid 2 grains and it was too much so then they swit

ched me to synthroid and had hair falling out for over a year and low ft3 so now dr put me back on nature throid although i asked for westhroid to see if it worked better.....any more suggestions with that data


Not all thyroid hormone replacements have the same effect on our bodies and it is trial and error unfortunately. If a dose is too low or high we will have symptoms but maybe increase by a quarter instead of half just to see if that improves your symptoms and if not Marymary7 suggestion of a return to your previous NDT might resolve the situation. (I hope so).

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Hi Jacrjacr

My guess is you are under done. Make sure your vit D3, B, B12, Irons, Testosterone are OK first . Thyroid disease causes malabsorption of these and without you can not process Thyroid supplements. They just pile up in your body tissue and give you side effects. Once you get Vit and Testost sorted, start increasing your NDT slowly , an adult male needs about 2.0-3.5 grains and some days more if you work out doors play sport etc.

For me it was a combination of B12 and Testosterone that enabled me to take sufficient NDT to feel normal. I also use slow release NDT taking .5 grains 4-5 times perday. You take as much as you need each day - if I'm feeling cold I bump up the dose , if my feet and hands begin to tingle I slow it down. This will amazingly get you good TSH numbers.

If you are a female - sorry I cant tell - but I imagine you still check Testosterone but also check oestrogen etc.

Hope this helps


thanks...i am a female but ironically i have low normal dhea and low normal testosterone you may have just hit on something....and having to take iron and have been forgetting that

.thank you for your input bec that makes sense


I take 2.5 gr. At first it seemed like too much. It took 6 months to "get used to it". The lab results always showed good.

I had plantar fasciitis for years. It went away when I stopped taking statins.

Good Luck


thank u for your reply...i dont take statin but that is interesting.....i find that it is worse when i change meds or adjusting to dose etc.....even a slight increase in the past with synthroid made it better but it comes and goes which is weird and this time just one foot...i did damage this ankle and foot a few years ago going downstairs in a rush in high heels and broke it....and wonder if that is to play...


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