decreased ndt still not feeling well

Hi all i have Hashimotos was on 2 & half grains of WP didnt feel well so had bloods done a fortnight ago results came back saying i was taking too much have reduced it down to 2 grains now but still not well really breathless and having slight palpitations, got no motivation have to make myself do things and get really tired about lunchtime also have been really crabby and short tempered any idea's anyone ?

thanks in advance

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  • Do you split your dose, foxy ? That might help - worth a try anyway xx

  • Hi Rapunzel thanks for reply no i take it first thing when i get up but it is worth a try


  • I'd say that was worth a try if you're getting an afternoon dip it might do the trick.

    Good luck :)

  • foxyeyes,

    Sorry to hear to hear you are not feeling well.

    Re previous post 14 days ago, both elevated CRP & ferritin may denote inflammation in the body that can alter T3 levels. A high CRP can encourage reduced tissue T3 levels (biological hormone) together with "normal" thyroid results and this means that the adequate amount of T3 in your blood stream is not getting into your cells to activate.

    TGAb was over range as was T3, Vit B12 was too low. Have you addressed these issues ? ? ... Have you had Vit D tested yet ? ? ...

    Vit D plays an important role in balancing the immune system and so (maybe) lowering TGAb's ? ? .... .Vitamin D also regulates insulin secretion//sensitivity and balances blood sugar. Do you have gut issues or feel hungry after eating ? ? ..

    I have iron overload but get the same breathlessness and fatigue that people with low iron suffer. I have found supplementing Resveratrol and Curcumin together to be a beneficial protocol ( Datis Kharrazian) but although feel better, still have elevated antibodies ... grrr !! .. .

    Inflammation and thyroid function


    Vit D & Thyroid Function


    Curcumin & Resveratrol

  • Hi Radd have looked at articles there is a lot of info there some could not absorb will have to go over it a few times but thanks a lot xxx

  • foxyeyes,

    Two weeks ago you advised of a high T3 result that could be causing thyroid receptor resistance.

    You still have a low Vit B12 even after 5 months. Are you supplementing 1000mcg methylocobalamin ? ? ..

    You also have elevated TGAb. Are you gluten free ? ? ..

    I know you are supplementing Vit D but have you had Vit D actually tested yet ? ? ..

    In a post 15 days ago you advised of raised CRP//ferritin indicating inflammation in the body which can cause fatigue, puffiness, muscle//joint pain, abdominal discomfort, and brain fog. Inflammation describes the release of chemicals and messengers in your body that create irritation and swelling inside your body.

    Normally this is a good process that helps your body respond to a foreign microbe or an injury, but when it goes on for too long, too many inflammatory chemicals can interfere with the normal function of your cells and thyroid hormones.. Going gluten free may help reduce inflammation.


    Vit D Testing

  • Hi Radd yes am supplementing b12 with 4 sprays of boost oral spray a day and taking vit d from doctor have gone totally gluten free now xxx

  • Hi Radd hospital said i have gout in all my joints thats why crp is elevated gp is going to give me some tablets not sure about this so am trying to do it the natural way as he said i will be taking them for life am taking vit d and b12 have increased vit b12 do'nt feel hungry after eating in fact have lost appetite will have a look at the articles later thank you for replying


  • foxyeyes,

    Ahh... .Gout sounds horrible. Poor you.

    I read that drinking lots of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice helps to remove uric acid from your body.

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  • What exactly were the results that showed you over medicated? Are you and your doctor aware that TSH is suppressed by NDT so you need to look at T3 levels only?

  • Were you having Hyper symptoms? If not then ignore your doctor and go by how you FEEL not numbers.

  • yes was having hyper symptoms had blood test from BH gp will only prescribe levo said ndt is too expensive will not look at results he will not treat thyroid if i self medicate as he disagrees with it xxx

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