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Thyroid test results, advice, anything!!

Edited.. Please see end...

Hi. I had my thyroid removed 19 years ago following 2 bouts of thyrotoxicosis and since then have continued to put on weight year in year out to where now I am at my wits end and severely overweight. I eat healthily, nothing processed, everything fresh and I am renovating a property so it's not like I'm sat on my backside. I also have a very busy job where I travel internationally. I also used to run a Slimming World class and did nutrition courses etc! I have a treat once a month of choc and crisps and wine!!

My new GP did perform thyroid tests (my previous GP wouldn't!) and the results are as follows: unfortunately they didn't test B12 etc so I can't advise on those results... I currently take 150 thyroxine per day first thing.

Free T3 3.91pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Free T4 21pmol/L (11 - 23)

TSH 0.6 mU/L (0.27 - 4.5)

He refused to give me anything and that I should think about going to a diet clinic! He did however refer me to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist won't prescribe T3 and fobbed me off saying it's not my thyroid but wants to test me for cushings syndrome and diabetes. I have neither nor any of the symptoms. He's willing to inject me with GLP-1 analogue for obesity which can cause pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer but not willing to prescribe me T3 or armor thyroid which my own body should be producing.. And if that don't work he recommended I should think about bariatric surgery!!!!! Really!!!???!!!

I have been taking selenium,Vit D, Zinc/copper, thyroid support to try and assist but stopped now as nothing seems to help.

Please can you advise on my levels and/or anything?? Gluten, vitamins,.. Time to take thyroxine.. How much T3 I should try if I can source some?? Any help appreciated..

Thank you


Just want to add to this.. The endocrinologist said because I'm overweight that my heart will be working overtime to carry my frame and to add in T3, this will put more pressure on and could seriously damage it. Is this true or a load of cobblers if I ween in the T3?

He is however arranging me a 24 urinary cortisol test next week, is this in theory the same as the saliva test? Thank you all..

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Oh and basal temp for the last month never got above 36 mainly around 35.2 - 35.6!


It is surprising how little doctors/endocrinologists know about metabolism etc. of which thyroid hormones are the driver.

I am always surprised that people with no thyroid gland are only given the basic T4 (levothyroxine) and no liothyronine (T3).

Your FT3 is too low for you to feel well, I believe, and should be towards the upper part of the range. I think these doctors are cruel and unknowledgeable about anything to do with the thyroid gland. They have been fooled into believing that the blood tests inform them of everything but they certainly don't give any intimation of the patients' suffering/disabling symptoms.

When adding T3 (I am not medically qualified but am on T3 only) to levothyroxine the recommendation is a 3:1 basis (T4/T3).

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Try NDT, you have nothing to lose! Except all that weight!. Information on Thyroid UK and help on here from members. My Thyroidless friend is like another person after going this route as well as myself

Good luck

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Well, you have such a glaringly obvious conversion problem, that I'm surprised it didn't jump up and hit them! But, as you have now found out, doctors - even endos - know nothing about thyroid!

It could be that you have nutritional deficiencies, so you really need to get vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. And, whilst you may not have Cushing's, you could have adrenal fatigue, so a 24 hour saliva cortisol test would be in order. But, correcting these would take such a long time to have an effect on your conversion, that the best thing you could possibly do for yourself is obtain some T3 and self-treat.

If you post a new question, asking just that, I'm sure people will PM you with safe sources. As to how much, as with all hormones, you should start low - about a quarter of a tablet - and increase slowly. Whilst at the same time, lowering that useless T4. Imagine that T3 is three times the strength of T4 (although if you're not converting it, T4 has no strength at all!) and reduce 25 mcg T4 when you reach a dose of 3/4 of a tablet of T3. Increase your T3 by a quarter tablet every two weeks, until you get to one tablet, and then get a test, see how you're doing. You can't go any quicker, because your body is so starved of T3 at the moment, it needs to get used to it gradually.

Your doctors are all wrong about your weight - it is their fault you have gained it! You do not need a slimming clinic, nor bariatric surgery. You need your thyroid correctly treated. And, you don't need Slimming World, either! That is not a good eating plan, because it is low/no-fat, and your body needs fat - especially when you are hormonally challenged, as we are! So, eat plenty of good fat, and to hell with the calories - you need those, too!

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Thank you so much. I feel like crying, just hearing other people actually agreeing with me that I am not converting T4 to T3 is music to my ears. I have suspected this for years and changed GP's many times. This one has tested my T3 but now not prepared to do anything about it and as for the endocrinologist?!?! Well...

I am currently in the process of sourcing T3 so thank you for the dosage assistance. I will inform my GP what I am going to do and ask for his help with the bloods. If he isn't willing, I will organise my own testing. I now have to wait for my T3 to arrive and I want to start it "yesterday"! I suppose another few weeks vs 19 years is nothing!


The problem is, their education. They are taught that everyone is capable of perfect conversion. So, even when they see the evidence to the contrary, it's so engrained in them, that they don't see it - if you see what I mean. It doesn't register. It can't happen because that's what I learnt in med school. And, for a doctor, what he learnt in med school is sacred. Nothing else exists.


Hi GG. Which strength T3 are you basing quarter of a tablet on to start with? Thanks


If you buy T3 from abroad - Turkey, Greece, whatever - it's always 25 mcg tablets.


I so agree with GG, you aren't converting properly.

You do need to test your B12, Folate, Ferritin and Vitamin D. If the GP won't then do it via Blur Horizon. All need to be good for good conversion. But some are also genetically disposed to be poor converters, and those need T3 directly.

You could self treat with T3, or with NDT. Some get on with one and not the other. Whatever you choose though, your TSH will drop, probably below the reference range, and that will upset your doctor. Its a choice all we self-treaters have to make. Feel well or upset your doctor?

And I also agree with GG on the question of Slimming World. Low fat is not good. We evolved eating high fat, low carb and that is far better for you.

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Thank you Ruthi, I will see if he will do the B12 etc but I don't hold out much hope!

Regading feeling well or upsetting my new doctor? Well I was in his office a week ago in floods of tears and desperation but it got me nowhere so maybe it's his turn to be 😡 !! I think the words are, especially now I've found this wonderful site and all you fab advisors, to hell with him!

Thank you :-)


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