Changing to Thyroid Gold

I have decided to try Thyroid gold after having no luck taking Levothyroxine. I still have all the hypothyroid symptoms plus I have put on 3 stone and feel disgusting. I currently take 100mcg of Levothyroxine does anyone know how much of the gold I should take ? Can I just stop the Levothyroxine and swap over or should I titrate the dosage? I would appreciate your help with this 😊

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When starting any NDT its wise to start low and build up over a few weeks. Personally I stopped my levo for 2 weeks before starting NDT as levo is T4 alone and can stay in your system for 7 weeks!

What 'NDT' product did you use and did it work better for you?

Levo did nothing for me and luckily I found an endo who prescribed Armour. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. The endo I see has been stopped from prescribing to new patients however!

Oh😕 I've had to order mine from the states so really hoping it works. Glad it's worked out for you 😊

I tried thro- Gold but only made me agitated. Another side effect was weight loss which of course may be what you want. In spite of being hypo. I am on the thin side (skinny even) and believe me weight loss is the last thing I need!!. However, each to her own and good luck if you decide to try.

Thanks for your help. Did you go straight on it or did you slowly increase the dose? I am hoping for increased metabolism and weight loss so maybe ok for me. I have no idea really but am desperate to try something !!

Have checked and the substance is COLEUS FORSKOHILLI, Knew I had it wrong, claimed to help with weight loss, certainly worked with me annoyingly as I did not need it. Someone on TUK said I had probably boosted the sales of TG by mentioning it Ha- Ha

p.s. I am not being flippant, we all need help in different ways

Thanks for the info I think I will start on the low dose then and hope for the best. It's a bit trial and error I think 😊

Yes alas, trial and error seems to be the story of our life's! Wishing you all the best!

You're right, it shouldn't be but it is ❗️Thanks here's hoping for my mini miracle ‼️

I went straight on to it but took whatever the lowest dose was (sorry cant remember what that was!) it is an ingredient in the Thyro-Gold that - I think - speeds up

metabolism...FORSKOHILLI -or something like that....

sounds like that might be just what might work for you. Believe me I know what it is to be desperate, my problem is something to help with sleep that is non- addictive

Google FORSKOHILLI and see what you think. Hope I've got the name and spelling right Fingers crossed for you

when i asked a while back when i was thinking about it and i was on 100mcg of t4 only as well, i was told to take 300 in one pill once in the mornin instead of splitting bec anythiing in the stomach can make it work less comes in 150 or 300 so you could buy some 150 and split and try or tke the 300

Thanks for your help, I think that's what I will try. Did you swap over and did it work for you? I'm still not sure whether to stop taking the Levothyroxine for a few weeks before I start on the gold it seems scary to take nothing!!

dr changed me to nature throid which is a prescription....and i am just beginning but let me know how thyrogold works...bec so many say it is great....i am still interested in it...

nathre throi is a natural thyroid product too but with prescription

Just an update if you're interested. I have been talking gold for a week now and have noticed some changes already. Bit nervous about getting too excited in case it all goes pear shaped😳 After 3 days I noticed the change in my skin which was so dry almost a powdery layer on it but now looks normal and has a sheen to it. After 4 days I noticed a definite improvement in my energy levels as in I could do more than one thing without sitting down in between ❗️My brain fog is much better and I feel more alert. Have weighed myself this morning and have lost 3 lbs in a week not eating differently at all. I have put on 3.5 stone in 4 years on Levothyroxine. So at the moment I am thrilled just waiting to see if it lasts 😊

how much are you taking 300 once a day? or split...that is dr put me on nature throid and i saw my legs slim down some like water weight going down...that t3 is something else.but i am not quiet sure i like nature throid yet or if i am on the right dose yet hence i also was on 100 synthroid..PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED HOW IT GOES...VERY INTERESTED AND THANKS FOR SHARING....

Thanks😊 Yeah I am taking a 300 first thing an hour before eating anything. So far so good I will let you know any more changes. Forgot to mention the pain in my feet is a lot better too still have some pain but definitely improved 😊

just wondered if you are still on thyro gold and if the pain in your feet is better bec when I went on nature throid which I am still pain in my foot got worse....having weard blood test...low tsh low ft4 ft3 and dr wont raise my dosage.....I have plantar fasciitis in one foot that is controlling my activity...or lack of...

No unfortunately not the dose needed made it economically unviable for me. I am taking levo and T3 and feeling increasingly better so far. The pain in my feet disappeared when I increased my D3 and started taking magnesium. As I did both of these things together I don't know which is the cause of the improvement 😏 The relief is wonderful though. Hopefully you will be able to get sorted. All this hypo stuff can really get you down. Seven years on and still waiting for normality 😳

thanks for the reply...yes the feet thing can really be a hamper to real living...thank you .....

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