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Hello! Is anyone on Thyroid Gold? Today is my 4th day, I’m only taking 150mg. On my 2nd day I experienced an increased resting pulse rate jumping in the range of 78-120bpm. I thought it was possibly a reaction to a low dose of Wellbutrin XL I’m on.

Yesterday I skipped both and today I just took the Thyroid Gold attempting to weed out the culprit.

I’m at a loss it doesn’t seem like enough Gold to make this happen. I’m now checking my B-12/Folate and Cortisol numbers to see if that is the issue.

Any guidance or suggestions is helpful.

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150mcg of thyro gold contains 50mcg of T4 and 12.5mcg of T3. It might take your body a week or two to get used to it. Also if your thyroid has been a problem for some time you may be low on Ferritin, Iron, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, which may well mean you can't make best use of the hormones. You could try taking the thyro gold at different times of day and see if that helps.

Were you on any thyroid medication before you started on Thyro Gold? If not, I would say it's just early days and your body is getting used to it. Have you a set of recent blood tests showing that you are low on thyroid hormones, or are you going by symptoms?

I have tried Thyro-Gold and the downside (I know many would welcome) was that I lost a lot of weight quickly, as I'm already thin this did not suit me!

First, thyroid gold is a supplement with trace levels of thyroid medication which are not controlled. One can get by prescription West-throid which is manufactured with quality control. Know that its definitely Welbutrin for racing pulse etc. Know if thyroid meds aren't optimum than it also causes palps. I was on both meds under doc care with great results. Best if you allow doc that writes Wellbutrin write prescription for natural thyroid that doesn't have fillers. If one doesn't need thyroid and take it, you burn your metabolism out. Don't play doctor. Allow your labs and docs to help you with this. Yes, it takes 1 month to even out but shouldn't be that reaction so immediately. Usually after a week you feel alittle racy like extra coffee but not major reaction. Good luck


Thyro-Gold is one of the few "dietary supplement" products for which we have reasonable grounds for believing contain significant and consistent amounts of thyroid hormone. eeng (above in this thread) states the thyroid hormone content she believes it has.

In general, though, I heartily agree that we do not know where we are with many of the "dietary supplement" products.

I just googled it.

Consistent. Fantastic that this supplement company is manufacturing correctly. However, if that is the case, how much is "significant?" Shouldn't each person take right dosage for themselves?? Does it come in different dosages since all of us are not "one size" fits all.

I love natural supplements but believe a naturalpath or medical doctor's supervision would be important in dealing with health matters. What do you think?

I read the above thread. Wow - 50mcg in one shot. Yikes. The natural tablets are approximately 16.25mcg . I started on 1 and increased to 50 mcg in a course of a year.

No wonder the onslaught of side effects. Do they come in lower dosages? I believe it might be terrific idea like in London where its hard to get prescriptions for natural thyroid. I would use it in emergency since i know I take 50mcg daily. Thank god in USA we can readily get natural with doctor's prescription. Understand this might be god sent for places that don't have that alternative.

i thought about trying that....but i was told i would need 300 if i was going from 100 t4 only....but i have to do natural in dividied doses and i am on westhroid you may have to get some empty capsules and divide doses so you dont get all the t3 at once...some people are sensitive especially when starting a new drug...

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