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Can hypothyroidism cause cfs/me type crashes?

I am seeking reassurance here. I apologise for posting again so soon after my results post yesterday. I've woken feeling horrible and I've been upset.

Throughout this last year I have had big 'crashes' as I call them. Every day I'm tired and have weakness in my legs at some point, also feel off balance on my more tired days which either feels like the ground bounces or head woozy. Painful knees or feet some times, losing my outer eyebrows... just a general blurgh feeling daily. Also on top my anxiety disorder I've had for 4 years since my brother attacked me, returned in full force along with my ill health as I've been terrified being ill. Aswell I've developed agoraphobia again which I had 3 years ago for a while.

Anyway, daily I can still manage to cook, maybe hoover and polish. I take care of my family but I do have to pace myself, if I don't I have horrible energy crashes which land me in bed for a day. Or if I get forced to see my family, like last week I had my mum here for a visit which was very anxiety provoking for me and she was here 9 hours. She's not been there for me since my brother attacked me and our relationship for me is very painful. The next day I was ill and in bed feeling terrible weak. My therapist I've started seeing has said my family are toxic and been a huge cause of my anxiety and I'll health so I need to avoid any stress seeing them and shes right.

Yesterday I did some exposure work with my anxiety. I'm nervous about the school run again next week as I've developed panic attacks driving. So I went out 3 times yesterday doing the run over and over to help me face it before Monday. I also cooked; baked, took care of my kids and did some housework. I've woken today feeling woozy in my head, very weak legs and my thighs burn which is something I always get on a crash day, sickly, achy and absolutely exhausted. I've been upset all morning worrying if hypothyroidism can really cause crashes like this from over doing things? I'm worried something else is very wrong with me.

2 weeks ago I had a crash like this and for the first time in 8 months I called my gp out to check me. He blamed a bloody virus and was no use. Left me a blood form full of more tests I can't face right now as I have agoraphobia I'm trying to work on. He wants to rule out anaemia which I do not have, I've always had very high hb. Also wanted to test lupus, glandular fever, diabetes, liver and kidney function tests.... so he's worried me I need all these yet when he was here he just tried to blame a virus or anaemia. Didn't even mention my thyroid could make me unwell. I had fbc and liver tests etc in December and all ok.

I'm on a thyroxine trial which he reluctantly gave me in may after 8 months battling with my gp to see my thyroid was failing when my tsh was 5.35 and then 6.5. By may it was 9.28. Thyroxine helped bring it down to 6.8 and t4 was 17 but after another 7 weeks of thyroxine it's crept back up and tsh is now 7.9 and ft4 16. I know my dose will be increased today when he calls me.

Can anyone relate to my experience? I've been told how I crash is like I have cfs but can an underactive thyroid do it? My gp has always said my tsh is not that high and was borderline at 9.28 despite being well over the 0.27-4.2 range. I'm sick of feeling so afraid on my crash days, it is knew for sure hypothyroidism can cause this from exertion similar to how cfs does I'd relax but when my gp came to visit 2 weeks ago he just worried me more blaming a virus, anaemia oh and dared to say it could just be my mood and anxiety. He always says mood yet I don't have depression. All last year he blamed depression and anxiety when I was so fatigued and weak. This is nothing like anxiety. I wake poorly and weak all over. Jeez I know the difference.

I have no support other than my husband so it's really hard on days like today especially as I find the school run a challenge as it is with my agoraphobia. So today I'm very worried about next week. I hope I don't crash like this. I cannot let my children down.

Sorry this got long.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies.

Undertreated hypothyroidism can cause awful fatigue but people won't be able to tell whether it is like CS/ME crashes unless they have experienced them.

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Very true CLutter. I guess I was just wondering if it sounded like all hypo and could anyone relate to feeling so dreadful.

Thank you for replying.


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