Nervous about going away tomorrow

Sorry to post again. All your kind comments with support the other day meant alot so thank you.

I had a good few days then today I woke feeling similar. Very thirsty, dehydrated, weak, fatigued.... it almost triggered a panic attack but I managed to ride with it but all day it's triggered so much anxiety as I fear collapsing, worry why these energy crashes hit where I feel so dry in my mouth, hotand weak. I woke feeling exhausted. I've been getting energy crashes for 6 months, they hit after too much exertion, even housework or emotional issues like if I have visitors and do lots of talking. Yesterday my mum visit for 4 hours which I find hard as our relationship is strained and I get anxious seeing her. So my husband reminded me that today is a crash day after an emotional day yesterday. But me being me I am scared as Wednesday I woke feeling bad fatigue, hot flashes, very dry mouth and weakness and since I've panicked what it is.

I've been on 25mg thyroxine 5 weeks now. My tsh was rising since last summer but my gp said it was finever as I had no antibodies. I had to go private and keep testing and once my tsh hit over 7 he started listening. My last bloods in may showed my tsh was 9.28 and ft4 15.7, ft3 was 5.3 ish. He finally reluctantly agreed to trial thyroxine. I'm having a blood test next week.

Tomorrow we are going to a caravan park 40 minutes from home. Our 3 children and 2 dogs are so excited ;) I've been so looking forward to it and prior to this last week I felt so much better with fat less crashes. I knew if I carried on feeling that we'll I could go and enjoy it. Now I'm having these crashes I'm terrified and my anxiety is bad. My husband thinks my anxiety is the main cause. I struggle to believe it's anxiety as I've no fast heart or shakes but my husband and friend tell me that's an anxiety attack not the general anxiety I'm experiencing. My hubby thinks it's why I'm crashing and feeling physical symptoms as I was feeling much better. He says yes you've hypo and chronic fatigue type symptoms but your anxiety does make you feel much worse. Today I've felt weak, drained, walking around scared, weak legs, feeling sick and upset tummy... it's making afraid to go on holiday incase I collapse, end up in hospital or have to come home and let my children down. They so deserve this holiday. As do I and I want to enjoy it not feel scared. I always feel such fear for my hypo symptoms which I knoe makes me feel much worse. I've always had anxiety but not anything this bad. Being physically ill triggered my anxiety, makes me feel scared to go out alone (hence the fear of needing a doctor or hospitals as having agoraphobia I couldn't cope).... lots of damn fears.

Any words of wisdom? I wish I could stop fearing how I feel with hypothyroidism and just allow it to be there without adding so much anxiety on a crash day.

Sorry to post again. I'm devatsted I've crashed right before the holiday and I'm worried incase tomorrow I let them down 😢


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  • Hiya, I don't suffer from hypothyroidism but I do suffer from severe anxiety & your symptoms are very much the same as mine! I'm also going away to a caravan tomorrow for a week & I can't stop worrying, panicking & thinking the worst, I feel your pain. I have health anxiety so when I'm unwell or feel unwell my anxiety goes through the roof & I have panic attacks constantly. Just try & relax, tell yourself there's nothing to worry about & make the most of your break away. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Aww thank you so much for replying. Do you have anxiety causing physical symptoms minus the fast heart and shakes? I never have that. Tonight I feel so weak in my legs, I feel drained, scared I will faint, worried I will be ill tomorrow. ..

    I hope your week goes well I'm sure it will. Message me anytime if you'd like to talk.


  • Yeah I have physical symptoms as well. My heart feels weak & fluttery at time & I get palpitations then it will race super fast when I feel anxious. The past few days I have been feeling so weak as well especially today, I just feel so drained with all the worrying although I know there's nothing to worry or be anxious about! Thank you very much, I'm so anxious about it & I can't stop thinking bad thoughts. I'll be 2 hours away from home & the thought is horrible because home is my safe zone.

    I hope you enjoy your break away & likewise just message me if you would like to chat ☺️

  • I get the same with all the thoughts and fears being far from home. It's all anticipation.

    For me physically I always just feel weak in thighs, drained, fatigued, woozy and I find lights too bright. It's not nice and I am told all of that is anxiety.

    I hope you have a lovely time xx

  • Hi

    I also suffer from anxiety, particularly health anxiety. I am flying to Jersey on Saturday and I hate flying. I must have been feeling quite well when I let my husband talk me into booking the holiday but now I am panicking about it so I know how you feel.

    I understand you want to feel well for the holiday so you all can enjoy it, so maybe if you think, well I am only forty minutes away from home so we can easily get home if we have to, then this may make your feel a little more relaxed. Also if you feel you need to rest whilst away would your husband see to the children as just a little rest for a couple of hours could make you feel better.

    Hope you all have a good holiday.

  • Thank you that's what I'm trying to tell myself. We aren't far from home.

    Tonight I feel so weak and ill. Worried that can't be anxiety and I will collapse. It's horrible.

    I hope your holiday goes well too.


  • I think this feeling gets worse because we put too much pressure on ourselves. Worrying that we will spoil other peoples enjoyment etc.. ( I know I do that) ,then the anxiety takes over and our symptoms rise up and smack us one right in face! In reality it would not be our fault if we were unwell and those who love us would not blame us. When you (we) feel this way we need to remind ourselves that we didn't ask to be ill and are coping the best we can. I used to have cognitive behaviour therapy and found it really helpful. My anxiety levels were way up there at the time and even getting to the appointment was traumatic! but I persisted and am glad that I did. I was taught breathing exercises and relaxation methods, also how to think differently. I was helped with my OCD also. I was referred by my GP but you can self refer to I.A.P.T. Be kind and gentle to yourself. I know that takes a lot of practice but I totally didn't love me at all then. Sit somewhere quiet close your eyes, try to block out negative thoughts. Breath in slowly through your nose to the count of 6, feel your stomach rise as it fills with air, hold for a second or so. Now breath out through your mouth slowly to count of 6, feel your stomach go down. Try and replace negative thoughts with good ones or happy memories. This works believe me.

    Thinking of you x

  • Hi Jingyd35,

    I am sorry that you are feeling so anxious about your holiday, I know the worst part of your anxiety is letting the rest of your family down. However, I am sure that for you to be with them means so much more than if you were at home.

    My suggestion would be not to think ahead of what the day or the week may bring, but just try to take a little step and enjoy whatever you are able to cope with in the moment.

    Wishing you a great time.

  • Thanks you so much for your kind reply.

    I shall try my best to not let my anxiety run away with me. It's so hard when I crash like this as I add anxiety to it and feel 10 times worse physically.

    Thank you xxx

  • I get these crashes too. They have improved for me since supplimenting and then later adding T3. Do you use suppliments? You may be low in b12 or D vitamins?

  • I've not had d tested as gp said I didn't need to. But b12 was low last summer at 212 so I self supplement 2000mg a day and got it up to 477. I'm still supplementing. I also take iron for my ferritin and vitamin c.

  • May be an idea to suppliment with a D3 also then. It is most likely thyroid related but keeping your levels up helps the crash not to be a fast and quick. Also 25mg is quite a low amount and we need T3 for energy. I don't do well on Levo and now take a combination of a small amount NDT and T3. It really is trial and error, what works for some, doesn't for others. Also selenium is a good suppliment to take also.

  • Thank you. I've been using a d3 spray by Better You for a few months. I was using 1000ug but I'm now doing 2000ug a day.

    I'm hoping once he increases the levo to 50mg I will feel much better. My ft3 has always been good in range. It was about 5.3 last test.

    Thank you.

  • Yes it does sound like you need an increase in levo. It can't be your levels then unless maybe you are not absorbing well. The GP should test these things though.

  • Why won't he test your vit D? may cost him too much???

    My husband's GP said he didn't need to test VitD, but I insisted - when he got the results he rang to say how low it was. No comment.

  • He said I will test your calcium and bone profile and if they're ok then you don't need d testing? I'm getting it done private with my thyroid, ferritin, b12 next week.

  • Sorry ,but I always have to say please take Vit K2 mk 7 if supplementing calcium and or Vit D3. I am still trying to lower calcium in veins because I didn't know. x

  • Same here Anthea55, my husbands Vit D and B12 were low.

  • I had this kind of anxiety when I was hypo. Terrible shaking anxiety. I hope you find out how much medicine and which type helps and I hope your anxiety responds.

    My only advice is to keep in mind that you're unwell. If you had flu you'd have to just take it easy. Have appropriate expectations of yourself as someone who isn't well. It might be good to plan some downtime into every day, which might help avoid a crash. If you can plan it, you can control it, and you won't be dreading it and waiting for it to come and get you. Can you sort out with your partner an hour or so every day when you will go and have some rest and the kids will be looked after?

    In terms of 'the worst thing' happening, it isn't unthinkable that any of us could go on holiday and collapse, or be overtaken by anxiety or a panic attack. It can happen at home as well. It's okay. If you could control it with willpower you wouldn't let it happen, but you can't.

    There's a scene in a film called Starting Over where Burt Reynolds has a panic attack in Bloomingdale's. His brother asks if anyone in the crowd has a valium, and everyone responds by taking out a bottle of pills. It's funny, but I also found it kind of heartwarming not only because everyone has the same problem but everyone is happy to help.

    I hope you can rest, relax and enjoy your hols. They are your hols too.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it and the part about the film made me smile. We just never know who else has anxiety do we.

    I have such high expectations of myself. I'm very hard in myself since being unwell. I beat myself up daily thinking I am letting my children and husband down.

    Yes I will have to have rest periods for sure. At home I have to take rests often so I will still have to do this when away and my husband has said he will help with that by taking the children outside to play or to the pool. He'said very supportive.

    Thank you. I'm gutted as I'd had 2 good weeks recently and nowe I'm struggling with crashes again it's quite a shock.

  • When I officially 'gave up' ie I decided I was going to have some days when I did absolutely nothing because I was unwell, I had been resisting it for a long time and it felt wrong and like I was letting my partner down. What it did was reset my gauge, so whenever I achieved something I'd feel really good. Lowering your expectations feels awful, but the outcome is worth it. And when you're well again you can go back to doing more.

    I think I also became more sensitive to the ebb and flow of energy and wellness, and just because I had x unproductive days didn't prevent me from getting out of bed one day and getting a lot done. It was not just a downward trajectory, it was reliably up and down. I felt less disappointed by a day when my energy didn't respond to my commands, because I could shelve it and look forward to the next day.

    Part of those bad or hard feelings about yourself is nothing more than the emotional effects of this disease. It can be so grim. Sometimes I just used to think, I cannot have another day as bad as this; tomorrow will just have to be better *no matter what* I have to do to get there. Then I would think about what would constitute a better day (cake? a good movie? a day making sure some messy corner got sorted out so I'd feel at peace? doing nothing but reading a good book?), and I'd make sure it got done. (Yes, I am lucky for being able to do this, I have few commitments. But that's a mixed blessing.)

    I'm so pleased and relieved your husband is supportive and happy to pick up the slack. That is huge! Every day I think I don't know what I'd do without mine. He's just non-stop good stuff, he's my cheerleader. And you must know how your husband feels about you, because if you imagine if he was in the same position you'd pull out all the stops to help him. So keep that in mind too.

    I didn't realise you're on such a small dose of levo. This can make you feel awful. So this may all be temporary and once you're on a proper therapeutic dose of levo you may be all sorted out. My tsh was 30ish when I was diagnosed. It can take some time to find the right dose but along the way you should see some improvements. The first thing that felt good was that I wasn't shaking with cold all the time.

    One last thing. Right now while you're just trying to keep your head above water, just make a plan for avoiding people who suck your limited energy. Whatever it is about those relationships that is hurting you, just don't do it. Better not to lie because that's another thing to have to maintain but do what you have to do. Say you have flu, say you're not going to be home or just don't answer the phone, get your husband to communicate on your behalf, whatever it takes. It's temporary, but right now you need to keep that energy for yourself.

    Best of luck! I hope you feel better soon. Let your husband take some of the strain for now and when you're better you'll have the energy to do more.

  • Thank you so much for your lovely reply.

    I do need to stop being so hard on myself. Most days I can only do the school run, Polish the living room, cook and rest and that is enough. Hubby thend picks thr hoover up at night and folds the washing for me. He's a star. I'm so blessed to have him in my life, without him I'm not sure how I'd cope with my daily demands and having 3 children he helps tidy up after them on days I can't. They're 10, 12 and 14 so old enough to help out too.

    I always wprey it's not my thyroid as I don't have the cold shivers feelings. I did in the winter but now I'm always too hot. I have chronic fatigue which is daily but some days more like a crash and u feel off balance, weak in my thighs and sickly, just a general crash feeling. Acne, muscle weakness, feeling warm, dry skin on arms and legs, my hair is so dry, outer third of eyebrow missing. Main issue has been the lethargy. The anxiety I had prior to my thyroid because 4 years ago my brother attacked me (he has mh issues that are serious) thr year before he hit my husband randomly infront of our children in a blind rage. Stupidly I forgave him bt a year later 3 months after my grandmother passed my brother chased me in his car and tried to attack me. I ran into a police stat ion and he was arrested. Since then I've cut him off. 4 years this year. As a result my mother turned her back on me and we now are trying to rebuild things hence the anxiety when I see her. She deserted me through the anxiety, agoraphobia, scary thoughts all the anxiety caused me. I had to go on medication to help the anxiety, to help sleep and eat as I dropped to 6 stone. I'm on 15mg mirtazapine so low dose but it's helped. My sisters also cut me out. All blaming me for the family being separated and saying I was wrong for not forgiving him as he has serious mental health issues. They didn't understand I had to protect myself and my children who were starting to suffer anxiety because of his behaviour. Hence why seeing any of them causes me intense anxiety. I'm civil with my sisters if I see them but thsts very rare maybe twice a year. Mum wants to rebuild things but it's hard after 4 years of her not supporting me. She knew I had this thyroid issue as she has an underactive thyroid herself and she hasn't once helped knowing how ill I've been. I'm full of hurt towards her so yes seeing her pains me alot. She visit Saturday to give the children holiday money and as she left she threw her arms around me which is unusual as she's fairly cold. Told me she loved me and got emotional. I crashed yesterday due to it all being a bit too much and a 4 hour visit.

    Sorry for chapter and verse lol.

    Thank you for your advice and kind words they've been a huge huge comfort to me. I'm hoping I can so this 4 night holiday and enjoy it with no major crashes where I'm poorly and in bed.

    Julie x

  • Hi Julie

    I think you might well be under-dosed with levothyroxine, thus your body is trying to cope with what it is provided with.

    I'd phone GP and ask him if you can increase your dose to 50mcg as you have symptoms returning (25mcg is such a miserable dose and too low a dose can backfire) and the aim should be a TSH of 1 or lower for us to feel reasonable, when in fact we want to feel we are back to normal health.

    Try not to worry about all these strange sensations at present as your body is trying to cope with what it is given and to be stable, we need a decent dose of thyroid hormones (gradually increased) in order for us to feel good.

    Enjoy your weekend with your family and I hope the weather is nice. When hypo and initially diagnosed we can feel quite vulnerable but we can get and feel better.

    Make a record of your pulse and temp (I bet they are low). If hypo everything slows down until our hormones reach a normal level again. Your pulse/temp should rise slowly towards normal as meds are increased.

  • Thank you.

    I keep worrying is this not my thyroid at all as my tsh rose very quick. It was 5.35 (0.35-5.5) last August and ft4 11 (7-17) by January I went private and tsh was 6.54 (0.27-4.2) and ft4 14.8 (12-22). March tsh 7.51 and ft4 15.8, same range as January. May tsh 9.28 and ft4 15.7.

    I've been worrying since is it my adrenals because I've had so much stress. My son was bullied and suicidal which hit me in November last year. That's when I became chronically fatigued and unwell. He was better by January and back in school but I was left feeling so ill. I'd had fatigue since the August hence the thyroid being tested but from when my son became ill my anxiety rocketed and I felt so ill with stress then my thyroid started failing quicker. So I've worried ever since is it my adrenals and do I have addisons. My gp ran bloods in December and my potassium and sodium levels were perfect. He said not to worry and that it was subclinical hypothyroidism. The poster below that's suggested my crashes sound like adrenal fatigue has made me feel concerned again about adrenals and maybe it's that raising my tsh as ft4 has been pretty good. I always seem to crash after stress or seeing family as they cause me anxiety. So visits make me drained for a day or so after. Stress too. Days out or over doing housework is another trigger of a crash.

    My husband tells me to trust it's my thyroid and relax but I have always feared addisons deep down.

    My morning temp is usually 36.4 but sometimes 37. My pulse at resting when I wake is about 64 but it's pretty normal other times of the day at about 70-80. Again why I've worried it's not hypo as I'm not cold or having low temp and low pulse. For me it's always been chronic fatigue, leg weakness, anxiety, crying, dry skin, acne, dizziness at times, I was cold during the winter now I'm always too warm, energy crashes, agoraphobia due to how unwell I've felt... it'd benefits the energy crashes and chronic fatigue mainly. I've no cold feeling or constipation. I've always worried is it not hypo but my gp says it is.

    Thank you for your advice it's always so reassuring.


  • The problem with doctors they treat the results and not the patients (if that makes sense). They don't know symptoms, are unaware how desperate our body is for a proper dose of thyroid hormones, our bodies cannot work efficiently or properly without a decent dose. We tell them but it goes over their heads as, according to the test the bloods are 'in range' and that doesn't mean we feel fine.

    I am not medically qualified like most of us on this forum but, by God, we now seem to know more than the most highly educated medical professional, it would seem to me. Lots have benefited from members' advice.

  • Thank you.

    I just worry is it adrenals would that raise the tsh. Lots of worries if I have that underlying.

  • Best to get tested and find out rather than keep thinking it. I do understand what you are going through. I had several years of stressful situations and they knocked me for six. My imagination can run riot at times also. My saying now is 'get those boxing gloves out and start fighting back!' xxx

  • I saw two doctors privately. One suggested I take Adrenal Xtra but my body didn't like it so I had to stop. Levo was causing me severe palps too which were awful.

    The other doctor said that if I get to the right dose my adrenals would fix themselves and that appears to be the case with me.

  • Sorry the correct dose of thyroid medication helped your adrenals did you mean?

  • Yes - it seemed to work for me. Other members will respond if they had to support their adrenal gland.

  • Thank you.

  • Just to reassure you, when I was 'finally' diagnosed my TSH was 100 and am fine now.

  • That's great to hear. Did it take long to feel well? Can I ask did you have awful energy crashes like I do which are similar to those who suffer chronic fatigue syndrome?

  • I think I was just too unwell to consider if it was crashes or not as I was much worse given levothyroxine.

    At that time, like many members, was told that was the only prescribed meds for hypo. Thank God for as their help and website led me through the maze and a maze it is for many of us.

    You can click on my name and I have posted half of my thyroid history.

  • I under stand. For months I had a constant ill health and chronic fatigue. No days were better than others. Now I can have a few good days where I'm tired but not feeling drained and ill. Then I have a huge crash as I over do things ;)

  • You can post as many times as you like. We've been there - done that ourselves.

    I will just give a short resume of how to get the best out of thyroid hormones.

    Take them first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. You can also take them at bedtime if you prefer and, in that case, you must last have eaten about 2 to 2.5 hours before.

    Food interferes with the uptake of the hormones and we don't want that. Any supplements etc, I take at lunchtime. Iron should be taken 4 hours apart from hormones.

  • Thank you for the advice, much appreciated x

  • Hi have you had your adrenal gland checked out because what your describing is classic for struggling adrenals also. When I started t3 many years ago I had massive issues at first couldn't tolerate anything over 5mg and suffered massive anxiety but when I heard about adrenal issues and found vals adrenal group on line they advised me to get saliva testing then helped me with treatment. Every stressful situation for the first 6to 12 months I had to stress dose cortisol or I got the symptoms your describing I used to feel really dizzy too and my legs felt like they would give out and I would get pain in my lower back above my kidneys all signs my adrenals were struggling. If you can afford it it may be worth getting the saliva testing done and depending on result there are several treatment options from vitamins to support and boost adrenals, Paul Robinson method to cortisol depending on the severity of the issue.


  • Thank you.

    I suggested it go my gp and he didn't give any advice. I've had worries since that is my adrenals and what if I have addisons.

    I've been trying to eat a diet to aid adrenals.

    I have considered the testing but I'm scared to incase I open another can of worries for myself. I've been worried enough about my thyroid. I read about addisons once and terrified myself.

    Thank you for your reply 😊

  • Having low thyroid hormones - or being under-treated can be stressful for the adrenals. So I would increase the T4 - increase the VitC - and see how you feel.

    Have a great time away :-)

  • Thanks Marz

    I've a new vitamin c powder from Biocare. My capsules were only 500mg so I bought their powder which is 1200mg I think. It says the vitamin c is from magnesium ascorbate so gentler on the stomach.

  • .... keep increasing the VitC until there is no longer bowel tolerance ! I would also think about increasing your VERY low dose of T4. Is that possible ?

    The above link takes you to a chart where you can see if your symptoms are thyroid related - or adrenal related or both :-)

  • I have a blood test next week to check my thyroid levels as it'll be 6 weeks since I started the 25mg of levo. THen i hope my GP will increase the dose to 50mg.

    Thank you for the link.

  • Hope all goes well with your blood tests and that you found the link helpful :-)

  • I did thank you. My blood results especially matched thyroid. 99% of them. Only one pointed at adrenals was sodium which was 135 and 140 or over matches thyroid.

    Thank you.

  • Yes of course you did. That goes without saying. I was just hoping it was helpful. You sound to be very thorough in your knowledge and research - so wellness should be around the corner 😊

  • I hope so. Thank you for your help. X

  • Hi it probably won't be Addison it will be adrenal fatigue and gp don't recognise it anymore than they do thyroid issues with t4 unfortunately. We have to become our own gp and find our way through and sites like this and stop the thyroid madness are invaluable. You will struggle to raise t3 if you have adrenal fatigue I tried several times before going down the cortisol route and it can be s scary decision to make and needs fully researching and the results of saliva testing to know what your dealing with.


  • Thank you.

    My ft3 results have all been very good. Well within normal range. 5.6 ish. Range I think know is 3.1-6.8.

  • As you need something to deal with the anxiety you could try guided meditation. There are plenty of youtube videos available free or apps at a tiny price, and it really does help. Also you don't need to go anywhere to do it, and with headphones nobody needs to know what you are doing, as it just looks as if you are sitting with your eyes closed.

    Yoga is even better, but much more physical, which you might find to be a problem if you are feeling weak. A good teacher will of course adapt the postures to your needs. Don't try this on your own, it is so much easier with a human teacher in a small group or one to one. Preferably not in a huge echoing sports hall or scruffy village room, but in a nice warm environment just used for yoga etc.

    My ancient husband has shiatsu massage once a week, which amazes me as he has always scorned anything 'new age', and he finds it very relaxing, so much so that it is always siesta time afterwards.

    If you can get stress levels down it is good for all of your body. I'm not saying bin the medication, but do try the natural remedies as well.

  • Thank you.

    I have recently started meditation via an app and I have done yoga for over 2 years at home and at a class, now I just do yoga from home on the days I have some energy but restorative on the days I feel tired or anxious.

    Thank you for your advice :-)

  • Thank you.

    I have recently started meditation via an app and I have done yoga for over 2 years at home and at a class, now I just do yoga from home on the days I have some energy but restorative on the days I feel tired or anxious.

    Thank you for your advice :-)

  • I think it will all go ok, even though you would collapse a bit. Once you get there and realise nothing bad happened you can enjoy a bit too. Let alone seeing your family happy!

    In the end you don't have a choice, you go there and face whatever happens. In a good case it just makes you stronger :) If it does not kill you it makes you stronger or how was it? :D

  • I hope I don't collapse 😁 that's my fear. Crash maybe 😉

    Thank you

  • Hi Jingyd35,

    I don't think you need to fear being diagnosed with addisons. There are many varying degrees of adrenal fatigue/disfunction without it being addisons. I myself suffered from adrenal fatigue which affected me in a similar way to how you describe. I would crash just from watching a debate on the tv or the news or if the children argued. Any level of tension would be enough to make me feel ill. I felt nauseous and found eating,especially in the morning difficult. I had bowel issues and uncontrollable shakes and often couldn't look after my children. That was 5 years ago and now that is mostly behind me, although I do have the occasional reminder to look after myself. I improved my health with the help of a practitioner in London who I visited once but communicated with by phone or e mail after the initial consultation. ( which helped with cost). He checked saliva cortisol levels and a few other things and started me on various supplements like high dose Vit c and magnesium to name a few with the aim being to support the adrenals and help them repair themselves. Which they obviously have. I had to live a clean life and rest and try to stay generally calm, eat well and allow the adrenals time to heal which can take time and there were set backs but I feel I have got there. I am currently enjoying a holiday abroad with my husband and four children, riding bikes, swimming and staying up late, which in 2011 I didn't think I'd ever do again. So it can be done and is nothing to be feared. There is a problem with all Drs I have told about my recovery, as none of them believe me and say there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue only addisons or cushings. But I know different. Get checked for adrenal problems, if you get the all clear you'll have a peace of mind, if not you'll know what you've got to do and you can start taking steps to getting your life back. Good luck.

  • Thank you. I shall look into the cost of testing.

    Is it a naturopath you see for help with adrenal fatigue? Did you have a thyroid problem aswell? I obviously do with my tsh being so high.

  • Yes it was a naturopath who specialises in adrenals and hormones. I did have primary hyperthyroidism but am well now.

  • Can I ask did you take thyroxine aswell as treat the adrenals? Is it all really nothing to fear. My anxiety rockets feeling this fatigued and weak. I'm on holiday and always worrying incase I overdo things and crash. I feel tired but keep going for my children. I feel constantly anxious since having all these symptoms, I wish I could stop fearing it as I probably make it worse lol!

    Thank you for replying.

  • No I didn't take thyroxine as I was over active. I had to learn to control my anxiety by deep breathing techniques, meditation, visualisation and generally zoning out and shutting off when tension arose. I looked to the Internet for advice on how to do this and with my husbands help I would step aside and breath slowly through a situation and come out the other side. It took practice to master the art but It has been worth it. You also need to realise that your children will be fine and better if you can learn to relax. Even if you aren't feeling well it is better if you aren't panicking. Your adrenals will heal much quicker if you are calm and not relying on them to work hard and produce adrenaline and cortisol whenever you are in a state of anxiety.

  • Very true. My children luckily aren't aware of my anxiety, well not to my knowledge as I don't actually panic and on a crash day I just rest but inside my mind is whirling with fear.

    I have wondered if me adding fear to my crash days actually causes more problems. Instead of just accepting a crash day and resting, letting it pass. I always add fear of collapsing, ending up in hospital and fearing what's wrong with me. I make myself feel much worse.

    I do meditation but not daily, I should. Yoga I haven't practiced for a few days as been busy getting away. I usually do restorative or gentle yin yoga. Did you do restorative can I ask? I find it helpful.

    Did you follow a certain diet? Sorry for all the questions. I recently followed a vegan diet and felt well but then after a month crashed and burned energy wise.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I didn't follow a strict diet although my practitioner adviced me to eat a source of protein every 3-4 hours as this means your blood sugar is more stable and the adrenals aren't called upon to help stabilise sugar levels and they can rest and heal. I cut down on sugar and alcohol and just tried to eat normal good food every 3-4 hours through out day , even if it was just a snack of a boiled egg on the go. I didn't do yoga but I did learn meditation and how to zone out of a potentially anxious situation and stop the anxiety from excalating and causing a crash.

  • Thank you very much.

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