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Can thyroxine cause a red face?

Can thyroxine cause a red face?

Since being on levo I've noticed my face is quite red on both sides of my cheeks. It's worse in the mornings but red all day. Not hot but sometimes randomly I feel flushed. It's not anxiety related it's a complexion thing. Years ago my gp suggested roseacea when I had slight flushing but this has been permanent since on thyroxine. I don't dare read the leaflet or Google so thought I'd ask here as I'm banned from Google having anxiety lol!

I'm white under the eyes then I've that mapping effect under the eyes and then the redness goes all around my cheek. Both sides are the same. I got scared it was orange and was it an addisons disease rash (I always worry I have addisons as I've symptoms but I know I've hypothyroidism). My husband says it's slightly freckles coloured but then all red. It flares up worse if I cleanse my skin or wash it. I shall add a photo. I hope it works from my phone.

Thank you for all your support before Christmas. I got through it. I felt very ill with anxiety I'd had for 4 weeks prior. It was all the stress of Christmas, having to see my mother and sisters. Fearing being poorly Christmas day or anxious. I set myself up for anxiety didn't i lol. I was poorly Christmas day as I had 3 hours sleep and felt terrible. I had severe nausea and weakness. I had to take frequent rests on my bed but by afternoon I was much better and enjoyed it. I've had anxiety still but slightly lower. Daily I've had weak legs and nausea but I'm trying to believe that's from weeks of anxiety.

Then 3 days after Christmas my mother turned up. She demanded a talk as she knew although I'm always nice to her she knows inside I'm hurting. I had a huge panic attack seeing her and I let out all how I hurt she made me feel since my brother attacked me and how she abandoned me. How she took his side and left me. How this year I've been very ill and shes not once supported me. Not one day of help. I cried for hours. I was then in bed for 2 days afterwards so weak, nausea was back and I actually felt I was dying lol! Why on earth did I crash so bad? Hubby said it was so emotional and severe anxiety speaking to her. I'm ok nowhen, shaken by the crash but grateful it's passed a lot. Nothing will change, she apologised and admitted she had hurt me terribly and wss sorry but my mums said this before and not changed. She's very close to my siblings and it's me who's been alienated from my family since he attacked me. It makes no sense. I'm happier now despite the anxiety it's caused. I've gone back to therapy, I had it for a year after what happened and it helped but this year my anxiety flared up severe again. I'm struggling to accept at 37 I'm living with chronic fatigue and weakness, anxiety and agoraphobia again. My mother hurt me all over again this year so I've decided to go back for some top up therapy. It's expensive but if it gets me back on track I will be happy. I deserve to be happy. I also need to find a way to not let seeing my mother and sister crash me to the point I'm bed ridden afterwards and not let it cause me so much anxiety. I've no idea how to because having children there's still that tie. If I didn't have kids I'd walk and way for good but my kids miss their nan and cousins so there's still that contact on birthdays and Christmas with my sister and every month my mum wants to visit the kids. No idea how to cope with that because I'm putting my needs last to make my children happy.

Sorry to have rambled. Thank you all so much for your support last year. Without you all I'd never have got diagnosed.

Julie xxx

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I've not heard of Levothyroxine causing a red face.


Thank you Clutter.


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