C'mon everybody !

C'mon everybody !

So following on from alangardner 's impassioned cri de coeur a few days ago, he got me to thinking. I've cancelled a standing order for something that was a token gesture to a lobby group which used to interest me and doesn't appear to have done much good. In its place, come September, will be a tenner a month to TUK.

It doesn't sound like much of a grand gesture, now does it ? But if 5% of us did this, I expect it would really make a huge difference. I know from being involved with the financial side of a charity in a previous life, that the gift of reasonable certitude in continuing and regular donations, however small the amount, is vital for the health of any charity, allowing for a little forward planning.

Alan I don't know if this will do any good, or if there are now 1000 entries to the alican contest, but I reckon many of us could do what I've done this morning without any financial strain. So as it's a bank holiday and there might be an hour or two to spare hither and yon, have a root around your standing orders ladies and gentlemen and see if you can do a swap; the money you're letting leech from your bank account every month for some now long forgotten interest or conviction may surprise you.

And wouldn't LouiseRoberts be surprised tomorrow morning when faced with a slew of new funders ?

If commitment isn't your bag, it's easy to donate when you're feeling flush here


Make no mistake; TUK deserves your support. HU may give us the platform for sharing and support within the TUK community here, but TUK can speak on the behalf of us all. (steps off soapbox...wobbling a bit - balance issues don't you know) :D

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  • Good shout. Thryoid UK is a small organisation which is really batting (and battling) for us. No vested interests, no Big Pharma, no power crazed megalomaniacs, no one adhering to the tyranny of established thyroid treatment.

  • Hi Rapunzul

    There is also this idea I had two years ago for those who can't commit to donating a monthly sum.

    Collect 1p 2p coins in jam jar or get a ThyroidUK collection box from Louise. Does not matter how much or little you are able to contribute it all helps.

    This is a charity and I found this was a easy way to help these wonderful people who help us on our way to recovery.

    If everyone on this site donated even a pound that would be a huge boost. A lot could be achieved with that.

    Most banks will change up to 5 bags of coins.

    Thank you.

  • well done ''wightmouse '' for continuing to promote your ' collection box idea ' .... from all small things bigger things happen .... if 20 people take up your idea and raise £5 p.m. that adds up to a lot of DOLLARS !!! without even thinking or realising to much about it....alan xxx

  • I thank you so much for your follow up to my post Rapunzel , that was exactly my point .... how many people that take this site for granted without realising without it being here and the help it gives for THEM --- and we can all help in whatever way possible [ wightmouse suggested an idea about 2 years ago -- collection boxes -- and from that I have collected a fair amount as indeed I think that others have .... all power to her for the suggestion ...].

    my whole point of my post was that with the amount of members AND users -- and with no distinction between either -- everyone could contribute and participate [ with a possibility of gaining something ] -- if ONLY 1% -- NOT 5% had taken up the challenge just think of how much could have been raised .... and we all need this and other sites like this that without distinction ---- and we don't know until the problem actually hits US ......and then you have to find a site that is as good as this [ together with the most important thing === the people that follow the users with their advice and help ] ...... but the site needs funding , in any way , without it it will not be here for long and where would we be now ? .....and with the comp going for a year if anyone had a problem with entering that COULD have been sorted any problem with the office ------ it was not a regular monthly payment .... it was a RAFFLE TICKET [ with a twist ] for each guess AND A PRIZE EVERY TIME !!!.... ===== but then again the more guesses would mean the more it would COST me in prize fund -- which I personally guaranteed -- [ with 1000 guesses it would have been at least £1000 end prize ]-- I only do this to promote THIS SITE THAT HAS DONE SO MUCH TO HELP MY LADY as well as myself when WE needed it without question or favour . hope this long reply didn't tax you too much , but it is something that I feel very strong about ...... alan xx

  • I missed your original post could you give us a link to it?

  • just check the ''pinned posts'' -- top right hand side of the 1st page , then view more posts at the bottom , and click onto ''' ali-can comp 2016 ''' for all the info ...... there have already been 3 winners of SURprizes so far , with 2 within the next week as well as the major one ..... only 5 days to go for this one though ..... hope you can come on board .......alan xx

  • Ali can comp healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - for some reason the link to the entry form is not working. Please drop me an email with guesses and I can tell you how to pay!




  • I do not have any out-dated standing orders! As a pensioner, all my pennies are accounted for. But, I have just donated £5, so I hope others will follow suit. Come on, you lot! Chop chop! lol :)

  • Oh, and this is a much better call to action than being called 'apathetic'! Which I greatly objected to!!!

  • objection received and taken on board g.g. , but my point was aimed at those that DO NOT help this ''OUR '' site to continue -- but expect it to be there and exist ..... without forethought or the understanding that we - the users - need - to keep it HERE ===== and that needs funding from all of us ..... as indeed you have and do as and when you can as we all try to do ...........my apathy comment was aimed at those that think that everything is always free === the funds have to come from somewhere to keep it going !!! .... and if there is a little surprize or gift or to out a smile on your face EVEN BETTER .... I am truly sorry if my post '' banded everyone together '' but , without knowing each individual [ which I will never know ] that supported the venture it had to be a general personal view ..... alan x

  • Yes, but you have to remember that you are talking to sick people - some of them very sick! And it's difficult for them to think about anything at all. A certain amount of what could be called 'apathy' is part of the disease - although I wouldn't call it that. It's not an easy thing to explain to anybody who does have the disease, but your wife has it, so you should understand it a bit better. There aren't a lot of other helpful, healthy spouses on here, I don't think. The vast majority of us are sick.

    As for your alican competition, I've never understood what it's all about. I don't think I've ever seen a detailed explanation - and somebody did say that to you on your thread - have you done anything about that? And I'm pretty sure that a lot of non-British members haven't a clue what it's all about - are they even able to join in? I don't know. It does all sound like a bit of a private clique when you talk about your alicans. And we do have a lot of people who live in other countries on here, and English is often their second langue. I'm really not surprised that you didn't get much response. Such a shame, I know, but we hypos need everything spelt out for us before we can truly understand. Perhaps you could have a think about that.

  • hi there g.g. , yes I do indeed realise that I am talking to sick people -- I myself suffer vastly , from other serious problems , -- and I do realise that some of us need some help [ that this site does superbly -- in my view --] which I can testify to without question ..... which is why I will continue to try to help with .....

    the point of my post was that it has been '' A PINNED POST '' for a year [its still there ] and if anyone had a problem all they had to do was contact either the office, pm louise or lyn and I am certain they would have rectified any issue .

    lastly i greatly object to the ''clique '' comment ....which suggests collusion of some kind !!! .......alan x

  • Stop it ! Play nicely xx

  • No, I wasn't suggesting any form collusion. What sort of collusion could there be? I didn't say it was a clique, I said it appears to be like one to people who have no idea what is going on. And I read your posts about just one week left, or whatever, and I have no idea what is going on, so I just pass over it and go on to something else. Life's too short to have to search for pinned posts. We have other things to search for. And, I'm sure I'm not the only one in that position. As I said, we hypos need it spelt out for us, for it to sink in.

  • please read your previous reply .... ''' some kind of private clique '' -- which to me alludes to collusion [ yes I may be taking out of proportion ,but, I take exception to that ] ...... the pinned section of this site are extremely easy to access from the top right hand side of the first page for information -- all I am trying to promote is THIS SITE for us that have and will continue to receive superb help from everyone here

  • You read my previous reply! "It does all sound like a bit of a private clique". I did not say it was.

    And I took exception to being called 'apathetic', so now we're quits!

  • touche ... to both of us !!!.... even though no malice was meant either way .... but both points had to be aired ...... and yes I always read ALL replies fully .....alan x

  • Ali can comp healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - for some reason the link to the entry form is not working. Please drop me an email with guesses and I can tell you how to pay!




  • Sorry, but I have no intention of playing after all this. I made a small donation last night. :)

  • Sorry, wasn't after more money - just wanted to explain the competition! LOL! :D


  • I read the posts everyday when they come through on my email. I have never seen the pinned posts section on my screen. Maybe this is a reason for the lack of response . I use my phone to access posts.

  • I would check with louise or lyn , I am sure that they would be able to help if there is a problem and it will be resolved ...alan

  • Read through posts from daily e mail every day and no 'pinned posts' thing anywhere!😐 I use a tablet.

  • Glad it's not just me lol!

  • 😃

  • Ali can comp healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - for some reason the link to the entry form is not working. Please drop me an email with guesses and I can tell you how to pay!




  • I have to add to what GG is saying here - I saw quite a few posts about the alican competition but couldn't find anything which explained to me what I was supposed to do. It seemed that the people who were talking about it all knew, but I hadn't a clue. So, like GG, I simply passed it by. Sorry alangardner but you really needed some explanation somewhere so that people knew what it was about and how to play the game. Was there a website somewhere or something? I haven't a clue!

  • Hi Alan,

    I have to say that I always love your warm replies to members that need a kind word and support.

    You seem to have the knack to say the right thing and ease troubled thoughts.

    You are a wonderful asset to TUK in more ways that you may ever realise.

    Thank you for that 👍Alan.

    Maybe have a thought about explaining to us how you gather cans in your garden. I suspect that it is a simple process, but it isn't clear to members how it works.

    Do I guess 100/200/300/1000

    I'm a bit unsure of how to go about it and therefore, just pass over it.

    Alan, I will of course support TUK more, and I love a wee flutter, but it is a bit unclear.

    When you made this post I tried to get connection to 'guess' the number, although I wasn't sure what I was trying to guess, and I couldn't get through to the right place.

    So, instead of supporting your project I unfortunately have to go down another route to fund this fabulous forum.

    Kind thoughts go your way Alan.

    J xx

  • thank you for your kind reply , I always feel that some empathy and understanding can sometimes be as good as - if not better in some cases - as the meds [ but not replacing them ].

    if you were to go to the ''pinned posts'' -- top right hand side of the 1st page -- then to '' the bottom bar '' and click onto '' ali-can comp 2016 '' it does explain fully and the many ways to enter , and has been there for since sept 2015. the only thing that it does not state is that this year every single can has been crunched by HAND by me personally [ to save on some room -- last time after about 16months I had 9 large 'sand sacks ' [ the ones that you would get a tonne of sand in from a builders merchant ] , but most were not crushed .

    alternatively a quick p.m. to louise or lyn I am sure that they would have been able to point you in the right direction .

    keep an eye out for the result I guarantee it will surprize some .!.!. I will post the final result count at 6.30 am on the 4th of September and louse will then inform the winner and the results soon after ..... alan xx

  • sorry should have been ''louise '' not louse ..... my profound apologies to mrs ROBERTS

  • Hi Alan,

    Stupid question methinks, where do you get the cans?

    J 😳

  • no not stupid , most of them I save -- some are given by others to me -- but every single one are crushed by hand and counted by myself , so at all times within the past year I could at a glance state exactly how many are there ....... keep watching for the result -- it will be surprizing , remember last years comp [ guess the weight == amounted to 202 kgs== ] ..... for a little idea .....alan xx

  • Ali can comp:

    healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - for some reason the link to the entry form is not working.

    Please drop me an email with guesses and I can tell you how to pay! louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

    L x

  • just a quick follow up to last weeks post ....... the final result was 5722 cans , and the winner will be receiving £200 [ as there was 96 guesses I rounded it up to 100 and the winner guessed 5720 , which doubled the prize ] -- as well as 2 others who have already ordered their SURprizes ...... keep looking out for the next one !!!! ..... alan xx

  • Ali can comp:

    healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - for some reason the link to the entry form is not working.

    Please drop me an email with guesses and I can tell you how to pay!




  • Bravo GG zut alors

    and vraiment les autres, chop chop a la GG :D

  • lol

  • Just donated £10 but should have done this a while ago. Thank you Alan for the prompt!

  • just think that for your £10 you could have had ten chances of 6 prizes as well as donating !!!! win win win methinks !!!!

  • Thank you to everyone who has donated today, yesterday, ever! :D


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