Ali Can Comp 2016!

Ali Can Comp 2016!

The quite simply lovely Alan Gardner is running a new Aluminium Can Competition for 2015! This time, instead of guessing the weight of the cans, you have to guess the AMOUNT of cans that Alan will be able to collect in his garden over the next year!

He has already started collecting cans and will continue to do so until 4th September 2016. At this time, the amount of cans will be announced and the person who guesses the closest, without going over, will be the lucky winner!

The prize will depend on how many people have entered the competition as Alan will match or double the amount raised from guesses and this will form the prize fund.


If the winner guesses within 50 cans, Alan will double the amount raised from guesses, if they don’t manage to get within 50 cans, Alan will match the amount raised from guesses.

For example:

Alan collects 100 cans and 50 people have entered the competition.

The winner guesses between 50 and 100 cans. This will mean that they will get £100 prize money!

The winner guesses between 1 and 49 cans. This will mean that they will get £50 prize money!

Entry costs £1 per guess.


As an added bonus this year, each entry will also qualify you to be entered into quarterly draws to win surprise prizes worth around £30 - £40 each!

These winners will be drawn from all of the guesses and will be drawn on the following dates:

Fri 4 December 2015 - Winner Chris Walby (prize of a Whistling Kettle from Amazon)

Fri 4 March 2016 - Winner Shaws (prize of a Sink Caddy and Wash & Drain Washing-up Bowl from John Lewis)

Fri 3 June 2016 - Winner Christine Sharpe (Very kindly donated the money back to Thyroid UK!)

Fri 2 Sept 2016

PLUS one more when the total is announced! :)

If you would like to enter, you just need to fill in the entry form on our main website and make your payment - easy peasy!

Alan is supplying the cans and all the prizes and deserves a HUGE THANK YOU for his amazing fundraising efforts! PLEASE SUPPORT HIM :)




Anyone can enter as many times as they like.

Each guess can only win once on the quarterly draws. Each guess will be given a number and the winner will be picked using an online randomiser. Once that number has won, it will be removed from the list for the next draw.

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  • Right I am entering immediately with two guesses and need to meet Alan secretly in order to rig the result in my favour. MaryFx

  • Thanks Mary! xx

  • Actually make that 5 guesses at a pound a guess to ensure my winning result! MaryF

  • no chance .... i'm still having nightmares about that hairdo ---- mrs slocome scares me !!!!!!..... but I might give likal clues as it goes along ==== maybe ????....... over 300 so far ish !!!!!!.......alan xx

  • Right! drones and hang glider it is then! MaryF

  • drones --- not a problem ...... but , the hang glider ==== will depend who is hanging from it ----- am I going to have even more nightmares ????? ...... I think this compo is a doozy though , thoughts ?.....alan x

  • Hi Alan

    You did say the next one was a doozy you certainly live up to your promises! I have to get my thinking cap on.

    Put my last winnings towards a high chair for my first grandson. Thank you. xx

  • I hope he enjoys it , I bet you had a massive smile on your face the 1st time he sat in it ........ don't forget that with the ' DOOZY' the earlier you enter the more chance for 1 of the 5 sirPRIZEs you will have ---- they are guaranteed to put some smiles about and maybe give a few very needed lifts to the winners .......alan xx

  • I am a bit disappointed that, so far, no one has entered this competition. :(

    Alan is being EXTREMELY generous in offering his time and money to help raise funds for Thyroid UK and people who enter stand a chance of not only winning some cold hard cash, but also some lovely 'surprizes' along the way.

    Entry only costs £1

    Why not have a go?


  • Louise I think we might have to do a weekly reminder.

  • Update 12th October 2015

    We've now made it easier for you to enter this competition! All you need to do is

    fill in the entry form on our main website and make your payment by PayPal , Bank Transfer or Cheque - easy peasy!

  • ..ooh we are all in time to enter the March 2916 draw now!

    I want to know how many Acres or Hectares Alan has though! :-)

  • Yes!!! Enter, enter, enter! :)


  • Louise, Cheque just to Thyroid UK? yes? Going in today's post.

    At long last I'll put some money where my mouth is, instead of my foot! :-)

  • Yes! :) Thanks! xxxx

  • hi there i guess about 5,000 cans he will collect i'm Alan many thanks

  • Hi Alan

    If you would like to enter the competition you can do so here:




  • Link not working

  • I've just done my entry:-)

    You have received my cheque already, Louise, I know.

    If I win, a Kindle Book download gift would be appreciated as Alan uses Amazon, I also have an account with them!

    If not possible - please donate my prize to TUK. Thanks and thanks to Alan also for sponsoring the competition. Shirley.

  • That would be fine! :D


  • hi Shirley , welcome to the comp. , secondly as a complete and utter technofobe [ and proud ] I wouldn't know how to use amazon [ its all done by louise ] ..... hope you have luck with the upcoming draws [ the more guesstimates the more chances you will have - each and every one gets you a chance -- ] keep looking out for a further update on an extra doozy that I have in mind to keep people interested .........alan xx

  • Hi Alan, well I did go for the 12 goes, but algebra, if that's the right maths element, was never my strong point :-) so I just did pot luck guesses! I don't envy you keep going out in Garden, we' ve had snow here today and I'm going no where or I'll fall hit my head my again knowing me! Good luck with the entries for your competiton tho! Shirley xx

  • Well I hope Alan and TUK have had a lot more entries - you get put in the draws every month -:-) :-) if I'm correct ?

    ONLY - 1 DAY LEFT :-(

    ...Come on folks give it a go.......TUK is an CHARITY - OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .............:-). :-). :-)

    You have a chance of being a winner also..........:-). also Alan needs to get inside and keep warm :-) before adding more for next month!

  • Next draw is 4th March! :D



  • Oops sorry Louise :-(

  • No probs! :D

    Thanks for promoting it!

    For anyone interested - the dates of the draws can be seen in the original post at the top.

  • Why r there cans in your garden? Either you have a drink problem and have been sunning yourself while boozing or you have some very bad neighbours! Are these real cans?

  • Everytime I click on the links it takes me to an error page.

  • Yeah - sorry, the link is broken. Email me with guesses and I can tell you how to pay! :)



  • I can't work out what to base my guess on as I can't see why anyone would have cans in their garden, is this theoretical or real?

  • No, it's real! :D These are the guesses so far!

    As you can see, no one really has a clue! People are just guessing random numbers just for the fun of it! :D


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