Help navigating the new system

Some help navigating the new platform

Here's some information that will help you familiarise yourself with the new layout.

*HealthUnlocked Green Bar*


This Home page includes your picture, news feed (showing recent posts from all the communities you are part of), profile section with a bar in top right (showing percentage of profile completed).


This is a list of all the communities you are part of and the directory showing other communities you can join.

Your Username:

If you click your username you will be shown a dropdown: profile, messages, email preferences, and account. By clicking 'profile' you are taken to an area where you add information about yourself (conditions, symptoms, etc ). 'Messages' takes you to your inbox. 'Email preferences' takes you to your account settings so that you can adjust your notification settings. 'Account' takes you to the same settings page.


This takes you to the support section of HealthUnlocked. You can find FAQs and more here.

*Navigating the TUK Community (or any other one you have joined)*

If you click 'Communities' in the HealthUnlocked green bar at the top and click on 'Thyroid UK' you'll be brought to this community. You can also type in your internet browser.

While in the community you'll see another (different shade of) green bar. It looks like this: a Home (house) Icon, Questions, Posts, Polls, Members & About Us.

Home Icon (not Home on green bar):

brings you back to the home page of the community

Questions - click on questions, then ask a question, add the details of your question and submit

Posts - (what were 'Blogs' before) click on Posts, then fill in your post, add the details of your post and submit

Polls - click on Polls to see recent poll, pie chart, your vote and responses underneath

Members - click on Members, shows a list of members then use the search bar to find a member

About us - this contains information about TUK (soon to be added and expanded)

If you need further assistance please email



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  • Thanks matt,

    It strikes me that having two "Homes" is fundamentally confusing.

    Yes - I do realise that by context (i.e. colour of bar) you can understand which is which, but if you feel that you are logged in and viewing, say, the TUK community, then you imagine that "Home" is the designated Home page for the TUK community - not the overall HU home.

    "Messages" currently does NOT take us to our inboxes. It sits for a while then goes to News Feed.

    We have no admins - and you seem to be a volunteer.


  • We seem to have regained our admin status now, but not for long I expect.

    And as PMs have been inaccessible all day so far, it's impossible to communicate with the rest of our team as and when the need arises.

  • I suggest we just have to use old-fashioned email until it's sorted out if it's anything that needs communicating urgently. Not ideal, but it's a work-around for now.

  • We ONLY have admins now. No Thyroid UK staff badge though. Perhaps they are working on it and that is why things are changing...

  • If things carry on the way they are at the moment, admins will be the only members left that botheri to log in to the site :(

  • I know :(

  • It feels as if we are! With a few noble and/or desperate exceptions. :-(

  • Yes, and admins from other communities are appearing as admins when they post on here too! Extra confusing for my overheated little brain :(

  • Does this mean that if you are a member of Thyroid UK Support you are a member of all the other forums too? Since, in fact the login is on HU and not Thyroid UK Support?

  • Once you are logged in, you can join any of the other communities on HealthUnlocked (I'm not sure how you do that now though!)

    Many members on here are members of other communities too. Those that are admins on other communities aren't necessarily admins here though. Unfortunately it seems that badges are not behaving as they should, showing admins from other communities as being admins on Thyroid UK too. This isn't great for them either as members may expect them to do stuff that they can't.

    Hopefully this is sorted out soon!

  • I just have to laugh....and there look, Im not coming up as an Admin, so something positive to report! :-D

    Mat a Volunteer.... :-D My lips are sealed.

  • Badges only work when you post, not on replies. Something else that needs sorting out at some point. If you were to post a new post (not sure if it works on questions) you would probably have the admin badge like Mary F :D

  • We promise everything will get better, especially once notification emails are back.

    Please try to stay positive :)

  • Thanks for the info Matt - we have a purple bar though - not green, and that is the wrong link for TUK... if I could edit for you I would.......

    I set up the new badges this morning, I hope I haven't lost them again! :(

    To be perfectly honest Lora, I for one, am not looking forward to getting notifications I can't deal with properly because the site is still glitching. :(

    Sent a long email earlier - hope it made it through to someone.....there are some things which need fairly urgent attention before people start using the site again - Admin ability to edit is one of them! The categories is another. I also need to re-write the welcome email, but needed some information first...

    Trying to stay positive - honestly I am.....!


  • Oh - and I can't get into messages at all!

  • Nope, messages has been stuffed all day (I first tried around 7.45am). It's very annoying having a red icon with number three in it, and never being able to get in to read them. Each time I go away and come back again, I think 'it must have been fixed by now', but no chance! Ok, so it's Sunday and perhaps the techies need a day off... fair enough but it would be helpful to at least be told that we can expect nothing to change or be fixed until at least tomorrow. Defintely losing the will here :'( .

  • The admin tags did disappear for a while, and then magically came back again. However, badges only appear if we actually make a 'Post'. never when we reply or comment. Hence members have no idea who the admins are <sigh>

  • Better? You mean we can have our comfy old site back? I think this one is incredibly frustrating (or sheer hell, take your pick) despite your efforts to console us.

    Potential posters must be staying away in their thousands.

    How I loathe these constricted cramped hateful text boxes, there was nothing wrong with those lovely big expanding ones.

    Please, please, put everything back as it was.

  • Nothing goes in the right place - my lament, I mean, my post, was supposed to be in reply to LoraHU.

  • That is where it is for me!

    I see Lora's post, then two Louise responses to Lora, two RedApple responses, and two nostoneunturned responses.


  • Ha I cannot even see the green bar as it is covered by my providers bar that I cannot shift. Ho hummm

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