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A lot of us are dealing with doctors who genuinely want to help us but unfortunately feel they have no option than to follow the BTA/RCP guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease. Some are having to go it alone. Some have GPs who are willing to give us the best treatment but wish to understand a bit more about thyroid disease. As a result many of us are looking for scientific studies and papers that help break through the fog, propaganda, misconceptions and bare-faced lies.

If you are looking for papers on thyroid disease and related conditions, or you are just bored and want something to read, have a look on the main website of Thyroid UK (the charity that runs this community) here;

Hopefully you find something helpful to you or your doctor or that satisfies your curiosity. Happy reading :)

Carolyn x

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Thank you for posting, very useful.


Thank you for the resources!


I have to say the days when you had the same caring GP from cradle to grave are long gone, these days doctors are only in it for the money! I would never trust a doctor to do the right thing as they are way too bound up with their controls such as the RCP and others that seem to think the thyroid doesn't matter and have produced 'guidelines' that state that T4 (levo) works for everyone, there is no none conversion from T4 to T3 as it is not needed!


I take it you are unaware of the doctors who volunteered to go to the affected countries during the Ebola epidemic? Or the ones who go off to disaster zones (maybe Nepal)? Or to help with the casualties of Syria. Often at great personal risk as well as loss of earnings.

Not all doctors are only in it for the money. It is a serious calumny to assert that they are. Indeed, I doubt there are many who are, though obviously some do seem to care more about money than others.


I have reached the conclusion there is no 'glory' in the treatment of thyroid issues and therefore no doctr can be trusted.


Whilst I agree that the guidelines are not fit for purpose and that maybe some GPs are only in it for the money, I have personally only met one GP who I felt was just in it for the money and didn't care about his patients. He didn't last long at our practise.

Most of the GPs I know do care, even if they are slave to the appalling RCP guidelines however I do not agree that this applies to all of them. My GP is very good and very caring. He has fought to get me T3 on prescription and, although he hasn't succeeded, I'm confident he will fight my corner. I have met many doctors who will do whatever they can to help. I don't think we should tar all GPs with the same brush because that makes us no better than those who stereotype us as neurotic hypochondriacs.


the days when you had the same caring GP from cradle to grave are long gone

Of course they are. Not many patients stay in the same location from cradle to grave these days, and it would be a nonsense to expect GPs to do so.


Glynisrose, Not all family GPs were competent or caring and guidelines were introduced to bring some conformity to care. Rigid adherence to guidelines does get in the way of good intuitive care and this needs to be addressed but I've had good care from my current practice and don't hanker for the good old days when my mother's Grave disease was not diagnosed for years until a young locum spotted it instantly and my childhood GP failed to open test results which delayed urgent treatment for 6 months.


Hi Glynisrose. While I can't agree that docs are all in it for the money - there's not enough of that on the NHS! - I do sympathise with your feeling that docs are not trustworthy. My doc is not the world's worst - far from it - but I don't trust him, nevertheless. I'm afraid it's also been my experience that they are all hidebound and narrow-visioned, nor do they do research or stay up-to-date.

I think the worst thing about it is that it is a lottery. You see repeatedly on this forum, and on every other, people wishing each other either good luck or, even more commonly, "better luck" with the next appointment they have. I think there is something seriously wrong with a profession where it is a matter of luck whether the doctor will listen to you, respect you, make an effort to understand what you need or want, or do any work themselves at all. In fact, it seems you are fortunate if they do their part of the job and don't rely on you to prompt them all the way through it.

I think people who have found good doctors are lucky (there's that word again!) but I think it's sad that we're in that fragile position at all.

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So how could you think that any doctor is on your side?


Glynisrose, if you're responding to me, I can be sure my GPs are "on my side" due to the excellent care and prompt referrals to good specialists I've had from them in the last 30 years.

My GP investigated my thyroid issues thoroughly and referred me to an excellent surgeon for further investigation. Post thyroidectomy I wasn't overly impressed with my endo consults but GP remained supportive although she was no longer in charge of my thyroid care. Unfortunately that GP left the practice but I'm satisfied with 4 of the 5 GPs I've seen since.


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