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Please show your support for getting Improved Thyroid Treatment so we can all get ITT!


On Saturday I signed the ITT petition and also put it on FB for further support. Apparently the petition needs 100,000 signatures for it to have any political clout. So come on everyone at TUK.....get signing.......this is a hugely important stand against the financial decision makers of the NHS who only care about the balance sheet and not our wellbeing.

The withdrawal of T3 from NHS practices, means thyroid sufferers are being forced to go underground or on the black market to get the medical help we need. This is so unnecessary. If the petition influences the NHS to revisit and negotiate costs with the manufacturer....we, the thyroid sufferers will be assured of a better quality of health care. Please sign to get ITT. thanks, in advance...Shond2015 thyroid sufferer

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Have you got a link for the petition itself? There are so many petition sites these days. :)

Hello Spongecat....thanks for replying...this petition needs signatures! I am really not sure if I am allowed to put a link up so I suggest you go onto the Related Post section on this site (on right hand side of screen) and click on "ITT campaign....." Good luck!

Clutter in reply to shond2015


You are allowed to put a link to the petition up.

In my experience petitions gets ignored by the gov. Set one up on the government website.

Singoutloud in reply to FredMc

The person who started this petition has her reasons for starting it on as it has a higher social media presence but also because hm gov petitios are currently suspended. It's well written in a professional and measured way so worth signing and sharing

FredMc in reply to Singoutloud

My apologies if I offend anyone but I disagree. There is no legal requirements to debate these petitions no matter the number of signatures.

shond2015 in reply to FredMc

You are quite right of course....I have always felt these social petitions have very little political clout. However....anything is worth a try and as far as I am costs me nothing and could reap a good result?

Singoutloud in reply to FredMc

Aww no offence takenFredMc . I was just about to start work so sorry I was a bit abrupt, I was trying to type quickly on my phone with fumbly fingers this morning

shond2015 in reply to FredMc

Thanks very much for replying :) Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to navigate around my own computer let alone start a petition on another website .... I have limited experience with social media I have to leave it to others... .I just feel so ill and feel so strongly about the issues at stake regarding thyroid sufferers that I want everyone to sign....anything that gets the attention of those in charge has to be a positive thing...whichever medium is chosen to achieve that. Please, if you are a thyroid sufferer and still suffering....a simple signature is all that is required. It may not result in anything positive..but we have to try in any way we can for change.

FredMc in reply to shond2015

it is unfortunate the gov petitions is suspended at the moment. see there was one successful about endometriosis recently.

Hi Shond

I get t3 because my consultant has said so. However, the quality of t3 is not the same i have put on weight. before I was unable to break the tablets now I can by hand. So what is going on.

Happy to sign any petition to help get thyroid treatment noticed and that someone has taken the trouble to organise. Thanks shond2015 and Singoutloud

Signed and shared

THANK YOU shond2015 ;)

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