High Selenium levels!!

I was thinking of supplementing Selenium but I thought I would do a blood test first to see my levels and they have come out high

Selenium Whole blood * 154 ug/l (76 - 140)

As I said I am not supplementing, I eat meat on a daily basis now because of my adrenals (chicken, tuna/salmon) and have been GF since January and dairy free for about two weeks. I haven't had any nuts/seeds for a while either as they are currently off my diet

Can anyone shed any light on my results please and are they anything to worry about

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  • Jefner,

    I don't think it's anything to worry about. See healthunlocked.com/search/h...

  • thanks hon. Have never been much of a meat eater but have chicken and salmon most days now as my protein to help stop cortisol and sugar levels spiking. Did have pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts as well but stopped those about 3 weeks ago since Dr Clark put me on a strict diet. I was also supplementing 1000mg Fish Oil + Omega 3, so maybe all that has bumped my levels up.

    Was going to supplement because it is supposed to help with conversion and also lower antibodies (certainly hasn't done any of that for me looking at my levels :() but would rather know my levels first before I add anything. Glad I did the test.

  • Jefner,

    Brazil nuts can be a very good source of selenium.

  • am assuming the fish oil supp would also add to my selenium levels?

  • Jefner,

    Is there selenium in fish oil?

  • not sure I think so

  • Jefner,

    Google "Is there selenium in fish oil?"

  • I didn't think that was a source of selenium????

  • The Brazil nuts maybe the culprit? I read once that depending on where the nuts come from they can have anywhere from 2- 20 a day could have a days worth of selenium in them. It really varies so much depending on where they are distributed from and that is why supplements are better, you know how much you are really getting. This is only a suggestion.

  • found this

    Fish: contain not only EPA and DHA, but also vitamin D, selenium, protein, co-factors and a more complete fatty acid profile than fish oil. Selenium, in particular, is important because it protects against mercury toxicity. Vitamin D protects against nearly every modern disease plaguing us today. A 6 oz. portion of wild salmon contains 1,700 IU of D, which is difficult to obtain in that amount from other dietary sources.

    Fish oil: most oils contain only EPA and DHA, although salmon and cod liver oil also contain moderate amounts of vitamin D. Fish oil has a more limited fatty acid profile than whole fish, and doesn’t contain selenium.

  • wow

  • Would you be kind enough to tell me where you got selenium test? Also what made you suspect level might be high? Thanks.

  • HI foxglove, I had mine done via Blue Horizon. I didn't suspect I had high levels. I was thinking of supplementing but I prefer to find out what my levels are first. Supplementing without knowing isn't always the best way to go, as I found out. I am only a tad over anyway so nothing to worry about

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