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Hello from the US

Am looking for the cure for Hashimoto's! Have a wonderful Dr. in Tulsa Oklahoma - I drive 500 miles to see him. (Dr. Wootan at Jenks Health Team) Although many Dr.s have bad things to say about him, he has helped me and many others when the so called "experts" / endocrinologists failed. He is a proponent of gluten free diets to heal the "leaky gut".

Have had wonderful results with natural thyroid replacement, and horrible results with synthroid.

Let's find the cure!

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It sounds like you are off to a good star, D. I've posted this man's videos of 5 minutes covering 24 reasons for low thyroid. This is the first video and he has posted the 23 others on you tube so you could click the you tube button down at the bottom of the screen if you care to watch the rest. Leaky gut, adrenal dysfunction, low progesterone, are but a few he mentions. Let us know as you make progress.


Thank you so much! Really like what David Clark has to say - already forwarded his site to others.


Glad to hear. D, these doctors look for the underlying cause. They are considered functional medicine doctors. Endos and GPs are not in that mode. You really should look at the body as a whole. Very common are insulin resistance and low progesterone for women.

You will really love this one as well. Take notes.

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Dr. Bergman is by far the most brilliant healer of the gut. I wish I could travel to California and visit him in person - as he suggests for 2 weeks, etc. That is not within my circumstances at this time. But I did spend the whole afternoon listening, and committing to memory everything I could find. Much of it is not new. (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc.) What was new to me, was that the gut would heal in about 6 weeks - giving the lower intestines a break with no meat, but just veggies and fruits.

So, today is the 1st day of that 6 weeks. I live in the mid-west, where meat and potatoes are the normal fare. (And I do mean meat and potatoes - oh yes, and gravy! : ) I had long ago left off with beef for the most part - having mostly chicken and fish. But as of today, it's gut healing time.

I had felt some relief with pro-biotics, and Vit D, and anti-fungals. Switching from Armour (30-60 mg over the past 20 years) to Nature-Thryoid in the last 2 months. Nature-Thryoid is smoother, kinder, adding energy, losing a lb or two. Armour held my Hashimotos well for the time. Dr. Bergman and more and more other Dr.s are climbing on board the "heal the gut" - "don't take medicine" train. And you were so right. I love hearing that kind of message. I'm jumping on this train too. I've tried no gluten before, without much success. I think I know what I was doing wrong. (It has to be the meat and dairy)

To quote Dr. Bergman, "Drugs doesn't heal. Real healthy (organic) Food does heal." "Healthy water heals." "Healthy fats heal." "Respect the body."

Heloise, how do we get the Bergman message to all these other folks on this forum? Yes, one must take the T-3, T-4 supplementation until the gut heals, but so many people have not heard that "leaky gut" causes auto-immune disorders, like Hashimoto's and Graves. Nor have they heard that it is possible to heal from an auto-immune condition.

Thank you for the support. You, and folks like you on this forum are such a blessing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to visit a chiropractor like Dr. Bergman?!


Dr. Bergman always at the end of the video mentions the basics for good health. Before Dr. Bergman I followed Dr. Walt Stoll who constantly mentioned leaky gut but added one more important feature, a meditation he called skilled relaxation. This is a specific response which relieves stored stress in the hypothalamus. He suggested doing it twice per day and the theory was that the stress was stored as muscle tension which in turn restricts blood supply often to the gut. This restriction over time causes lots of injury. I can tell you more about that if you would like.

We are up against a toxic world unfortunately. That Round-Up poison by Monsanto is in everyone's bloodstream and the only way our bodies can survive is to detox and it has to have a healthy liver and colon to do so. It certainly is a battle. I think your diet is a good start. I just got a new juicer but even a blender makes a nice detox drink with a whole lemon and one T of olive oil and water. Whirl it for one minute and drink a bit before meals. It opens bile pathways and helps to absorb fats.

By the way, copy the url at the top of the video. Remove the s after http and if there is and &with more symbols following the first part, remove that. And then paste in the post.

This is another great video by Bergman.


Yes, loved this - my husband has had two surgeries for carpal tunnel (20 years ago) It's coming back again. I so want to make the trip to California and meet Dr. Bergman. Maybe a Health Vacation?!


Just a note about healthy fats. Of course coconut oil has really been promoted being a medium chain fat but I just started hearing more about MCT oil. I often read Dr. Mercola and he has been mentioning it. It has wonderful qualities if you haven't heard of it.


I have heard of both coconut oil and Dr. Mercola! Yes, but I do not / haven't experimented with cooking with coconut oil. I have some in the fridge. It tastes good! Maybe I should just swallow a teaspoon full like a supplement - ha! Yes, the greatest thing that I have heard about coconut oil is that a Nurse cured her husbands Alzheimers with it. Her theory was that Alzheimers was like diabetes of the brain. That the brain loved fat so much more than carbs. There was a big write up about it here in a health magazine.

So, do you think that coconut oil will help heal the gut?


This is the article....very interesting.

I tried putting CO in my coffee but it really just coats the cup. Some people do just eat it off the spoon. Mine contains lauric acid and caprylic acid and this one is pretty runny so I'm going to put it in a smoothie and see how it goes.


P.S. Re: Functional Medicine Doctors

Yes, you are quite right! That is what Dr. Wooten in Tulsa calls himself! I forgot that very important term until you mentioned it again!

And I have always had low progesterone! A very kind Gyn told me once, "You can either make you own, or I can give you the drug." (And how do you make your own?) "Exercise". I remember telling her - just give me the drug "I'm too busy to exercise." A few weeks later I joined a low impact aerobics class - more for the social aspect than for the exercise. (Just 30 minutes a day - two times a week!) Soon I was calling this same Dr. back, complaining of some new symptoms (at the time I did not know it was caused by too much progesterone - but she did!) Her question for me? "What are you doing differently?" What could I say?! "Exercise."

Now to know that it could also be a contributor to the Hashimotos?! I am again enlightened. The cure has not changed. Thank you for taking the time to imbed that wonderful Bergman video! How do you do that? Many, many, many thanks!


I'm sure I've posted Dr. Bergman's video at least 200 times here.

So you made more progesterone by exercising? The body is wonderful if you give it what it needs. That is the real secret, isn't it? I feel as if I had weak adrenals all my life and wish I knew what I know now.

I'm excited for you and I know you just need a little motivation and then you can start to see results. Naturethroid is very good. I also did well just taking T3. I think it helped increase my capacity for hormone.

Dr. Bergman thinks that people lose their neck curve which may be involved with Parkinson's and even bipolar. There is a widening gap between conventional and alternative medicine unfortunately and places patients in such a dilemma. I'm grateful for what we can learn on the internet and this forum.


Neck curve? That's interesting. I worked with a guy who had no neck curve, along with a misaligned spine. It took over two years to get it "Curved" correctly. His chiropractor worked with him and worked with him. He actually endured a bit of pain as he continued. But as it turns out...his chiropractor was right. His glasses began to lose their effectiveness and he went for an eye check. The optician became very alarmed and recommended that he go for an MRI immediately! Why? He didn't need glasses anymore - he had 20-20 vision. He went for the MRI just to be sure. No tumor. : ) Not only can he run these days - without pain (which is really why he began to go to chiropractor in the first place - he wanted to keep running) but he does mountain climbing, has 5 or 6 kids and keeps up with them, etc.

I knew and older woman (73) who had been medicated for Parkinson's, (medicine didn't work) constantly complained of balance problems - she looked and looked for medical relief for two years (plus) and finally a chiropractor found a problem - and in two or three adjustments on her neck and head (yes, he said a plate in the skull was slightly protruding) - and she is as right as rain - no medications. However, before that she had many Dr.s and even some in her family labeling her as "Looney Tunes" - over medicated on everything from Xanax to Aderall even Beta Blockers for blood pressure. And the chiropractor? He is no longer here in this little town. Didn't fit in well at the clinic where drugs (chemicals) are king.

Saw that you posted the video again. You are an angel to hang in there patiently explaining to people and getting them to start thinking for themselves / taking responsibility for their own health.

Thank you for the encouragement, and the great websites!


So glad you have founded a doctor to help and are on the way to feeling healthy.

I am still looking both in Boston, Ma and in the Fort Myers area of Florida. Hopefully I'll find the magic one sometime soon.

Thanks for the inspiration to keep fighting.

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Any recommendation on a good Endo in the Boston, MA area?

Thanks in advance!

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I've just watched the leaky gut webinar with Kris Kresser(I've posted on here) there's a massive link to arthritis/muscle pain//joint pain.

Pretty much all the people seen. In the clinic with pain had leaky gut..

Really think healing leaky gut is one of the cures for so many things. There's a huge link to Brain issues, depression,rashes, digestive issues, ibs, weight, fatigue, food intolerance,autoimmunity!

Heal leaky gut, get better :))

Watch the webinar.


How to heal your thyroid and adrenals john Bergman. Look this up on you tube. He mentions hashimotos towards the end. Hope he's useful.


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