Immune Modulator -The cure ?

Has anybody tried this product by digest a cure ? I have been contacted by Dr. Ron Drucker as a result of my interest in their product, he is confident that within 6 or 7 months I would be cured . Most other immune diseases are cured faster, but I can expect results within 7 months. Feel free to research this product with this website drrondruck.Com .This product is not cheap with a monthly expense of $150. dollars. Our immune systems overreact plus with Leakey gut problem and with t cell sedation this product reports to put our immune system back to normal. I am pretty close to ordering it so what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance

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  • Aloe Vera and Saccharides as immune system boosters. Barron report. Very interesting article a must read for anyone interested in this product......

  • Before you order try to look into LDN, low dose naltrexone, which is an immune regulator -cheap, safe and with amazing results.

    It is a prescription drug only.

    I'm on my third month of LDN and have improvement in so many areas.

    I also make my own water and milk kefir and kombucha , which all have huge amounts of beneficial probiotics that heal a leaky gut.

    Cheap and fun to make 😊

  • I've looked at LDN a number of times but hair loss seems to be a problem and that puts me right off as mine is a nightmare to start with!

    Have you noticed any difference in your hair? x

  • I never heard or read of hair loss as a problem with LDN. and certainly haven't noticed it myself.

  • I googled side effects and hair loss and insomnia came up so it was a no-no for me :-( Glad you are doing well on it though-I'm jealous!

  • I have done extensive reading on LDN and follow several fb groups of LDN users. Never heard of hair loss as a side effect. I don't know which site you got that information but it is not correct.

    Insomnia and vivid dreams can be a problem for some (less than two percent!) and will usually pass within a few days/ weeks.

    I think it is a shame to dismiss a drug that literally has been a life changer for so many, based on a not correct info.

    But that's your choice of course 😏

  • I've seen it a few times tbh. Of course it may not be common, maybe just people scaremongering...but if I lost any more hair I would be suicidal so it would be a bit of a gamble for me x

  • There can be a tendency to blame every symptom on LDN without realizing that that the problem might as well come from something else.

    If your hair loss is caused by an autoimmune disease it's more likely that LDN will heal it.

    For some there can be an aggravating of symptoms in the beginning of the treatment but it is usually dose related and will subside within a short time and/or with lowering the dose.

    Changing diet and lowering stress is vital as is being optimally medicated if you have a hypothyroid problem as well.

  • It's very tempting I must admit. I get the results of my latest blood tests this week so may think again x

  • Hi again infomaniac. I read a few days ago on a LDN fb group about hair loss/baldness. There were several that commented that after a few weeks/months of LDN their hair started growing back.

    Thought this might encourage you 😊

  • Sorry for not replying but I've only just seen this. It certainly does encourage me !! Is the FB group open or closed? xx

  • 😊 it is a closedr group, so you have to ask to join them.

    Good luck!

  • Can you tell me which group it is please as there are quite a few! Thanks :-) x

  • Sorry, I'm a member of several groups. Simply don't remember where I saw it :(

  • OK no probs. Thanks anyway x

  • Hi hiw did you find someone to prescribe it please ? I am keen to try it -have read a lot sabout but


  • My GP referred me to a pain clinic.

    On the website I think you can read about telephone consultations with a prescribing doctor if your own GP will not prescribe. Be sure to bring him information from the website since many doctors don't know about it.

  • What are the ingredients?

  • Some opinions from Sjogren's World forum:

    You can see that the USA's Food and Drugs Administration wasn't very happy with the company and its website last year. (FDA site is slow to load for me):

    Some very questionable information about ingredients of the product (Some of the phrases do not appear anywhere else on the web except related sites. Like “Healing Orchestrator's.” Very odd if they were genuine.)

    Dr. Ron Drucker obviously has a financial interest - otherwise his website wouldn't link straight into sales of the product.

    It is, of course, your choice entirely. But a large measure of scepticism seems essential.

  • Is this the same person?

  • Interesting reading!

  • Fda letter very interesting Thanks

  • Thought I'd share incase you were considering other options to the product you talk of... I'm doing remarkably well on a strict autoimmune diet (had a cyrex lab blood test to reveal my food sensitivities) plus Pukka aloe vera and Kirkman colostrum. Nothing else and my latest blood test results have improved dramatically in just a few months. I have to say I was very happily amazed because this is the first time I have ever managed a positive influence on my health so I can highly recommend doing the same!

  • so great to hear your positive news ! can I ask, is Pukka an actual brand or do you just mean good quality ?

  • Actual brand. :)

  • I would be wary of anyone who promises a "cure". No one can do that! There are some complaints on the internet from people who tried the product for 6 months (after being urged to buy a second 3 month supply) with no improvement in their condition and were given a hard time when they tried to get a refund.

    The product looks impressive though. I can see that it would be tempting.

  • If it looks too good to be true... it probably is. Personally, I would not part with a penny for any of this waffle...

  • I'd love to know if this works with the gut. I am doing really really well apart from weeks of diarrhoea, even though I'm dairy and gluten free and off nighshades.

    It's most frustrating as it's really the only symptom I have left. I can live with it, but would rather not.. I think this chap is on to a good thing if he says it takes 6 or 7 months.. If, suppose most leaky guys heal themselves in 6 -7 months or like me, your symptoms are prolonged but not constant, you could easily THIINK that it was the product that fixed you.. but maybe it was just a normal part of the ebb and flow of the severity... Have you ordered..? I think I ought to, because I certainly have the cash to do it and feel duty bound to report back to the forum.. Never heard of the LDN stuff below, my doctor has never suggested anything and just shrugs at me if I report anything, and if pushed would probably say it was the Armour that gives me diarrhoea, seeing as he doesn't prescribe it and his very small brain can't accept anything that wasn't his idea.

  • I do know one person that was hypo that was miserable and she travels a lot and went to see him and swears that he has her feeling the best she has in a long time but that is recent so I don't know of a cure perse ......she is a distant friend so I don't know her that well...but she went on facebook and posted how remarkably great he was and anyone that could should see him...interesting since I get his emails too and wondered also although I am hypo and never have tested positive for immune problems.....ever....

  • I think it is the flour they use that is more sticky. Sainsburys now are using only British flour which is supposed to be more like traditional flour that is lower in gluten. However I don't think it is just the flour and gluten that is a problem. As mentioned in other posts it is the soya flour, palm fat and other chemicals that are also in breads including some gluten free products that is also contributing to gut problems. I re- act to these more than the gluten. I am not advocating you come off GF , but just giving the broader picture that it is easy to overlook lesser ingredients in bread including GF loaves that could also cause problems for some us with gut issues.

  • i certainly wouldn't waste my money on it and if someone offers you a for sure cure, i would run away! Even my functional Medicine doctor makes no promises, LDN, doctors made no guarantees. I think you would be better off healing your immune system through tradition, tried and true methods like thru functional medicine..probiotics etc..

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