Dr S B from Warwickshire?

Hi my brother is looking for a Dr to help him with Hashimotos. His own dr has failed him. Altho we are in the Midlands she won't refer to Dr S as, in her words, 'He isn't a real dr' !

Any way he has seen there is a Dr S B from Warwickshire (I can PM full name). Has anyone had any personal experience with her? If so did their own GP work together with her and support diagnosis?

Please help ASAP he needs to ring tomorrow and get some help xx

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  • Hi Dr b is lovely, I would highly recommend her, she listens well even if blood test are normal. My gp did listen however I am still not right yet, Dr b suggested trial of t3 , gp says not. Good luck. Xxx

  • Don't have personal experience but have heard very good reports from people that have. She is NHS even if you see her privately so GP more likely to listen. Not that that makes it right as Dr S is ace and should not be vilified by ignorant and biased GPs. That's how it is though.

  • I have only heard positive things too. I think she has a preference for a combination of synthetic T3/T4 over NDT, but will try this if synthetics don't work. I don't have any personal experience though. Xx

  • Hi there

    Yes I have seen Dr S B in Warwickshire, only had one visit thus far. Got referral from my doctor and he is working well with Dr SB and prescribing what she asks for along with any tests she wants done. Hope this helps.

  • I can't believe the GP said Dr S wasn't a real doctor. He is extremely highly qualified. He is a virologist (was gynae years ago) and is a doctor of science who develops vaccines. Doctors should not be allowed to make comments like this. Hope your brother gets on okay.

  • Hi Muffy, I was furious because Dr S is my doctor, and has turned my life around :)

  • In fact the GMC states somewhere that doctors should not make unjustified comments about other doctors. (Not the official wording).

  • Thank you for all your comments x

  • This you can give to your GP.


  • This is an old post but can someone pm me the name of Dr SB (female I presume)?

  • If anyone is still using this post I am in desperate need of a good endocrinologist recommendation. I have obvious hypothyroid symptoms and a long family history of Hashimotos but I am struggling to get treatment with my bloods coming back borderline.

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