NDT trial one or two doses in a day?

Can those of you on NDT give me advice please? How do you find a split dose rather than the full amount in one go? I understand that the problem with two goes in a day can be food/supplement times but I am also unsure of the reasoning behind it. Is it due to the T3 content that I will not have had before? I am currently on 100mg of levothroxin. Second question: I am on antibiotics for the next week. Will that interfere with my NDT? Should I wait to finish the course before starting NDT or will it not matter - this has been a two week course for a gut bug.

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  • Cwill,

    T3 peaks in the blood after ingestion and has a relatively short half life so splitting dose x 2 or 3 evens the peaks and avoids the feeling of T3 wearing off.

    I would wait a week or two after stopping antibiotics before switching to NDT or you will be unsure whether any adverse effect is due to your illness, antibiotics or NDT.

  • Thanks clutter.

  • Hi it depends on the brand . I'm on wp thyroid & always used to split doses until I found on the directions it said one morning dose is recommended .

  • That is also what I have so was interested to hear other peoples experience. Have you always had WP thyroid - are the directions different on other brands? Just curious.

  • I have only ever taken wp so couldn't comment on others !

  • Hi AmandaQ,

    I am also taking W.P. Thyroid and have been splitting the dose, taking it twice a day. I have also recently found the directions saying to take the full dose in the morning but I have not tried it yet. I was thinking taking the full amount may give too much T3 in one go.

    Have you felt any difference since taking it all in one go.

    To be honest I have not found a great deal of improvement over levo. and now wonder if it is because of splitting the dose.

  • I have not felt any difference to be honest and because it's recommended on the leaflet thought I'd better follow their advice !

  • O.K. thanks for letting me know.

  • One benefit too I've noticed is better sleep - not sure if it's connected with the swap but could well be...

  • Thank you, I may give it a try.

    How much do you take?

  • I take one 2 grain tablet first thing . ranges come back pretty stable in every blood test so far .

  • That is good news as this is one of my main problems. Thanks AmandaQ

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